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IGM Mobile Forum Finds - Coastal Defense

1h ago - What can you look forward to from developer Fraoula for your iOS and Android devices? Well, they’... | iPhone

Severed: Old School Influences in a New Generation | Hardcore Gamer

18h ago - HG: The Toronto-based studio that has brought us award winning titles such as Guacamelee! and Tal... | iPhone

Max Level | PAX East 2014: World Zombination

1d 16h ago - Max Level: In an attempt to become one with the indie game, I threw myself into the Indie Megaboo... | PC

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 – Hands-On Preview | Thirteen1

2d ago - T1 writes - On a faraway plane, the Chain Veil was a powerful artefact created for the purpose of... | PC

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

The Perils of Man - Chapter 1 Preview

2d ago - IF Games’ The Perils of Man sets new standards for the point-and-click genre on mobile devices. T... | iPhone

Hands-on with Mew-genics at PAX East [SideQuesting Preview]

2d ago - John Eustice of SideQuesting writes: "Mewgenics has the potential to suck hours of our livee a... | PC

Front Towards Gamer Pax East 2014 -- Toy Rush Preview

3d ago - Uber Entertainment hits mobile gaming with Toy Rush, tower defense meets card collecting, lots of... | iPhone

Infinity Wars preview (TabTimes Games)

3d ago - "'Infinity Wars' is a crowdfunded digital card game being prepped for the jump from PC to mobile." | iPhone

Front Towards Gamer Pax East 2014 -- Spoiler Alert Preview

4d ago - Read why Spoiler Alert impresses by starting at the end of an adventure. .adventure an of end... | PC

Hitman Go: Hands-on Impressions from PAX East | Entertainment Buddha

5d ago - Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Best described as a tabletop game turned digital, Hi... | iPhone

1849 - Preview and Interview | GamingLives

5d ago - GamingLives takes a look at the prospecting strategy title from SomaSim, which is a Sim City and... | PC

Hitman Go is Surprisingly Enjoyable | gamrReview Preview

5d ago - gamrReview's Xavier Griffiths: "Purists may balk at the new direction and console fans may decry... | iPhone

Cosmic DJ preview: Corgis in space [SideQuesting PAX East 14 preview]

5d ago - Ryan Franklin of SideQuesting writes: "It’s as much a sequencing tool as it is a game. And wit... | PC

Front Towards Gamer Pax East 2014 -- Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Preview

5d ago - Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign (Demiurge Studios) has been out since September, but here's why y... | PC

Bounden Hands-On Impressions | Twinfinite

6d ago - JC from Twinfinite writes: "A lot of the new indie games on the floor of PAX East this year had t... | iPhone

PAX East – Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Hands-On Impressions | Twinfinite

7d ago - Twinfinite writes, "Vivid Games’ GodFire: Rise of Prometheus looks like a very expensive mobile v... | iPhone

Front Towards Gamer Pax East 2014 -- This War of Mine Preview

7d ago - Take a tour of what the media doesn't show in the modern age of war, the sacrifices soldiers must... | PC

Organic Panic Hands-On Impressions | Twinfinite

7d ago - Alex from Twinfinite writes: "Organic Panic is a 2.5D Action-Puzzle platformer in development for... | PC

Woah Dave! Hands-On Impressions | Twinfinite

7d ago - Andy from Twinfinite writes: "As per the traditional arcade game, Woah Dave! ensures that you wil... | PC

Cosmic DJ Hands-On Impressions | Twinfinite

7d ago - PAX East 2014 - JC from Twinfinite gets some hands-on with portable DJ game and mixer Cosmic DJ. | iPhone

Follow N4G on Twitter

Now - Follow N4G on twitter and get the hottest news of the day as well as early contest announcements. | Promoted post

Jungle Rumble Hands-on Impressions | Twinfinite

8d ago - Twinfinite writes, "Indeed, everything about the game bursts with happiness and excitement. The... | iPhone

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Preview - Zero1Gaming

9d ago - Drew Pontikis takes a look ahead to TinyCo's upcoming Family Guy game | iPhone

Indie Game Magazine: Forum Finds: SwapQuest

9d ago - A preview of the forthcoming mobile game SwapQuest, a fantasy RPG to be made available for Androi... | iPhone

GamesBeat: The Crew may seem like a RPG, but that roar isn't coming from a dragon

10d ago - GamesBeat: A group of Ivory Tower developers dragging on their cancer sticks flanked the double d... | PC

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Hands-on Preview | GameNGuide

11d ago - The series' first mobile game is about to Android and iPhone on April 10th, completely free. Is i... | iPhone
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