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Watch Dogs Makes You Think & Play In Fresh New Ways

6d ago - Creative Director Jonathan Morin believes that Watch Dogs will drive your brain to think&play in... | PC

Morin: Games Are Dumbed Down Because We Want To Make Money

12d ago - With some refreshingly brutal honesty, Jonathan Morin admits that too many games are dumbed down... | PC

Watch_Dogs' Frame Rate on PS4 "Very Stable;" Looks Very Good on PS3/Xbox 360; More Info on Gameplay

19d ago - Watch_Dogs Design Director Jonathan Morin Proved to be a veritable gold mine of information about... | PC

Watch_Dogs' Creative Director Claims That The Game Does Not Max Out PS4, Unsure Of PC Specific GFX

20d ago - Watch_Dogs creative director, Jonathan Morin, answered a number of questions on Twitter recently.... | PC

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Watch_Dogs Director Talks Upgrades Since E3 2012, Resolutions and Gameplay; No Demo Before Release

21d ago - Watch_Dogs Creative Drector Jonathan Morin has been a true gold mine of information about the gam... | PC

Watch Dogs Creative Director Comments on PS4 Graphics, Sexual Content & More

23d ago - "Lead Watch Dogs developer Jonathan Morin comments on various aspects of the game." | PC

Watch Dogs "The Deepest, Not The Biggest, Open World Ever"

37d ago - Watch Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin explains that while the game won't be the biggest ope... | PC

WD Director: Can't Enter Every Building In Watch Dogs; Plenty To See Before Launch

39d ago - Ubisoft's Jonathan Morin reassures that there will be plenty to see before launch; also, it won't... | PC

Watch Dogs: Ubi on creating Chicago and stepping back from GTA 5′s shadow

193d ago - Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin tells VG247′s Dave Cook how his team researched the r... | PC

Watch Dogs Interview | Creative Director Jonathan Morin On Systemic Subversion

194d ago - Dealspwn "We've been excited for Watch Dogs ever since Ubisoft stole the show at E3 last year. Th... | PC

Watch Dogs Director: "Build Games Around Ideas Not Tech"

194d ago - Ubisoft's Jonathan Morin tells Dealspwn that developers should build games around ideas rather th... | Dev

Watch Dogs: Creative Director Jonathan Morin Explains The Absence of Scripted Multiple Endings

194d ago - Watch Dogs' creative director Jonathan Morin explains in a recent interview with Dealspwn that it... | PC

Watch Dogs is a beautiful game on Wii U - Ubisoft

194d ago - Ubisoft Montreal creative director Jonathan Morin has said that Watch Dogs is a beautiful game to... | Wii U

Watch and learn: Ubisoft on bringing Watch Dogs to GTA's turf

194d ago - CVG:Few games are as high on next-gen wishlists as Watch Dogs. Ever since Ubisoft's open-world ha... | Culture

Lessons From the Wild: What Watch Dogs Learned From Far Cry 2

200d ago - GS:Ubisoft's Jonathan Morin explains how Chicago and Africa aren't so different when it comes to... | Culture

Watch Dogs Interview: What Kind of Vigilante Do You Want To Be?

201d ago - The Average Gamer interviewed Creative Director Jonathan Morin about the open world, his favourit... | PC

Watch Dogs’ World Is Open Right At The Start

203d ago - At this year’s Eurogamer Expo Jonathan Morin, creative director of Watch Dogs talked about how mu... | Xbox 360

In Watch_Dogs You can Stand Still and Still Play for 20 Minutes: it Was a “Pain in the a*s to Build”

204d ago - During a developer session at Eurogamer Expo Watch_Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin explaine... | PC

Watch Dogs' graphics have not been scaled down since reveal, creative director claims

205d ago - Watch Dogs' visuals have not been scaled down since the game's reveal at E3 2012, creative direct... | PC

Current-gen Watch Dogs has mandatory install, ships on two discs

205d ago - The current generation versions of Watch Dogs will require a mandatory installation similar to Gr... | Xbox 360

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (3DS) Review

Now - Dave solves the latest Layton title for 3DS. | Promoted post

Watch Dogs is 30FPS on PS4 & Xbox One

205d ago - Watch Dogs will run at 30FPS on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, creative director Jonathan Morin has... | PS4

Watch Dogs boss compares its Chicago map to GTA5's scale

205d ago - Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin has compared the game's fictional version of Chicago... | PC

'Watch Dogs' exclusive: Multiplayer inspiration, Chicago's density and hacking

242d ago - If there's one game this year that is screaming next-generation, it is Watch Dogs. Ubisoft unv... | PC

Watch Dogs’ Jonathan Morin Talks Hacking & Delivering New Gameplay Experiences

284d ago - X360A - Ever since Watch Dogs’ E3 unveiling at last year, we’ve been pretty excited about Ubisoft... | PC

Platform Holders Must ‘Listen To Players’, Says Watch Dogs’ Creative Director

310d ago - Platform holders must listen to their audience because player expression will define the next gen... | PS4
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