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User Review : Killzone 2

  • Amazing Graphics, Especially When Played In HD.{Multiplayer. You Lose Track Of Time Very Quickly. And No Lag.{Playing As The Helghast. They Are Way Cooler Than ISA.
  • Controls. But I Don't Really See The Fuss.{No Split Screen.{Corny Voice Acting.

Killzone 2. Hype Or Hope ?? Which One Is It ??

Having been on N4G for sometime now I haven't seen a game generate as much hype and controversy from PS3 and 360 fanboys since Metal Gear Solid 4. That already gives it a lot of merit. Some fans were secretly and openly hoping that MGS4 would flop. When it didn't they started saying its a movie and not a game. Killzone 2 also had people wanting it to flop, and because it hasn't they started saying its controls were flawed. Well I thought I would grab the game at launch and give it a whirl. After all, I bought into the hype.

Any game that has the amount of hype surrounding it, such as Killzone 2, is in serious danger of flopping. Look how many times in the past big named games flopped, because they failed to live up to the potential. After spending a fair amount of time on the single and multiplayer I can definitely say Killzone 2 has lived up to its hype, but I don't believe it has exceeded what they set out to achieve. Except in the graphics department.

I have read online a lot of people complaining about the controls. Yes they are difficult to get used to. But they don't make Killzone 2 a bad game. The controls are difficult, not unbearable. And I for one welcome that. It has set the bar at zero for everyone, now they have to learn it all over again. Which for those who aren't experts FPS players is not as frightening experience. I like the controls. It also restored my faith in SIXAXIS. I mean how cool is it to make minute adjustments with your Sniper Rifle by using SIXAXIS. Sheer brilliance. As hard as the controls may be, I enjoy a challenge. In my opinion people who are complaining about the controls played the game looking for something bad to say about it. I for one give credit to Seb Downie for not changing the control scheme. I want Killzone 2 to stay the way it is, a challenging FPS for everyone.

Killzone 2 is also the most amazing game I've played graphically on a console so far. It easily surpassed the target render they released all those years ago. Even the lush backgrounds of Uncharted do not compare to the beauty that is Killzone 2. It may come across as dull, but when your playing it with all the action that goes on screen with bullets flying past you and muzzle blasts it looks amazing. This is the new standard. This is the graphics King. It has set the bar higher than every game before it. Don't watch Youtube videos and make your decision, play it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Killzone 2's single player campaign has its moments of brilliance, blandness and moments of absolute frustration. What more can you want ? Some of Killzone brilliance is in the enemy AI and the cover system. Some have complained about the Killzone 2 cover system, but if they can name a FPS that has done it better then I will eat my hat. It has implemented a necessity to take cover. You cant just get out there and run and gun. You will get killed very quickly, even on the easiest difficulty.

The AI is unreal. So many FPS out there have hordes of enemies shooting solely at you, even when your team mates are under fire. Not this FPS, the enemies are just as interested in your team mates as they are you. What did come back to haunt me is one of the elements that I disliked from Gears Of War 1. You can revive your team mates when they have been gunned down. But they don't return the favor. It really bugged the crap out of me. It drove me nuts. I guess its my punishment for not being careful. But it still annoyed me.

The range of weapons available in Killzone 2 leaves you begging for more. You have your standard run of the mill weapons and that's it. Throughout the whole game I was begging for a wider variety of weapons, but I was sorely let down. You soon learn to persevere with what you have. The other thing was lack of split screen. This could of been a much more fun multiplayer if it had a split screen option.

Multiplayer is an absolute blast. I've only been playing online for a day and already I'm having far more fun with this game online than I did with Resistance 2. The way it switches from mode to mode on the one map is sheer class. You get a decent bash out of the one map. And because the mode continually changes so to do tactics. This is definitely the best online multiplayer game I've played on the PS3. It could of been released solely as a multiplayer game and it would of justified its purchase. Take in to account the single player campaign and all of its replayable value and you have a game that will keep you entertained for hours.

Is it a system seller ? I don't know. Will 360 fans enjoy it ? Yes if they play it wanting to have a good time and not to find fault with. It has a solid single player and an absolute killer multiplayer. Is this Game Of They Year ?? Time will tell. But it has certainly shown its intention early. Killzone 2 is a game everyone needs to play.

Top job Guerilla, you deserve to be recognized as one of the top development teams in the gaming industry today.

This Is The Department That Really Matters. And Killzone 2 Delivers In Truckloads.
Nothing Else Really Needs To Be Said. Killzone 2 Is The New Graphics King.
Corny Voice Acting Lets It Down. But Battle Has Never Sounded So Beautiful.
Fun Factor
Its Fun. Really Fun.
No Lag, Plenty Of Games, Any More And I've Died And Gone To Heaven.
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