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User Review : inFamous: Second Son

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Infamous Second Son: Good or Evil is just about perspective

It has been 7 years since the events of infamous 2. Cole Macgrath made the ultimate sacrifice in order to save humanity. It has been told that when one story ends, another begins. Meet Delsin Rowe a rebellious, smart mouth, daredevil who is of native american "akomish" descent. Delsin is a troubled young man with no clear path of what direction to go in life and consider himself and graffiti artist. In the beginning of the story we see Delsin doing graffiti as a way to express his feelings and rebelliousness. Getting caught by his brother, who is the sheriff and has consistently had to arrested him for his transgressions and lack of judgement. Unlike Delsin, Reggie Rowe has a direction in life. Motivated by his sense of right and wrong it becomes obvious why these brothers would bump heads.

When a truck accident happens Reggie tries to help and chases two of the escaped prisoners. Delsin sees one of the other prisoner is trapped and tried to help and in doing so Delsin contact with the prisoner awakens his conduit gene. Fearing that he would be cast out Reggie tries to shield his brother. Now this is where the story picks up.

A woman named Brooke Augustine who is the leader of DUP (department of unified protection) comes into town looking for the escaped convicts. She leaves a mass of destruction pushing Delsin to take action and head to Seattle where the DUP headquarters has been set Through his journey Delsin is faced with the common choices of the karma system good or evil. As you progress through the game you meet other conduits with abilities you add to your own and become more powerful. Also, you can change your powers depending on the situation and location you are placed in the game. You get to have 4 powers in the game but you will have to collect the blast shards to evolve your powers.

A new aspect of the game that you get to perform is creating graffiti. Throughout Seattle there are locations that you will be able to do graffiti. Just like the karma system it will allow you to do evil or good graffiti. I found this new twist to be a new welcome change of pace.

One of the greatest thing about infamous is how smooth the game runs and the visuals. The best time to see this is when using the neon powers which shows the beauty of the colors. One part of the game that has definitely improved on is the chemistry between the characters. Delsin whether he is been good or bad his tone seem to match well with his actions. The chemistry with the other characters starts well however, the supportive characters seem to have too small of a role and I think they could expanded their stories a bit more. The open world of this game also shows how massive the maps are and how detailed the world is.

The one thing that i was disappointing with is that there is no real mix matching between good or evil choices. To me its the one part of the game that is still stuck in the past. In its own way the game forces you to either be all good or be all evil with no choice in between. Your powers are still tied up with your choices of good or evil. When you play in evil mode your powers are more destructive with more kill purpose and playing in good it is more in a subdue purpose.

For the open world that Infamous second son is its about the freedom and the possibilities of what your powers can do. When it comes down to Infamous it delivers hand down in this experience. Lets be honest a game that you can glide through and crush your opponents with a number of different powers its a game I'm always going to play and explore.

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GenKen1492d ago

I think it is a pretty good review. Keep writing!

betrayed gamer1491d ago

i liked the game but i am having trouble even wanting to play it again. while the graphics were great and game play solid i felt like it was a guided path into an empty room once you finished it.I partially regret buying it so soon due to the fact that i feel like it lacked content. no after story stuff, and no more fun.

Delsin_Rowe1486d ago

Paper Trail is the content that will keep you busy for a long while solving puzzles and story DLC will come soon.

1474d ago