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User Review : Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights

  • Cars modding
  • Pink Slips and bets
  • Nice graphics with tracks near monuments
  • Can't remermber any negative thing

Juicy game for Underground fans

Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights was one of the first of my PSP games. And definitely one of the best.

When you launch Juiced 2: HIN first of all you will see intro, which is quite nice rendered. Then you need to choose you are brought to the track where you need to win a race with Nissan Silvia. It's quite easy for sure. Then you need to choose your car etc. And then the most interesting part starts.

There is five scenes in Single Player mode. In any of them you will need to complete exact number of races to unlock the next scenes. Without a simple race you can also drive in Drift, Eliminator, Team race and Pink Slips. The last one is rally interesting because if you win than you get your opponents car, but if you lose then you have to give away your car.

Before you start a race you can bet with other racers. This part of the game is very attractive. It gives a big bonus to the gameplay.

One of the most exciting part in this game is graphics. Everything looks fantastic. Cars, tracks everything looks fantastic. Very interesting decision is to put tracks near monuments such as Eifel Tower or Coloseum of Rome.

All the races are made as a fun TV shows which broadcast Hot Import Nights TV. And there is a commentator which comments the races. It is not very impressive but does not irritate also.

In conclusion I would like to say that as I am racing fan I liked this game a lot. Do you remember NFS Underground Racing series? Oh yeah, if you liked that then you will also love Juiced 2: HIN. I recommend this game for everyone PSP owner.

Most beautiful racing game I have ever played on portable consoles.
It didn't impressed me, but engine sound are nice to listen. Comments also fulfill the hollow and does not irritate.
You can't leave this game until you complete it. Twice.
Fun Factor
Pink Slips and bets really makes this game fun.
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