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id Software planned to pay mod makers in 1995

282d ago - John Romero says studio wanted to implement a way to compensate creators in original Quake | Industry

A 10-year-old designs Gunman Taco Truck with help from legendary gaming parents (interview)

325d ago - Brenda and John Romero are helping their son Donovan publish his first video game. | iPhone

Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

History of Wolfenstein

335d ago - With Bethesda recently announcing 'Wolfenstein: The Old Blood', Gaming Historian looks back at th... | PC

Gallery: John Romero Posts Never Before Seen Artwork to Honor DOOM's 21st Birthday

425d ago - Did you know that DOOM turned 21 yesterday? As I'm sure is the same case for many of you, the fra... | PC

Extra Punctuation: Life After Doom - Video Games' Visionaries

520d ago - Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw : So last week we were talking about Daikatana, and it's status as a sor... | Industry

Clones are holding the industry back,' says Romero

545d ago - Veteran games developer John Romero has said clones of popular indie hits are hindering the rise... | Culture

Romero: Virtual Reality Is A Fad

566d ago - John Romero revealed a strong opinion against VR. He went as far as calling Virtual Reality a fad... | PC

PC is decimating console, just through price, says Romero

566d ago - Doom creator talks free-to-play, VR and more as his old Apple II is added to The Strong museum. | PC

After 20 years, Doom co-creator John Romero looks back on the impact of a seminal game (interview)

792d ago - Doom was the beginning of so many things. When it debuted December 1993, it cemented the appeal o... | PC

We Play Doom With John Romero

793d ago - Doom creator John Romero leads us through the game's legendary original episode, sharing stories... | PC

Memories Of Doom, By John Romero & John Carmack

793d ago - Twenty years ago, on December 10, 1993, John Carmack, John Romero and the rest of the team at ups... | PC

Doom creator John Romero will help guide the development of mobile-gaming tool Corona SDK

839d ago - The creators of the Corona software-development kit revealed that the creator of games like Wolfe... | Industry

Game Designer Is Hometown Hero to Burglarized Game Store

955d ago - Kotaku: "About a week ago, burglars completely wiped out the stock of I Got Game, an independent... | Culture

The Top Video Game Podcasts Guide

1000d ago - The author profiles eight of the most popular video game shows on the web, helping you chose the... | Xbox 360

Celebrity developers: What's in a name?

1064d ago - Bleszinski, Cage, Schafer, Romero, Chen, and Hecker on ego, morale, and the pearls and perils of... | Culture

John Romero to Work on a New FPS

1249d ago - This article speaks about John Romero's making of a new First Person Shooter ten years after the... | PC

The Biggest Douchebags in Gaming

1288d ago - For crimes against gaming culture, you are hereby sentenced to a lifetime of being a douche. | PC

Id co-founder John Romero says goodbye to consoles.

1354d ago - What I didn’t foresee in 2005 was the rise of the post-PC, which are all these tablets now. These... | PC

What we know so far about John Romero’s upcoming project | OnlySP

1400d ago - A short preview of everything we know about Romero's potential gem in the making. | PC

John Romero details plans for "MMO-ish" PC shooter

1404d ago - John Romero, the veteran developer and id Software founder who helped create FPS touchstones like... | PC

PlayStation 5 Will Support far More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds

Now - According to Criterion's former technology director Paul Ross the next PlayStation will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and... | Promoted post

John Romero: not a fan of the 'Gears of War' type of games, new game based on user's skills

1406d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Romero revealed that he’s no fan of all the on-rail shooters that have flooded... | PC

John Romero's favourite influence is Pac-Man, would spend $200 a month

1430d ago - What is John Romero's most favourite of video gaming influences? Pac-Man, obviously - duh. In fac... | Arcade

Romero FPS confirmed

1431d ago - After John Romero's tweet fending off rumours about a new Daikatana, the famous old school first... | Dev

A New Old School FPS from John Romero?

1432d ago - "There will be no Daikatana 2"... | PC

Top 5 Gaming Celebs We Want To See In Reality Fighters -StickTwiddlers

1477d ago - With Miyagi announced to appear in Reality Fighters, StickTwiddlers names their top five gaming c... | Culture
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