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User Review : Killzone 2

  • heavy solid control like no other FPS{multiplayer mode can keep things fresh for a long while{superb graphics
  • lack of variety in environment (its all grey pretty much){few enemy types (all with red eyes pretty much){too addicting!

Possibly the best looking FPS on consoles

First off, I want to keep this review clear and simple, so it won't be very in depth. I'll just give my personal opinion on this game.

With that said, Killzone 2 is a game that plays like your ordinary FPS fair: shooting, reloading, ducking, throwing grenades, those usual stuffs. However, there are three major things that set Killzone 2 apart: 1. graphics, 2. contronl, 3. online multiplayer.

For the graphical department, Killzone 2 is top-notch . some people might be turned off by the dark and greyish futuristic environment. However,every texture, every atmosphere is so well done that you will look pass those minor things.

For the control, oh boy, this is really what got me to like Killzone 2 alot. Personally, I'm not a huge FPS fans. But with the control like Killzone 2, it makes the game so much more intense and realistic. The control feels heavy and has solid gravitational weight, which in terms provides you a more tactical shooting experience. You can no longer just run and gun like many other FPS. It makes you think about every steps you take before running out taking off your opponents.

For the online multiplayer, Killzone 2 has made another major step forward as far as I'm concerned. There are many variety of game modes, like capture the flag, death match, kill the target... however, Killzone 2 multiplayer seamlessly transits you from one game mode to another and it keeps the experience fresh and intense in the mean time. This is the quality that really sets Killzone 2 apart.

Killzone 2 can really satisfy your FPS need. If you own a PS 3 and are a FPS fans, go get this game now.

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PotNoodle3260d ago

_Possibly_ the best looking FPS on consoles

Possibly? :p

Great review, nice and short - easier to digest.

Snake Raiser3260d ago

I can say, even as a person who dislikes FPS games, that this is an amazing game. I only wish the single player was longer and the story was more complex.

shazui1233260d ago

8.8/10 for sound. erm, 7.1 surround sound dude, the sounds amazing, why 8.8? also, only 9.3 for graphics :P soz im probs being really picky but, isnt a higher mark for these categories more appropriate for kz2?

Game13a13y3260d ago

the reason why i deducted some points for the sound is because i feel the sound track is pretty static, i would like to hear some kind of soothing music once in a while even in an intense FPS game. it can give the game one more dimenion, not just bam bam bam bomb bomb bomb kind of affair. but i agree with you, the surround is top-notch though.

and about the graphics,if i gave this game a full mark, what should i give for Killzone 3? well, i just feel there's room for improvement still. :)

PotNoodle3259d ago

Ratings should be given according to the time of release, not in anticipation of future releases :)

TheColbertinator3258d ago

The campaign was boring as hell.KZ2 is one of the most overhyped games of this generation next to Halo 3,GTA4 and Resistance 2

-MoOkS-3242d ago

This game is generic averageness at its finest.

They steal elements from every other fps and slap in a generic space nazi story and think its good.

The multiplayer is a mess and completely unbalanced,

I'm going to write a review