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Killzone 2 + DLC review

We all read hundreds of Killzone 2 reviews back when it came out but now it's time for a retrospective.

Killzone 2, one of PS3's "Killer Apps". When I first got my PS3 over the summer in 2008 I had only vaguely heard of Killzone 2. But never gave it much thought since I did not really care about FPS's in general at the time since i had only been exposed to crappy ones on Wii and Gamecube (Not Metroid Prime though) After hearing a lot of the hype i decided to try the demo, I got the demo when It was released just to see what the hype was about. I was amazed by the game's graphics, sound and gameplay. The demo's controls were a little laggy but I did not care. (It was fixed in the real game) I bought the game a week after the release. By some miracle there was one copy left in Game Stop when I went to buy it. I played it, was amazed. The cover system worked great since the enemies had such great AI. Hiding and peaking out over ledges really give you the advantage and makes it seem more like i'm actually there in combat. The gun selection is solid, there almost all machine guns but a few rifles, flamethrowers, bolt guns, electricity shooting guns and stuff like that. The story was great. Right after I tried the demo but before I bought the game I got Killzone 1 used and play through that. After doing so the storyline of Killzone 2 made a lot more sense. The story moves along well. The ending leaves two thoughts in your head: (Mini Spoiler, nothing big) "God I hate Rico" and "Are the ISA really as good as there made out to be?" The story is rapped up well but it leaves open ends for Killzone 3 and/or Liberation 2.

The online play is really fun, games are fast pace the maps are sized well. There is a lot of different game modes including "Search and Destroy" "Assassination" and "Body Count". I enjoyed online but after I decided to buy the 'Steel and Titanium' map pack I and soon after, the Flash and Thunder pack I got hooked on Killzone 2 I was never able to put it down for months. In Steel and Titanium the two maps you get are 'Wasteland Bullet which i think is one of the best maps in the game and Vekta Cruiser which is nice but not my favorite. 'Flash and Thunder gives you Beach Head which I think is the game's best map and Southern Hills which is a solid map but the nuke seems to piss me off all the time. The DLC is definitely worth the 5$ you pay for it.

If you own a PS3 it's a must buy.

a but clunky with aimign at times but overall good.
Best graphics on console.
Just like your really there in the midst of the action.
Fun Factor
no offline multiplayer is a disappointment but online is great.
Multiplayer is highly addictive with great rank up system.
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Sarevok3105d ago

Love me some killzone2 :3

albert_2753092d ago

When I tried out Killzone 2 at my friends house (played two levels), I was impressed, but was not enjoying myself. I guess the main thing that turned me down was the aiming. For a console shooter, it was as much aim assist as a PC game. I'm no newcomer to console games. I own an xbox 360, and played the hell out of Halo 3, Battlefield Bad Company (my favorite), and Gears of War 2. Instead of getting the feeling that I was progressing, I was struggling to keep my sights on the enemy. Plus that controller latency.

And I really enjoy open ended battlefields - something I think Halo and Battlefield Bad Company does right. Killzone 2's environments came out somewhat feeling like COD...

The things I did enjoy were: The brilliant AI, graphics (duh), animations, and the sound. I just wish the controls felt more normal.
And just for the record, I know how playing a console shooter with no auto aim feels like. I tried playing Bad Company with aim-assist off (a crazy option to have in a shooter, but okay...). It was honestly nowhere as difficult as in Killzone 2, probably because the turning doesn't speed up or slow down.