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User Review : Killzone 2

Easily my favorite FPS so far!

Nearly everything about this game is exceptional. Every time I sit down to play it I end up getting sucked into playing for longer than I had planned to.

The campaign is great. The AI is mostly extremely intelligent and the scenarios the game throws at you are just awesome. One moment you're taking a bridge with rockets flying all around you and shock troopers rushing at you with knives, the next moment you are in an environment crawling with spiders the size of basketballs and trying to dodge sniper fire coming from multiple directions.

There is a nice diversity of weapons and some of them feel very fresh--the flamethrower is unique and other weapons like the bolt gun have never really been seen before and are just fun to use. I love hitting enemies with the bolt gun and watching them get violently flung backwards and pegged to the wall behind them. Awesome.

The graphics are phenomenal and are definitely the most technically advanced ever seen in a console game. The lighting, in particular, puts most other games to shame. There are levels where there are literally hundreds of real-time light sources, as well as the lights emanating from rockets and muzzle flash, topped off with flashes of lighting that brilliantly light up the environment.

But that's not all the graphics have going for them. The game also boasts exceptional textures, animation, particle effects, physics, and post-processing effects like full screen motion blur, depth of field, and lens flare. The physics are especially amazing and really bring the battlefield to life, with stuff blowing up and debris flying in every direction.

One of the things I have really come to appreciate about the game is the smooth and weighty sense of movement. Most other first person shooters now feel floaty and jerky in comparison.

The multi-player mode is extremely deep and tactical. You actually need to work as a team most of the time and this makes things more intense and engaging. I also really love the class-based rewards system that they have implemented. It makes things diverse and really keeps you hooked. All in all I would have to say that this has become my favorite online shooter of all time.

This game has lived up to the hype and has actually surpassed my expectations in some ways. If you are even remotely interested in shooters, you have to play this game.

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