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User Review : inFamous: Second Son

  • Unique Powers and Karmic Counterparts
  • Eye-Boggling Graphics
  • Delsin Rowe Himself
  • Short, Weak, and Predictable Story
  • Weak Moral Outcomes

Enjoying My Powers!

Not many super-hero games were a success. Superman 64 is the biggest example of how you don't make a super-hero game in your whole life. There are still bad games like Spider-Man 3, Superman Returns, and Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters. That doesn't mean that there weren't great games as evidenced by Batman Arkham series and Spider-Man 2.

Now, developers are trying to make original games. Prototype and inFamous being the most popular ones currently, and they were released on the same year which increased the competition between them while Batman Arkham Asylum was thrown in the mix. 2009 was the year when that genre has risen in popularity and critical acclaim.

Sucker Punch succeeded with inFamous as evidenced by Sony Computer Entertainment's support for the intellectual property and gave it a sequel which increased the franchise's franchise even more.

inFamous was critically and publicly acclaimed for its original characters and lore along with sandbox setting and most of all, morality system. Karma is what made inFamous unique and original from other games and it worked perfectly.

inFamous 2 improved the sandbox setting with a new city, added new mechanics for combat, and most important of all, improved Karma and story-line. There weren't any plot twist similar to the original game but it was still good as it received critical acclaim and good sales which made promising results for inFamous Second Son's existence.

Now, Sucker Punch didn't pull any punches with inFamous Second Son thanks to Playstation 4's architecture and it was obvious with shockingly great visuals, great voice acting, and somewhat smooth gameplay. It is an awesome game, but it does have some issues and most of them are minor. I will still say that this is the best Playstation 4 game ever made currently.


inFamous Second Son is a super-hero action adventure game developed by Sucker Punch, the developers of previous inFamous games and the well know Sly Cooper franchise. It was published by Sony Computer Entertainment as it is an exclusive game for Playstation 4.


inFamous Second Son is set in the fiction Seattle in 2016, seven years after the New Marais incident in inFamous which resulted to Cole's sacrifice and supposedly killing off all the conduits around the world which turned out to be false in this game. We are playing as Delsin Rowe, a town delinquent who likes to express his "feelings" through stencil art and well, being a trouble maker which annoys his older brother, Reggie Rowe.

Delsin got his new-found smoke power through one of the conduits who was one of the prisoners in D.U.P's armored truck. D.U.P, which is an abbreviation for Department of Unified Protection, is a government agency that are tasked to capture and possibly kill conduits around Seattle, even though they have conduit abilities in their disposal.

The story itself was actually short and weaker than the previous inFamous games in terms of morality. I don't see huge differences in moral consequences besides karmic powers, pedestrians' opinions about Delsin, whether your companions subdue or kill enemies, the companion mission which are only two, and the final mission and its ending. It is unfortunate not to see a great story but I should say that character interactions were touching, and Delsin himself was great in this game with his laid back personality and being "douchy" for sake of having fun with himself unlike Cole. Other than that, the game's main missions were short, predictable, and kind of weak.


In terms of gameplay, Sucker Punch delivered their promise for a fun game and "enjoy your powers" as I did indeed enjoy my powers.

Delsin has an array of powers in his hands and two of them are smoke and neon which were know for the general public before the release of the game. I will not mention other powers since they could be considered spoilers for some people but I will say this, one power will surprise you while the other was expected to be obtained.

The melee aspect of the combat system has been heavily improved comparing to inFamous 2 as Delsin uses his chain whip to attack his enemies and just dash or teleport to another one as he continues his body count. It was actually smooth and fun as I see enemies flown away from the whip's force against their bodies after the final hit during the combo. Whether it will be smoked or dimming with neon lights, the chain whip is a great weapon to use in this game.

The ranged aspect has been improved too with better aiming which doesn't have the game's camera to the shoulder like previous inFamous games unless you are zooming onto the enemy, and each power has different ranged abilities to use. You could be slow but effective with smoke or sniping with neon and others with different powers. Either way, you will have to use strategy with which power to use as they have different outcomes against the enemies and this a good thing since every power is unique and not the same as the previous one.

The bosses were unique and fun to battle in this game. Yeah, there could be some bosses that have repeating patterns but they were still challenging if you mess up one time. You should still focus on their movements and attacks or you will have a bad time. Also, if you feel that your attacks don't do anything, then experiment with abilities or just be patient since they do damage, it just takes time.

The free-running element is back as Delsin can climb buildings and terrain but like previous games, it can be kind of wacky when you try to jump on the object you want to climb. Sometimes it lets you climb that, or it chooses an entirely different object to climb on. I just used neon's dash ability to run around Seattle and only used climbing element when it was needed during some missions. Most of the time it works well, but it is still as annoying as in the previous games sometimes.

You also collect blast shards, which appeared in the previous inFamous games, to upgrade your arsenal. Whether it would be better capacity for some of your abilities or getting new ones, it is still necessary to collect them if you want to go toe and toe against stronger enemies which there are acceptable amount of variety on them. They could be normal soldiers, or a conduit who can be a challenge with tough concrete armor and uses a mini-gun against you. The game can challenge you, and I like how it challenged me throughout the play-through.

There are also different abilities for different karmic reputation. You could either have an ability to slow down time while using your neon ability if you are a hero, or turn your enemies to ashes with your smoke if you are infamous. The special move is also different in terms of your karmic reputation. If you are a hero, you should not do mistakes while subduing your enemies by avoiding killing them, and murdering innocent citizens. Being infamous, however, encourages you to go ballistic and kill everyone you see to obtain the ultimate move. The game rewards you when you are being either good or evil, which is great for games that revolves on morality. I just hoped that it would have better effect in the story.


