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At a Glance: 17-BIT

499d ago ... [b]17-BIT[/b] is a boutique independent developer with a gift for revitalizing classic genres with a next-gen twist. 17-BIT games are the descendants of classic 2D games, with the luxury of modern horsepower, cutting-edge AI, and juicy scoops of RAM. Founded in 2009 by game industry veteran Jake Kazdal, 17-BIT aims to deliver iconoclastic games that take the very best memories of the 16-bit...

A 17-BIT Interview with Jake Kazdal

499d ago ... [i]An interview in which Jake Kazdal, Founder and CEO of 17-BIT, talks about passion, the Arcade era, and settles the “indie” question.[/i] [b]CAT:[/b] In the mini Q&A you said that “Making great games is art” - can you expand on that? What are your thoughts on the ongoing games-as art discussion? Art in the design, the creation, the final product? [b]JAKE:[/b] I just really think making...

Giveaway: Skulls of the Shogun - and Enter to Win a PS4!

499d ago ... [i]From Cat, With Love[/i] I’m going to let you in on a little secret: [i]Galak-Z[/i] isn’t out yet! What’s a super awesome indie dev to do when they can’t give you their upcoming game? Oh, that’s right, give you copies of their super awesome previously released game: [i]Skulls of the Shogun[/i]! 10 codes up for grabs! [b]How to enter:[/b] (THIS PORTION OF THE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. ALL WINN...
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