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User Review : Killzone 2

  • Graphics{Amazing AI{Extremely well paced
  • Campaign Hiccups when reaching checkpoints{Some cutscenes look less impressive than the actual game{Can't use cover online

Killzone 2

Killzone 2 is one of the most hyped games of all time. The question is does it deserve all the hype and praise it's been getting. In a short answer Yes and No, but more so Yes.

Killzone 2 without a doubt is one of the most graphically impressive games of all time. Now that that's out of the way lets eat away at the game.

Killzone 2 plays like Call of Duty, a lot like Call of Duty, but it has its own uniqueness with its story, cast, and heaviness to the game. Killzone 2 takes the fight to the home of the Helgahst who have all excelled at War 101. The AI in this game is no joke, and you will die, and a lot. They not only outnumber you, but the flank you, charge at you, and whatever else they can do to try and kill you.

Another thing enjoyable about Killzone is the pacing. You never sit in one place for too long even during the long shootouts which fortunately save at certain points so you don't have to start over from the beginning of a long shootout.

Killzone 2 also has one of the best multiplayer experiences on consoles (at least to me). Think of it as Team Fortress meets Call of Duty. You have the class based system with each class having it's own ability. The classes consist of Rifleman (standard solider), Engineer (builds turrets), Medic (heals fallen allies), Scout (becomes nearly invisible when you're not moving), Assault (takes twice as much damage according to the manual), Tactician (throw special grenades to make new spawn points), and finally the Saboteur (takes on the the identity of a random enemy player). So it's pretty easy to see that online battles become extra challenging with all of these classes and the special effects from medal that you can also gain.

Now the negative.

During the single player campaign you'll go through the game, and all of a sudden your game will freeze for a second. It's not a scratch on the disc or anything it's just that instead of giving us the option for an install the developer just said here it's not that bad just go through and play it. But for a game that's suppose was hyped to be the shooter that trumps all others, this is a problem that shouldn't have been there, especially with what seems like an easy fix.

Call of Duty meets Gears of War with amazing AI. What more can you ask for.
The game looks amazing. The best looking console game, but minor issues like the freezes in the campaign, and occasional glitch (partner gets stuck) almost take away from it. Almost.
One of the best in any shooter. Even though it doesn't have a huge theme like Halo, it still manages to hold it's own.
Fun Factor
I always say this depends on you and it does. Killzone 2 is slower than most other shooters, because it has a heavy feel to it. But if you can get use to it then you will get the full enjoyment out of the game.
One of the best on any system. Team Fortress meets Call of Duty.
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ABizzel12934d ago

The best FPS on the PS3, and one of the best shooters this generation. Also the best looking game on any console to this day (Uncharted 2 is very close, but Killzone 2 still holds the crown).