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XCOM 2 - Exclusive Developer Interview

6d ago - Humble interviews Lead Designer of XCOM 2, Jake Solomon, about the upcoming release of the highly... | PC

'XCOM 2' exclusive: Firaxis talks new features, console release, and more

55d ago - The 2016 calendar year is looking to be one of the strongest years in recent memory for new game... | PC

Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

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Interview: The Death of Interceptors, Iron Man Mode, and XCOM 2's Next Step

56d ago - USgamer: "Now that XCOM is well-established, what's the next step? That's the question that Fi... | PC

Firaxis on adding unpredictable elements to XCOM 2: We need gamers to take risks

56d ago - When it comes to a good strategy game, the concept of unpredictability plays an important role. | PC

Firaxis talks XCOM 2 mods: We are basically giving the players everything

57d ago - When Firaxis releases XCOM 2 early next year, the studio plans to give folks access to everything... | PC

Why does Civilization’s release frequency differ from XCOM’s?

60d ago - Why don't we see XCOM release as often as Civilization? | PC

Firaxis says XCOM 2 has some ‘really, really gnarly’ late game enemies

60d ago - When it comes to strategic battles, the XCOM series is one of the best games to challenge the pla... | PC

The new dynamic for Firaxis in making XCOM 2 versus XCOM: Enemy Unknown

61d ago - Considering XCOM: Enemy Within is one of the finest strategy games to be released in recent years... | PC

Firaxis says XCOM 2’s Replayability gives players high return on dollars spent

61d ago - Will XCOM 2 have the good kind of Replayability or the bad kind? | PC

Why XCOM 2 is going to be huge for modders

115d ago - PCgamer: On a small stage, tucked away in a corner of the Baltimore Convention Center, four me... | PC

XCOM 2 Interview with Jake Solomon – Firaxicon 2015

128d ago - New Gamer Nation had the opportunity to interview Jake Solomon, Creative Director on XCOM 2, at t... | Industry

Meet XCOM 2's New Enemies, the Archon and Shieldbearer

129d ago - Today at Firaxicon, the developer unveiled two new enemy units for XCOM 2. Shacknews talked to cr... | PC

XCOM 2 Creative Director Clarifies on the Steam Pre-Order Bonus Confusion

152d ago - Confusion over XCOM 2's pre-order bonus is explained by Creative Lead Jake Solomon Firaxis Games. | PC

XCOM 2 Lead: PC Gaming Is In A Golden Age

152d ago - Creative Director Jake Solomon clearly states that PC gaming is in a golden age and that's part o... | PC

Julian Gollop: “XCOM is like a phoenix rising from the ashes”

1043d ago - The original creator of X-COM: Enemy Unknown seems quite taken with Firaxis’ reboot, and credits... | PC

'XCOM' announcement coming "soon", teases Jake Solomon - video

1069d ago - XCOM: Enemy Unknown will receive an announcement "soon", lead designer Jake Solomon has revealed.... | PC

Interview: XCOM Lead Designer on the response to Slingshot DLC, death and loss in games

1125d ago - PC Gamer - While Firaxis’ Jake Solomon and I were talking about the addition of The Second Wave t... | PC

“It just became the thing that defined me”: Jake Solomon on making XCOM: Enemy Unknown

1126d ago - Things haven’t been the same for Jake Solomon since XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released last year, t... | PC

“Accessibility is kind of a dirty word”: Firaxis on difficulty levels, multiculturalism, and more

1245d ago - XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a re-imagining of the 1993 PC classic XCOM: UFO Defence (or UFO: Enemy Unkno... | PC

XCOM: Enemy Unknown designer Jake Solomon on the importance of PC

1250d ago - Joystiq: X-COM has quite a history on PC. In fact, apart from a pair of PlayStation ports (and... | PC

Check PS4 Release Dates for 2016 at

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The Average Gamer: XCOM's Jake Solomon On Consequences

1273d ago - Debbie Timmins from The Average Gamer talked with Lead Designer Jake Solomon about looting, inter... | PC
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