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User Review : Killzone 2

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Killzone 2 is off the charts GOOD

I did my first midnight purchase of game last night and it will come as no surprise to what that game was. I was a little disappointed that gamestop didn't have more of an event planned but me and about 20 other dudes got our copies and I probably was not the only one who woke the neighbors at 2 am with the most unbelievable 7.1 sound I have heard in a game, or just about anything else for that matter. This game has been unreal to play.

This game has achieved for me what no game in the past has, a realism and immersion that makes me actually feel that I am fighting a war in some distant land. I need to start with the visuals and audio because that is really what pulls the player in and sets their hair on fire. My eyes and ears hurt from the last 20 hours of gaming with 6 hours of sleep. I know I actually went to bed last night. I honestly can't talk about tech specs but I know I have played every visually stunning game on the PS3 and this game achieves such a new standard that I really wonder what studios will do to top it in the FPS genre. The lighting, the animation, the art design, the textures, the physics, the weapon movements, reloading, explosions, bullet impact unique to every surface, the clarity and brilliant use of 7.1 audio to help defeat enemies and crap your pants when the enemy has you pinned down and is firing red hot bullets into the walls behind you, is such a high standard that I will officially be spoiled for a long time to come. Lets move on even though its hard. My eyes are bleeding.

AI. All I have to say is this, the Helgan actually fight as if they were real and wanted you to die instead of them. UNBELIEVABLE.

Difficulty and length of campaign mode. I made a decision to play the game on HARD for the first play through. I figured I had played the demo over 100 times so I was ready. The game clock was 12 when I actually finish it and at times I have wanted to retreat in fear and panic. This game is hard, and its so real. The controls have a lot to do with this.

Controls. Many have struggled with the controls and me too. This is not the fault of the game or the designers because they have made a game that requires skill. Many people will not be able to complete this game on HARD or beyond without lots of practice and death. I have never liked auto aiming systems and I am well pleased with this system. I do prefer ALT 2, invert y, hold aim on and sensitivity increased 2 clicks for each x and y. You will need practice to get deep into this game but the rewards have no equal. Use of sixaxis is cleaver and cool, can you say sniper rifle!

Some reviews have complained about the story, curse words, voice acting, but I can not fault any of these things. You need to visit and read the pages and pages of story to understand what is happening. Probably not many people played the other Killzone games and this game assumes you have or have done your homework. The ending makes you beg for more but you will sit still in satisfaction. For the most part the story helps progress the game and depicts bad @#$ soldiers as best you can. It all plays into the overall sound of the game and in 7.1 I can't complain about a thing without feeling like a spoiled brat. I read some reviews regarding the voice overs being bad, which I did notice on a 2.0 system. On a 7.1 system I thought it was well done.

Weapons. WOW. The look, reaction, weight, effects, variety, and uniqueness will have you inspired. I am starting to really enjoy the system that doesn't magically store countless weapons on your back. You find a weapon and kick #%@ with it until the next weapon comes along that you want to try. They are all unique, all beautiful, all capable in the right hands. I won't spoil anything but don't listen to any complaints about this system or any of the weapons, its rock solid.

Multiplayer. Only played for a moment but it goes deep and will keep this games momentum going for a long time to come. I should have more to say on this but read the professional reviews if you haven't already, they tell the story. Gamespot had some spot on remarks about it.

I guess I will just wrap up with a few statements. This game is not the second coming, its not the deepest story, its not easy, this game is just making a statement to what we expect when we sit down to play a game, AWESOMENESS. Fanboys will say what they will but in the end when you pop this disk into your PS3, turn the volume up enough to rattle the wine glasses, you will experience the blood, sweat and tears of a game designer that did not put money making as the priority, but instead an uncompromising work of video game genius.

Its hard and takes practice but will reward you with moments of gaming genius.
I know its hard to believe but better graphics are coming...
7.1 audio unlike anything I have ever heard, movies or games. The score is brilliant.
Fun Factor
Its fun but war is no country club and this game puts you right in the middle of it.
The multi will last for ages.
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