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User Review : Killzone 2

  • Superb graphics.{Great sound.{Fun gameplay.
  • Aiming can be tricky.

Jesus has risen Killzone 2.

Killzone 2. They (and by they I mean fanboys) said it couldn't be done on a console but Killzone is here with a huge bang. We waited and now we have seem what video games are truly capable of. Killzone has met and gone beyond the hype to become a true masterpiece to add to PS3's ever growing collection.

Killzone 2 is set in a futuristic war between the Helghast and the ISA. This war has been Brought to the Helghast's own planet and the ISA think it will be a walk through the park. But all does not go well as invading a planet full of millions of blood thirsty Helghast soldiers proved to be much harder then the ISA thought so a full blown war erupts.

The first thing you will probably notice about this game are the jaw dropping graphics. It truly does not get much better then this. Textures are super detailed, movements are realistic, the framerate is steady and explosions and gore make this a real sight to behold as you play through the game. Sometimes you have to stop and take a look at just how incredible this game looks. Not only that but the pretty graphics have a great sound system to match. It really captures the atmosphere of a war torn planet perfectly as you hear the explosion of a grenade or the sound of machine gun fire hitting its target. These factors make for a great cinematic experience that will suck you in you in the game and keep you there.

Of course it takes more then graphics to make a game. We also need gameplay. Killzones single player campaign is a very good experience from start to finish. You start off flying into the battlefield to fight the Helghast forces. Gunplay is very spot on to what it is to fire a real gun. You look right through the sights and fire. No artificial cross hairs or anything like that. I thought for a minute that it would be hard to aim this way but it only takes a minutes of adjustment to start aiming like a pro. The cover system also works very well. You simply go near a wall and hit L2 to stick to it. From there you can peak around walls and take pot shots or simply use the wall to magically heal yourself. You will need to cover often as the Helghast soldiers don't mess around. The AI in this game is really high and even on medium difficulty the game became a real challenge by the end of the game. Luckily your allies also have a good amount of AI and can even kill other enemies for you. When things get intense you will probably have to revive them a few times but their helping hand makes it worth your time to babysit them.

Weapons are also nice and varied. We have our standard rifle and pistol as well has grenades, sniper rifles RPG's flamethrowers and much more. All these weapons are pretty effective but you can only carry 1 rifle and 1 pistol. Your pistol will probably be used as a last resort unless you are messing around or trying to get trophies. There are also vehicle sections which were very entertaining because you have a lot of fire power and could even run things over. The variety of weapons and great death animations made the weapons very satisfying to use.

Last but not least we have the online mode of Killzone 2. Killzons online works without the cover system of single player so you will be relying on high walls to protect you from enemy fire. The gameplay encourages teamwork to win games and ranking up to unlock new classes and weapons. Once you have ranked up enough you can be a Medic (heal your teammate's from near death) Engineer (create mounted turrets) Sniper (you can turn invisible and have a sniper rifle or a spawn point creator. These classes will be necessary to work as a team as all have their advantages and disadvantages and each class will favor to a different type of gamer weather it be the run and gunner or the sneaky sniper. Aiming in online will take some getting used to as there is no auto aim and over firing your gun will cause it to lose accuracy but getting the feel of how that game works will have you getting kills in no time.

The cool thing is that there is no lag to be seen while playing. Everything runs smoothly while you are fighting and the battles can get very intense as you dodge explosions and destroy the other team. Online maps are also very detailed and multi-pathed creating very strategic ways to lock in on your opponent. Many of the maps have ways of getting vertically higher to get a vantage point on your opponents and this layered style of the maps causes you to be on your feet at all times as you could be hit from anywhere.

I could keep going on about this game forever but chances are I don't even need to convince you that this game is great because if you have a PS3 you alredy have this game and are loving every minute of it. Killzone delivers the hype on every level and goes far beyond what anyone could have expected from it. If you have not picked up this game you must do it as soon a possible. This must have title is too good to miss.

Landing a headshot has never felt so rewarding.
Hands down that best looking game to hit a console. High textures and steady framerate show what the ps3 is really capable of.
Sound of gunfire and explosions create a great mood for the game.
Fun Factor
Intense battles and variety of weapons ensure that boredom is non existent.
Class system makes for a great reason to rank up and different ablities to employ along with a lag free experience makes for a flawless online mode.
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DavidMacDougall3367d ago

What about all the ramdom headshots people get just from spray and pray? They do my f***ing head in

Avenged Sevenfold3362d ago

LOL, I know! I had 4 guys around me. I knew I didn't stand a chance so I just started spraying. LOl guess what happened? I got 3 headshots completely randomly.

commando343347d ago

I read your comment on the 7.9/10 review and this is way over the top. I love Killzone 2 but its not THAT huge. I feel really bad that this game had that much enormous amount of hype because now I feel some what cheated its not the second coming of Jesus....the story was weak,the ending sucked, and the multilayer and cover system was brilliant: at 8 or 8.5 out of 10 :/