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PocketGamer: James Cameron’s Avatar Review

1523d ago - PocketGamer: The Avatar movie was a strange beast. Visually, it was astounding, and the 3D effect... | Android

James Cameron sees a 3-D future for film, TV and games

1615d ago - Anyone who's watched James Cameron's Oscar-winning "Avatar" can see the difference stereoscopic 3... | PS3

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at HotLiked.com. You will regret it... | Promoted post

Msxbox - Avatar 3D review

1637d ago - Msxbox-world has published a 3D specific review for James Cameron's Avatar for those of you with... | Xbox 360

James Cameron sees the future of 3D in Nintendo

1679d ago - The future of 3D is glasses-free, according to pioneering director James Cameron. And video game... | Nintendo DS

Top 10 3D games right now - plus what you need to play them

1815d ago - With Call of Duty: Black Ops built for 3D, the list of 3D-enabled games has reached a respectable... | PC

New PS3/360 Greatest Hits surface

1939d ago - Several European Amazon websites now list some new Platinum Games/Greatest Hits for PS3 as well a... | Xbox 360

Crysis mod AVATAR optimized, 2.0 released

2002d ago - Thib7861 has announced the release of an optimized version of its Crysis mod AVATAR, now availabl... | PC

3D Gaming Impressions: Xbox 360 and LG 3D TV hands-on

2003d ago - Hands-on impressions of the new LG 3D LED TV, as well as a look at 3D Gaming as a future technolo... | Xbox 360

D2D Spring Sale Week 3: Star Trek Online, BF2 Complete, Dawn of War 2 and More

2041d ago - Direct2Drive has kicked off its third week of Spring Sale discounts, offering 30%-75% off on over... | 12

Why don't movie tie-ins work?

2045d ago - It's common knowledge that movie tie-ins come under much more scrutiny and criticism than any oth... | 1,11

3D Update Due for PS3

2091d ago - PC WORLD: "Sony is readying itself to roll out an update to current PlayStation 3 games cons... | 1

Helium: James Cameron's Avatar Review

2103d ago - Helium reports: "James Cameron's Avatar is a hugely succesful movie and the game was an obv... | 3

PlayDevil: James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Xbox 360 Review

2110d ago - Avatar was one of my favourite films of 2009- with stunning CG and gorgeous 3D. However, games ba... | 2

El33tonline Review: James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

2115d ago - El33tonline writes: "Hype is a terrible thing that rarely brings true gems to the surfa... | 1

Gamertell Review: James Cameron's Avatar: The Game for Wii

2117d ago - Gamertell has posted a somewhat negative review of Ubisoft's game, James Cameron's Avatar: The Ga... | 3

Best Buy Weekly Ad of Feb. 7th

2120d ago - RespawnAction: "The video game sales for Best Buy this week." | 1,2,12

AusGamers - James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Review

2121d ago - AusGamers: I imagine, the description of the game is similar to the movie; there is a lot of... | 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 12

Stuff.nz Review: Avatar: The Game

2121d ago - Stuff.nz writes: "Video games based on movies often are pushed through as afterthoughts, so... | 1,2,3,12

Console Gaming: Jame's Camerons Avatar Review

2122d ago - Those who already own an HDTV with stereoscopy, will be able to play this game in 3D. Surely this... | 1,2

Bitmob: James Cameron's Avatar Review

2124d ago - For fans of the movie, the ability to return to Pandora might make this title worth picking up. O... | 1,2

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My360: James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Review

2125d ago - My360 writes: "James Cameron's Avatar: The Game really needed to be better. But then again i... | 2

Ubisoft License RealD 3D for Avatar: The Game

2128d ago - RealD, announced today that Ubisoft, in partnership with 20th Century Fox, has licensed the compa... | 1,2,15,14

James Cameron's Avatar – Lazygamer Review

2128d ago - LazyGamer writes: "James Cameron has once again proven his worth by rocketing yet another on... | 1,2,12

GCM: James Cameron's Avatar Review

2132d ago - GCM writes: "In the world of gaming it is a well known fact that video games based upon movi... | 1,2

Avatar Update Released

2132d ago - Ubisoft has released a new update for James Cameron's Avatar, now available for download. | 12
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