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Ubisoft exclusive: 'Watch Dogs' from birth, to Aiden Pearce, to Tuesday's launch

217d ago - Nearly two years ago, Ubisoft unveiled Watch Dogs to the world of gaming. Now we sit here only da... | PC

‘Watch Dogs’ opens up possibilities for ‘a lot of new things in the future’

217d ago - Since “Watch Dogs” is an all new franchise that introduces new gameplay elements and mixes them t... | PC

Ubisoft on how Chicago’s AI will react to you when you have ‘heat’ in Watch Dogs

218d ago - Players have a choice in “Watch Dogs” to be good or bad. That choice comes with consequences in h... | PC

Watch_Dogs Graphics on next gen consoles will be the same as high settings on PC

218d ago - Jonathan Morin, Watch_Dogs' creative director, had something to say when asked about next gen con... | PC

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‘Watch Dogs’ dev says individual AI memory is possible, requires ‘a lot of work’

219d ago - XMNR: As players interact with the world of “Watch Dogs,” they’ll bump into or bump off some of t... | PC

Ubisoft doesn’t want you to ‘grind to earn money’ in ‘Watch Dogs’

219d ago - Money may be the root of all evil but it’s all forms the basis for getting bigger guns in Ubisoft... | PC

The difference between Watch Dogs’ heat system and GTA’s wanted level

219d ago - XMNR: Since “Watch Dogs” is an open-world action-adventure game, it obviously shares some similar... | PC

Ubisoft dev happy to see company ‘had the balls’ to delay ‘Watch Dogs’

219d ago - XMNR: “Watch Dogs” was originally scheduled to launch alongside the Playstation 4 and Xbox One la... | PC

‘Watch Dogs’ director explains why they didn’t want a massive world

220d ago - XMNR: While “Watch Dogs” attempts to create a video game version of Chicago, it’s not quite as la... | PC

‘Watch Dogs’ dev talks places other than Chicago’s main setting for the game

221d ago - XMNR: The city of Chicago plays a major role in Ubisoft’s “Watch Dogs” and, understandably, most... | PC

Jonathan Morin explains who Joseph DeMarco is in ‘Watch Dogs’

223d ago - XMNR: The “Watch Dogs” E3 2012 demo introduced us to not just Aiden Pearce but one of the game’s... | PC

‘Watch Dogs’ director never thought ‘Watch Dogs’ theme would be this relevant

223d ago - XMNR: The subject of government surveillance of citizens has become a hot topic over the past yea... | PC

‘Watch Dogs’ exclusive: Los Angeles was considered for main setting, says Morin

224d ago - XMNR: For a major city with a rich history, the number of video games set in Chicago is surprisin... | PC

Ubisoft's Jonathan Morin reflects on the moment 'Watch Dogs' was 'born'

225d ago - XMNR: “Watch Dogs” for the Playstation and Xbox consoles plus PC has been in development for near... | PC

Watch Dogs Jonathan Morin Discusses Chicago In Chicago

225d ago - Ubisoft Creative Director Jonathan Morin explains what the city of Chicago adds to the open world... | PC

Watch_Dogs Director Encourages Fans to Make their Own Opinion on Graphics, Gives Info on Gameplay

225d ago - In the past week or so there have been a few previews of Watch_Dogs that described the game’s gra... | PC

Ubisoft discusses importance of chemistry among the ‘Watch Dogs’ team

225d ago - XMNR: Game development is always a fascinating process as game starts with a small team with an i... | PC

‘Watch Dogs’ creative director on Aiden Pierce: He ‘was born as a genius’

226d ago - “Watch Dogs” protagonist / anti-hero Aiden Pierce is not an “every man” that somehow ends up with... | PC

'Watch Dogs' exclusive: Ubisoft discusses creating the character of Jordi Chin

230d ago - If you saw the new, exciting trailer to come out of Ubisoft yesterday, then you had the chance to... | PC

New Watch_Dogs Q&A: PS4 Framerate “Pretty Steady;” Resolution Not Final but “Looks Great” and More

246d ago - Many are still wondering about the resolution and frame rate of the various platforms of Watch_Do... | PC

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Hack-Man: An interview with Watch Dogs' creative director

246d ago - Gamasutra- "Watch Dogs is poised to be a success on the next-generation consoles, but it's clear... | PC

Watch Dogs Has 40 Driving Contracts, 100 Minigames

246d ago - Jonathan Morin spills many details on Watch Dogs side activities: the game will have about 40 dri... | PC

Watch Dogs Makes You Think & Play In Fresh New Ways

255d ago - Creative Director Jonathan Morin believes that Watch Dogs will drive your brain to think&play in... | PC

Morin: Games Are Dumbed Down Because We Want To Make Money

262d ago - With some refreshingly brutal honesty, Jonathan Morin admits that too many games are dumbed down... | PC

Watch_Dogs' Frame Rate on PS4 "Very Stable;" Looks Very Good on PS3/Xbox 360; More Info on Gameplay

269d ago - Watch_Dogs Design Director Jonathan Morin Proved to be a veritable gold mine of information about... | PC
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