The graphics are just brilliant in this game thanks to Playstation 4's capabilities. The effects while draining neon lights and dashing to buildings, and the textures on the streets, buildings, and terrains are just astonishing. I could not believe my eyes as I just wander around Seattle and have my eyes wide open while climbing and using my powers. They also did a good job on lighting as I get out from a dark building and have light blinding my screen for some seconds just like in real life. Sucker Punch made a great job as they took care of every single detail in the city, and powers.

The facial animations are also great to look at and see the emotions spreading through the characters' faces. Whether it would be joy or anger, you will see it on their faces in each moment, and I loved them.


The music was really well done in this game as I was hooked during combat encounters, and calm during my exploration in Seattle. It didn't fail to deliver excitement when I battle enemies and bosses in this game, and I would listen to the official soundtrack during my free time.

The voice acting was great as Troy Baker did a great job being a delinquent with Delsin. It felt that Delsin was having fun, being outraged, but most of the time just enjoying himself with powers with his silly jokes in a genuine manner of tonality. Other characters did a good job but they didn't steal the show as Troy's Delsin did, and I enjoyed Delsin's voice and character in inFamous Second Son.


This game is a must have for your Playstation 4 is you have one, or planning to get one. The graphics were great, the gameplay was incredibly fun, the sounds were good to listen to, but the story was weak, predictable and short comparing to other inFamous games, along with morality in the game's story.

If you don't nitpick the game's story, you will have a blast in this game with unique powers and a city to explore around. It will be worth your money, and a reason to buy a Playstation 4 now.

I didn't have any issues with eye-boggling graphics oddly enough as I could notice graphical issues on other games.
The music was great to hear along with Troy Baker's Delsin but other characters didn't have much to steal from Troy's spotlight.
I really liked how the powers performed, and the challenging enemeis and combat. The game, however, has the tedious free-running element just like its predecessors.
Fun Factor
The game has good amount of side-missions after the short main missions but they are kind of repetitive but most of the side-quests in many games are repetitive come to think about it. You still have Seattle to explore and maybe destroy for many hours.
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FogLight1520d ago

Update: Here is my inFamous SS review but there are some things I wanna say about planned game reviews.

I will not review Thief as I didn't have any pleasure for playing it and I don't have that determination to complete it so I will cancel that.

I need more time with MGSV Ground Zeroes since there could be stuff that would be added when I explore more into the game. I am aiming to at least get to 100% completion but if I can't then at least I will do majority of the stuff until then.

Hope that y'all will enjoy the review :D

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

It was a pretty well done review. For me personally I would rate the game around a 8.5 just because for me the story was not as good as Infamous 1 or 2. Still though the ending of the game is pretty dang good, especially on evil.

I have good hopes for future DLC in this game with new power types which would actually make alot of sense since he is a power sponge! If the first two infamous it would have not made much sense (maybe infamous 2 would make a little since he had duo powers)

Edit: Just platinumed the game :)

FogLight1519d ago

The ending(s) and the bosses were the reason for that score. If they were also weak along with the story well... it would be between 8.5 to 9.1 but they were good along with good replay value and other reasons so... yeah :3

Maybe some people will think I gave it a biased score but all the games I gave 9.0 or higher would be games that I was surprised at with both visuals and gameplay. Story should be great too but if it was weak and the gameplay, visuals and music were great, I don't mind.

Thank you again for enjoying the review!

Kalowest1518d ago

I totally agree with 8.5s-9s out of 10 nothing higher, lol.

NewMonday1517d ago

great review!

my thoughts on the story:

the plot is the second best after inFAMOUS1
the script is the best
the story presentation(cut-scenes, comic book segments) is the best

Derekvinyard131520d ago

In one play through how long is this game?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I just finished my evil play-through and it took me about 4 hours but that was me rushing through the game. My first play-through was about 12 hours. Plenty of things to keep you occupied from the main story for a bit.

FogLight1519d ago

He is indeed right. It will take a short time if you rush through the game but there are stuff to do and powers to upgrade.

I got 100% on my "Light" save but I still didn't platinum the game so I am planning to do that.. Don't worry, I already completed evil so it will be easier to get combat related trophies :3

NewMonday1517d ago

you can beat Skyrim under 3 hours if you rush.

my first play-through was over 15 hours, the length is similar to previous inFAMOUS games.

Nes_Daze1519d ago

pretty good, organized review, I might pick this game up in the near future.

FogLight1519d ago

Pick it up as soon as you have the money. If you currently own PS4, or at least planning to have one soon, this is a must have ;)

JonnyBigBoss1519d ago

Uh... 9.7? Come on man...

FogLight1519d ago

I gave it 9.7 since it has really good replay value, great graphics and well it was fun!

I would give it less if the ending(s) and bosses were weak but they were good, just the story being kind of weak but other than that, this game is worthy of that score.

Kalowest1518d ago

I don't thing SS has alot of replay value sadly...

FogLight1519d ago

Trust me, it would be between 8.5 to 9.1 if the ending(s) were weak and the bosses being lazy.

sAVAge_bEaST1518d ago

I just completed, the full game,. I have to say it's the best single player game, I've played in a long, long while....

I loved the difficulty, game-play, graphics, side missions,.. and even the story..

Truly next gen.