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User Review : Killzone 2

The BEST Game the PS3 Has to Offer!

Yes I said it, Killzone 2 is better than Metal Gear Solid 4. Perhaps this is just because I like running and gunning more than stealth, but that's a completely different argument.

To start things off, the gameplay in Killzone is brilliant. The storyline is captivating and everything was just strung together very nicely. The plot just kept me guessing from the Corinth River all the way to Visari's Palace. The graphics are near-that or equal to that of MGS4. Killzone also gets a boost in my book because the cut-scenes looked just as good, and weren't like 10 minutes each. I was astounded by the graphics even with all the hype.

Before we move on anymore, I would like to discuss two bad things about Killzone I have heard.

1. The "lag" on the controllers.

THERE IS NO LAG PEOPLE! We're all so used to the perfect Call of Duty controls where you can move your axis wherever you want at any given time, but in Killzone it's much more realistic. Also, instead of complaining, just turn up the controller sensitivity. It's really not that big of a deal.

2. The friendly AI sucks.

Are people seriously complaining about this? Are you supposed to be able to win this game without much help from the friendly AI? I mean, on my play through, the AI was very good for what I expected. I think this might have just been results of the demo, because in the actual game I thought the AI were very helpful. However, you shouldn't need that much help from them in the first place.

Now, me personally, I have found nothing too wrong with Killzone yet. I guess I could say that the loading screens have made me mad sometimes, as it will pause my game for a good 30 seconds every now and then, but it's not that big of a deal. The game makes up for that with it's stunning gameplay and graphics.

Another great thing about Killzone is the multiplayer, not to mention the rumored co-op DLC. The online multiplayer has potential to be near that of COD4. I don't think any online multiplayer except maybe COD Modern Warfare 2 has the chance to reach that of COD4, but Killzone should provide quite the experience.

To sum up this review, there isn't anything WRONG with Killzone, and that's what makes it so good. It is so technically sound that it makes up for anything it lacks. I think a lot of gamers have just been looking for a shooter with nearly no flaws, and this is it. This and MGS4 (from what I have played).

And for the record, I do believe MGS4 WAS the greatest game on the PS3. Right now though, and this may just be because I just recently finished it, Killzone has overtaken MGS4 as the best game in my opinion. But who knows, maybe God of War III will end up taking the cake in the end?

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