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Killer is Dead Videos  

Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition First 25 Minutes

629d ago - A video which looks at the surreal opening moments of Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda 51's Kille... | PC

Quick Look: Killer Is Dead

883d ago - Vinny, Jeff, and Brad go to the moon to fight an underwear model with a hulking cyber arm. Yep | Xbox 360

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ADG Plays Killer Is Dead For The First Time

892d ago - ADG plays Suda's latest game, Killer Is Dead | PC

Hard Reset Weekly 30/8/13 – Eastern European Scarface Baby

894d ago - The quick games rush is over but Dan and Ben still bring you the biggest headlines of the week in... | Xbox 360

Slasher Unboxing: Killer is Dead Collector’s Edition

900d ago - SlasherJPC unboxes the Killer is Dead Collector's Edition | Xbox 360

Killer Is Dead - Quick Play

900d ago - In which Dan awkwardly looks at sexy women, then moans. | Xbox 360

Killer Is Dead Makes Absolutely No Sense

900d ago - Kotaku:"Suda51's new game, Killer Is Dead, is another entry into his long history of games filled... | Xbox 360

Watch 16 Hours of Killer is Dead Subtitled in English, From Start to End and then Some

916d ago - Killer is Dead has been out in Japan for little more than a week, and even if it won’t be release... | Xbox 360

Check Out 40 Minutes of Killer is Dead’s Gameplay, Showing The First Three Chapters

917d ago - Killer is Dead didn’t do too well sales-wise in its debut week in Japan, but Goichi Suda’s games... | Xbox 360

Killer is Dead Vid Shows Opening 5 Minutes

927d ago - Footage from what appears to be the first five minutes of Killer is Dead has popped up online. | Xbox 360

Talking Killer is Dead with Jessica Nigri.. err, Vivienne Squall

974d ago - GameZone writes, "When we weren't hanging out with the lovely Jessica Nigri at E3 this past week,... | Xbox 360

Killer is Dead gameplay videos, screenshots

981d ago - Kadokawa Games and Grasshopper Manufacture have released seven new gameplay videos and new screen... | Xbox 360

Killer is Dead gameplay videos

988d ago - Famitsu has posted two new gameplay videos of Grasshopper Manufacture’s Killer is Dead, coming to... | Xbox 360

Killer Is Dead’s First Print DLC Adds A Fourth “Mondo Girl” To The Mix

1000d ago - The keywords for the premium first-print DLC are: Beauty, Beast, and Lingerie. Each one signifies... | Xbox 360

Killer is Dead TV: Episode 1 released

1023d ago - The first episode of a live-action Killer Is Dead TV show, based off Suda 51's latest game, is li... | Xbox 360

Killer is Dead debut English trailer

1062d ago - Gematsu: "Meet Mondo Zappa, an executioner of assassins." | Xbox 360
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