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Negative Gamer Review: Quantum of Solace

2377d ago - NG writes; "With mostly forgettable multiplayer and only a few memorable moments in the... | 1,2,11

ITR: Quantum Of Solace Review

2420d ago - 007 returns in better nick than his last videogame iteration, but still with plenty of work to do... | 1,2

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Gaming Excellence: Quantum of Solace Review

2467d ago - Movie tie-in games usually suck, but the gold standard is arguably the 1997 N64 release Goldeneye... | 1,2

BeefJack: Quantum of Solace Review

2478d ago - Any developer stepping into the rather shambolic world of James Bond video games is a brave one.... | 1,2,12

GameArena: Quantum of Solace Review

2481d ago - GameArena: "Using the Call of Duty 4 engine was a slick move from Treyarch, and the co... | 1

StickSkills: Quantum of Solace Review

2487d ago - Has Activision restored the legacy of the James Bond franchise? Or does the franchise still have... | 1,2

OTT Gamer: 007: Quantum of Solace Review

2487d ago - OTT Gamer: "The campaign will only take you about six hours to complete and then it's o... | 1,2

RealGamer: Quantum of Solace Review

2488d ago - RealGamer writes: "So, inevitably, we have the game of the film for Quantum of Solace, the l... | 1,2,12

Mygamer Review: James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace

2498d ago - Mygamer writes: "Using the COD4 engine, Bond's latest adventure is exactly what you would ex... | 1

S Guardian: Quantum of Solace Review

2503d ago - Good stuff - Handles quite well - Good use of all the cast and sounds from the movies - Goo... | 1

MEGamers Review: Quantum of Solace

2517d ago - MEGamers writes: "James Bond… the name has become synonymous with action-packed movies in th... | 1

Tom's Games Review: Quantum of Solace

2518d ago - Tom's Games writes: "James Bond 007:Quantum of Solace is the latest "James Bond" g... | 1,2

Impulse Gamer : Quantum of Solace Review

2520d ago - Tyrone Williams writes "Graphically, the title is visually impressive on the PS3 with detail... | 1,2,3,12

Gaming Heaven : Quantum Of Solace Review

2524d ago - John Erikson writes "Quantum Of Solace puts you in control of James Bond as you dish out pai... | 1,2,3,12

PSX Extreme: Quantum of Solace Review

2525d ago - Despite it's name, Quantum of Solace actually covers the events of both Daniel Craig films, but i... | 1

Tiltedscreen.com review of Quantum of Solace (PS3)

2529d ago - Quote from tiltedscreen.om "Unfortunately, the missions can't make such a bold claim;... | 1,11

Gaming Nexus: Quantum of Solace Review

2530d ago - Gaming Nexus writes: "I know Cyril got out the review of Quantum of Solace on the Xbox 360 v... | 1,2,12

Collider: Quantum of Solace Review

2531d ago - Collider writes: "James Bond has had a long history in video games. After the Nintendo 64's... | 1,2,12

Electric Playground: Quantum of Solace Review

2531d ago - Electric Playground writes: "How do you judge Quantum of Solace? By the cutting edge st... | 1,2

El33t Online: Quantum of Solace Review

2532d ago - It would be unfair to call the game bland, but the term 'featureless' does come to mind. Quantum... | 1,2,12

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The New York Times: Quantum of Solace review

2535d ago - Movie tie-in games are nearly always horrible. Over decades of dreck, both the game industry and... | 1,2,11,12

Game Chronicles Review: Quantum of Solace

2538d ago - GC writes: "Bond is back but he should get a better director and writer if he wants to make... | 1

GamePyre: 007 Quantum of Solace Review

2539d ago - GamePyre writes: "I've had an absolute blast playing through the storyline part of the... | 1,2

PopMatters: Quantum of Solace PS3 & Xbox 360 review

2539d ago - G. Christopher Williams writes: "These interesting additions of more unique approaches... | 1,2

TotalGaming: Quantum Of Solace review

2542d ago - TotalGaming: "Multiplayer is where its at though and you'll find yourself limited to th... | 1,2
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James Bond : Quantum of Solace

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