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Review: inFamous | NoobFeed

590d ago - From the review - inFamous is a PlayStation 3 exclusive that’s no doubt a system seller. The stor... | PS3

inFamous Review - LAG

1206d ago - LAG - "inFamous was released in the summer of 2009 for the PS3 and developed by Sucker Punch, the... | PS3

Infamous 2 review 9.1/10 - RosewoodReview

1277d ago - Infamous 2 review - short but sweet look at the latest entry from Suckerpunch RosewoodReview | PS3

GamingTillDisconnected- inFAMOUS 2 Review

1344d ago - inFAMOUS was a solid title, but does the sequel short circuit, or create a thunderbolt of awesome? | PS3

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inFamous Classic Review - Gamer Gaia

1379d ago - Playing with electricity is a blast and now you can experience that joy first hand without the da... | PS3

DaleAlStick: Infamous Review. "Welcome Back" pack Guide.

1381d ago - We are reviewing the five games that Sony is offering to it's customers as a compensation for the... | PS3

NextGenRetro: inFamous Review

1383d ago - NextGenRetro: PSN's "Welcome Back" package is about to make inFamous free. This NGR review will r... | PS3

Game Podunk Review - inFAMOUS: Shockingly imPRESSIVE

1877d ago - Game Podunk takes a look back at inFamous, an action adventure platforming game for Sony Playstat... | 1

BeefJack: Infamous Review

1996d ago - BeefJack writes: "Infamous is a completely open world environment where you can literally go... | 1

Project Gamers: InFAMOUS Review

2003d ago - Tim from Project Gamers writes: Most people know the difference between something that is good, a... | 1,11

BH: inFamous Review

2024d ago - BH writes: "inFamous is an exclusive PS3 game that has been hyped for months on TV, online,... | 1

Entdepot Review: inFamous

2034d ago - Entdepot: "he sandbox and open world approach has come into its own lately. With Spider... | 1

ArmChairEmpire: inFamous Review

2036d ago - ArmChairEmpire: "inFamous is a much darker and more mature title than the Sly Cooper se... | 1

PlayStation Beyond: Infamous Review

2037d ago - PlayStation Beyond writes: "Sucker Punch, the creators of Sly Cooper series, has a record of... | 1

Nextgamer: InFamous Review

2038d ago - Nextgamer writes: "What would you do if you had super powers? Would you do evil things, or r... | 1

NY Times: Infamous Review

2038d ago - NY Times writes: "It was at least 200 feet down to the pavement from the power cable strung... | 1

CamelClutchBlog: inFamous Review

2050d ago - CamelClutchBlog writes: "inFamous is one of the best games i have played all year thus... | 1,11

TNG: inFAMOUS Review

2051d ago - TNG writes: "Apart from Haze, it's almost as if the Playstation 3 cannot fail when it comes... | 1

Plugged In: inFAMOUS Review

2053d ago - The antihero union must be having a party. For people live in a day and age when even comic book... | 1

OTTG: InFamous Review

2054d ago - OTTG writes: "From the moment you start playing InFamous you won't be blown away. It's not t... | 1

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (XB1) Review

Now - Ken buys too many costumes as Dead or Alive arrives on the new consoles. | Promoted post

GameLemon: inFAMOUS Review

2054d ago - All in all, inFAMOUS was a fun enough diversion. It didn't do anything groundbreaking or particul... | 1

Mygamer: inFamous Review

2055d ago - Mygamer writes: "It is such a sigh of relief to finally play a game on the PS3 is that an ex... | 1

GameVisions: inFamous Review

2055d ago - GameVisions writes: "Okay, before we go any further, lets just be honest with ourselves to g... | 1

Beyond The D-Pad: InFamous Review

2055d ago - InFAMOUS is a sandbox-style third person action adventure game that is exclusive to the Playstati... | 1

TLG: inFAMOUS Review - Lightning Strikes Twice

2055d ago - TLG writes: "Electricity has been one of mans greatest discoveries and harnessing its energy... | 1
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US 26 May 2009
EU 29 May 2009
AU 04 June 2009
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