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Video Calling on the PS4. Is it coming soon?

77d ago ... A new show called "Powers" just launched today. Fans of the comic book were excited to hear that Sony had teamed up to publish the show, and members of Playstation Plus were excited to hear that they would be receiving the entire season free. Excited by this show and the hype around the comic series I hop on my PS4 this morning and watched the first three episodes, sadly I have to wait weekly t...

inFAMOUS Second Son: A Fantastic but Disappointing Letdown

396d ago ... WARNING SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW AGAIN SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW ... Right first of all lets make one thing clear, I like this game, so this isn't some massive rant on how the game is crap and how I hate it, I've actually enjoyed my time on it a lot. Anyway lets begin inFAMOUS Second Son for me was a game that I had been hyped up about since it was first announced for the PS4 in February...

You never cancel a pre-order early.... especially over something as stupid as graphics.

421d ago ... Gamers have made me angry ALOT over the years. Here's a small list of the stuff I've dealt with. PS4 haters. Xbox One haters. Wii U haters. Cheaters in online multiplayer. People who try to "expose" you. People who want Ridley in Super Smash Bros 4. But THIS topic takes the cake. Some of you actually CANCELLED your Watch Dogs pre-orders because the graphics were "downgraded" from wh...

TitanFall Vs Infamous Second Son, the Real Battle Of PS4 vs XOne is Just Beginning

449d ago ... Wow I love battles like this, this is a good one, maybe not a fair one, but its the battle we have in front of us as the consoles start to really get ready to do battle. TitanFall Vs Infamous Second Son - Yes one is a FPS, and that does tend to be the favorite amongst a huge portion of gamers. But Second Son is holding it’s own, and that’s what makes this a really good battle, because gamers...

PS4: No gimps please.

619d ago ... There's no question that the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One. The only thing we don't know about the PS4 (when it comes to specs) is how many GB of RAM it uses for games. I think it's 6GB? Let me know in the comments. But that's not the point of this blog. What's the point of it? To talk about what the PS4's 50% power advantage will actually throughout this generation. Obviously, 1st...
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