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User Review : inFAMOUS: First Light

  • Visuals
  • Combat
  • Value
  • Small World
  • Limited Side-Missions
  • Missing Karma

Half as Long, Twice as Bright

Yes, the Playstation family is at it again, as Troy Baker; Ashley Johnson; Laura Bailey; Travis Willingham and Christine Dunford lend their considerable talents to the compelling short story that is inFamous: FIRST LIGHT

[Story Spoilers: None]
[Gameplay Spoilers: Mild]

Jumping around within a two-year chronology, First Light tells the story of jersey girl Abigail "Fetch" Walker (Laura Bailey). Upon discovering the presence of Fetch's conduit powers, her parents attempt to turn her in to the newly formed D.U.P. Unafraid of his sister's condition, however, her brother Brent takes her and flees their parents, and they end up homeless in Seattle some time later.

Conditioned and comforted by his steadying presence, Fetch has been able to hide and control her power thus far, but in typical kickoff fashion, Brent is mysteriously kidnapped. Ill suited for independence, but willing to do whatever it takes to find him, Fetch begins to scour Seattle for her missing brother, all the while fighting mental breakdowns that, strangely, seem to add to her powers.

Gameplay consists of a fluid mix of flowing parkour, neon retrieval races, and ambient combat. Enemies consist of Russian gangs (called "Akurans"); Drug dealers led by a texan pervert who goes by the name of Shayne (Travis Willingham); and early-response D.U.P. forces, led, as always, by the indomitable Augustine (Christine Dunford). Whether being trained in captivity by Augustine, or roaming pre-DUP Seattle, having an overhauled neon powerset at your disposal is just the blast you'd think it to be.

By giving you fewer core powers - but more ways to upgrade them, the upgrade tree is more similar to inFamous 2 than to Second Son. There's a new neon Super as well (formerly called a "Karma Bomb"), and even it is upgradeable. Fans of the "Boltstream" power from i2 will be pleased at the upgrades for the standard neon shot, as it no longer has to be rifled as Delsin needed to do. Also added is a Stasis Shockwave attack that is highly reminiscent of Cole's thundering shockwaves from the original games, but now with - Stasis - added to the mix. Near the end of the upgrade path you'll find deadly arcana like the ability to confuse and even enslave enemies with your neon attacks, but I'll just leave it there. There's plenty of power to discover and use.

Non-combat gameplay consists largely of using Neon Dash (now upgradeable as well) to race after neon clouds (the new Shards, if you will), police spy drones, and Drive-By-Shooters. While all good and fun, you may find that the world empties quickly of missions like these because there are just to few, both in number and in kind.

Indeed, it's not a perfect game.
The first and most easily noticeable letdown is that only HALF of Second Son's Seattle is present. The Lantern District and the entire southern island are out of keep down install size, I guess? I don't know about that design decision, to be honest. Why chose a character who is FAST but then cut the world size in HALF?! The game's short enough as it is. I'm pretty sure it can be beaten in about two hours, though a respectful player can easily milk 4-6 hours if they have a mind to.
Another small problem with the title is yet another one of comparison to Second Son, that being that aside from story sequences, rarely are there enough enemies in one place to get a satisfying fight going. You'll typically fight ambient enemies in groups of 4-8 max, and, MOST OF THE TIME, you can dispatch them in just as many seconds...(Yes, people, it's an inFamous game. Easy=casual; Normal=easy; Hard=normal)
The fighting is fun, but it exists in small bursts that just seem to tease more than titillate. If that begins to bother you, then just charge through the well-told, well-acted storyline and find out just what events made Fetch so very messed up. You won't be disappointed.

To conclude, First Light is a short, but high-value adventure in the inFamous universe. It costs $15. Get it, play it, beat it. Enjoy.

Playstation's top-shelf paradigm of pulling jaw-dropping visuals out of limited hardware shows itself again. The motion comics make a return as well, which seemed all too rare in inFamous: Second Son
While the tunes may never reach a crisp beat during free-roam combat, the story and ambient music surpasses adequate, good, and even excellent. The satisfying sounds of a neon thunder-drop or boltstream will have you breaking stuff just to hear the juicy impacts.
A new-found emphasis on melee breathes freshness into combat, but the precision of neon lends itself to such speed that encounters often end too quickly. Side-quests are so few that they can all be done within an hour.
Fun Factor
Great combat; Neon racing; and an engrossing story make for the gamic equivalent of a short fantasy novel. A must-own for any PS4 gamer.
Arena based Leaderboard combat, if you like. Give it a shot; it has more to do with stamina than skill.
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Sm00thNinja1297d ago

Game was a let down from the get-go even though it was my first PS4 platinum... But this dlc was welcome Fetch as a character while annoying deserved this development. Haven't beaten the dlc just picked it up but will keep this review in mind.

Conzul1297d ago

I found her more likeable than Delsin.

Sm00thNinja1297d ago

I accidently disagreed! But I TOTALLY AGREE! SHe deserved this expansion

colonel1791297d ago

I liked your review, but I think it is worth mentioning the battle arenas, which makes the game more valuable and definitely more fun, however, you failed to mention them. The story is indeed very short, but this is a DLC, not a full game, even though it was sold as stand-alone. It was only meant to expand the story that was told about Fetch.

I have a great time with the battle arenas. Even though I earned the challenge that I was going for, I found myself not wanting to stop and kept going until I made a mistake and end the battle arena.

The gameplay is much better than Second Son. The controls are very precise and responsive. The upgrades are more varied and much more fun to use, than with Delsin. I think the Neon power was missing the air-dash upgrade in Second Son, which was implemented in First Light. The neon clouds were very fun to play around with, as well as the races, which I wished there were more of them.

Overall, the game was very fun to play, and I think that's the reason being short is a letdown, because it improved upon everything from Second Son.

Sm00thNinja1297d ago

I agreed with you til you said the gameplay is better. No matter what the upgrades you only have one power to play with against Delsins Fire, Neon, Video, and Concrete. It was fun because it was something new with Fetch, but it got old quick. I felt like this reviewers score was too high but he hit some key points on the head. Once I platinum ill probably never play it again. Just my opinion still worth the money

GamingTruth1291d ago

the nature of the trolling pc fan shows itself again, "limited hardware" all hardware is limited pc troll including pc and even super super super supercomputers and renderfarms so no need rearing your stupid pc troll elitism here, this game is stomping the 'unlimited' pc hardware in every way

Conzul1291d ago

Wow, heh, you sure Showed me.
I won't make that mistake again...

TH3BR3W1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

*hand u a pair of panties* Here, those were in a knot I untied them for you. Maybe next time don't take such offense to something that was an innocent tongue slip that BTW was never directed at you in the first place. While I'm talking to you I'll let you know you've been marked for off topic as what you said had nothing to do with his criticism of First Light but had more to do with your fanboy showing it's ugly head as It beat down your self confidence the instant you let It to show.

Now on topic: I like the majority of what you've critiqued about the game. The only thing I would say is to less opinion on why you dislike something about the game and more that it doesn't suit your needs of multiplayer. Not saying that the me is great but you can convey your dislike for it without giving a strong opinion as that tends to bring out the rebellion in some and they will of course flame yards for it. That's just my advice hope it helps ^_^