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User Review : Killzone 2

  • Graphics{Multiplayer{AI in the single player
  • The game gets really difficult, especially the hardest mode in single player.{Loading between sections in the single player.

Must have multiplayer

The best part of this game is the multiplayer. The leveling up is much quicker than resistance 2 but at the same time the highest rank is easily attainable within 20 hours of game play. There are many playable characters that have primary abilities and using that ability in a game 5 to 10 times will unlock a ribbon. Once you have 8 ribbons for the primary ability the secondary ability is unlocked. This repeats with the secondary ability after which you can use the secondary abilites of other characters with the one you just finished. There is a lot of things to keep you busy and many of the ribbons can be difficult. The 32-player multiplayer is a real blast, making it feel as though you are in a real war, especially in the chaotic modes such as search and destroy. The squad system is nice in that your squad gets its own radio channel and when you die you can respawn on the squad leader, which is great if you want to jump back into the action quickly. The levels are huge and have a really nice vertical space. Another nice thing with the multiplayer is that the graphics are just as good as the single player.

For the single player the campaign in easy to hard difficulty doesn't take long to beat. But when the hardest difficulty is unlocked it takes a while to do sometimes you're repeating sections over 10 times. The AI is easily the smartest out of any game I have played ever. The dialog is littered with swearing but it's funny hearing the helghast scream F**k me when you toss a grenade and they're trapped. The sound track is really good, having a very epic feel even though the story feels more like you're just another grunt.

This game is easily worth the price of admission due to the replayability of the online, although the single player will need to be played through at least 3 times for the trophies. So far I have played about 30 hrs of single player and 50+ hours of multiplayer.

multiplayer is a 10 but the loading in single player brought the score down.
Best looking game I have ever seen.
LOved the soundtrack and the dialogue.
Fun Factor
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NineteenSeventyNine3308d ago

The concept of a perfect game is obviously lost on most people. Unless every category is a 10, then the game isn't a 10 overall. Killzone 2 is a solid 8.5. No more, no less.

PotNoodle3308d ago

The concept of an opinion is lost on you.

Spike473308d ago

I think the game is a 9.5 but I've only played it for a certain amount of time.

If K2 is 8.5, then Halo 3 would be an 8.

NIGHT_HAWK32103307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

ive put 50 hours of multiplayer in, and this game is about an 8.5 to me. it looses some of its luster after awhile. needs more ranks. it figures that a stupid fanboy would have to bring up halo to satisfy their own insecurities. anyways just because a game has good graphics doesnt make it better than another game. since it was brought up halos ranking system is some of the best in all games, at least you need some skill to level up. bungie is also good at keepin a good lineup of new gametypes. as good as KZ is it will be dead in a couple of months, and i dont see halo (still has more players online at once than KZ will ever) goin away anytime soon. to give the dialouge in this game a 10 is rediculous. just a bunch of shouting swears (like gears).

onijutsu3307d ago

ok in downs you put
"The game gets really difficult, especially the hardest mode in single player."

... how is that a flaw, if its too difficult for you then lower the difficulty, simple as that...

I'm no killzone 2 fanboy(infact i don't even own the game) but why is that a down