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Sony need to treat us mean and keep us keen for PlayStation 4

615d ago - We are less than a week away from the world’s eyes being squarely on The Hammerstein Ballroom in... | PS3

Happy Kazentine’s From Daily Reaction

615d ago - It’s Feb 14th, and that means it’s that special time that only comes once a year – Kazentine’s Da... | PSP

Console business here to stay, says Sony CEO

651d ago - Kaz Hirai says market for home-based systems and dedicated portable gaming devices not going away... | Industry

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai: 'We need to be a more focused company'

651d ago - The Verge sits down with Sony's president and CEO for a chat. (Skip forward 11 minutes for Hir... | PS3

Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

Kaz Hirai: PS Vita Sales Are on the Low End of Expectations

652d ago - Push Square: "Speaking at a press event directly after the conclusion of last night’s CES press c... | PS Vita

CES 2013: Kaz Hirai Responds To PlayStation 4 Inquires

653d ago - Sony President and CEO Kaz Hirai couldn’t avoid the inevitable PS4 question raised during a Q&A s... | Next-Gen

Goodnight 2012 – a look back at the year in PlayStation

660d ago - OPM: It’s been a big year for PlayStation, with two big births in its first three months: a new m... | PS3

Kaz Hirai: PS Vita Performing Almost As Expected

783d ago - Kazuo Hirai, Sony CEO and President, has said that the Vita's sales are not all that bad for the... | PS Vita

Sony CEO: Vita sales 'pretty much near expectations'

783d ago - Sony CEO Kaz Hirai says system is "maybe trending behind in certain territories" | PS Vita

Hirai: Gaikai deal will propel games industry to the cloud

798d ago - He also stated that consumers were increasingly moving to the mobile space, and he felt that clou... | PS3

Role-Playing: Sony's Kaz Hirai

834d ago - GamesIndustry International happy to present you with another exclusive installment in our "Role-... | Industry

New Sony Chief Executive Reveals Fast-Forward Plans

992d ago - The next chief executive of Sony Corp. promises to forge a new path for a company that once domin... | Industry

What Hirai's promotion means for Sony (and you)

993d ago - Gamasutra: It's official: a video game guy is taking the reins of one of the leading electronics... | PS2

Sony: Digital-only content delivery model "not possible" at this time

1015d ago - Kaz Hirai believes networks aren't ready to deliver large game data | PS3

GameTrailers: Sony CES 2012: Kaz Hirai Interview (Video)

1016d ago - Check out Sony's Kaz Hirai as he discusses Sony's integrated user experience and the future of So... | PS3

Sony Doesn’t Plan To Unveil A New PlayStation At Key Trade Show

1016d ago - Sony said it does not plan on making an announcement about a new home console at this year’s E3 v... | Industry

Sony Board: Kaz Hirai Has Not Been Promoted To President

1018d ago - Last week we had reported that Kaz Hirai has been promoted to the position of President, accordin... | PS3

First encounters: Leading industry figures share their earliest gaming memories

1210d ago - "Do you remember the first time? VideoGamer.com been quizzing key industry figures about their ea... | Industry

Musical chairs: Why Sony’s exec shuffle matters to gamers

1210d ago - House takes over at SCE, Hirai becomes chairman and Kutaragi edges closer to the door – but what... | PS3

E3 2011: Sony's Kaz Hirai on the PSN Network hack

1233d ago - Nick Cowen meets the deputy president of Sony, Kaz Hirai, and speaks to him about the impact, fal... | PS3

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post

Kaz Hirai in Position to Lead Sony

1323d ago - Sony is promoting Kazuo Hirai to head of its consumer products unit, the company's biggest divisi... | PS2

Kaz Hirai To Head Up Sony's Consumer Products Business

1323d ago - Andriasang: Sony will be changing its corporate structure in a move that it hopes will accelerate... | PSP

Sony Is Also Competing Against Booze, You Know

1349d ago - This month, Nintendo is launching a new gaming portable, the 3DS. Sony also has a new, still fort... | PSP2

Hirai: PlayStation Suite Could be Google TV Killer App

1350d ago - According to a recent interview with SCE Group CEO Kaz Hirai, they might just have a killer app i... | PS3

Sony Gaming Chief Kaz Hirai Faces Challenges with PSP Refresh

1364d ago - Game Informer: Kaz Hirai discusses the decisions made for the “NGP” and how it fits the handheld... | PSP2

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