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User Review : inFamous 2

  • Great facial animations making dynamic cut scenes
  • Fluid animation making Cole appear more agile
  • Camera lock

The sequel to the best selling PS3 game

Infamous 2

The sequel to the best selling PlayStation 3 game infamous has arrived as Cole megrath returns following the events of Empire city. Cole was a simple courier at the beginning of infamous but one particular package would change his life and empire cities life forever the package contained a device called the ray sphere which exploded whipping out an entire district with Cole at its epicenter. Once Cole awakes he has gained the ability to conduct electricity to unleash electrical powers, as the city begins to suffer due to the after math of the explosion Cole has to take responsibility and choose to become the savior or villain of empire city. Infamous sees Cole suffer great loss and betrayal in his search for the man responsible for empire cities destruction in the end the one responsible reveals to Cole the impending doom that he must prepare for and the fate of the world rests on him as the BEAST is coming.

InFamous 2 picks up were infamous left off Cole anticipating the arrival of the beast needing to find a way to amplify his power, before Cole can amp up the Beast appears so Cole unprepared launches an assault making for an epic set piece Cole attacks with everything he has only to find he's isn't powerless to stop it.
Cole leaves for new Maris where new friend Lucy kuo has a contact who worked on the ray sphere. In new Maris Cole goes to meet Dr Wolf to find out exactly how to defeat the beast and discovers that an RFI device which unlike the ray sphere will take not give powers but isn’t charged and Cole isn’t strong enough to charge the device. Cole is tasked with finding various blast cores that are scattered around the city with some in enemy hands along the way you will encounter a hostile militia lead by Joseph Bertrand who looks to cause an rebellion against conduits making people fear Cole along with a swarm of swamp monsters and ice conduits.

InFamous 2 once again perfectly captures what it feels like to be a hero you start with the powers of the original game so you are already strong and throughout the game you simply become even stronger as you absorb multiple blast cores achieved through the games story missions. Coles power increases as you progress through the game when the story missions lead you to blast cores and each time you absorb one it grants you new abilities. Although you will earn more powers by completing main story missions the side missions reward you with new abilities too when you complete a set amount which results in stunts returning and instead of simply performing them with no real reward now you discover the ability and unlock it through performing a particular stunt. Suckerpunch has designed the game to reward you for pretty much everything you do making it more compelling, you can shoot down pigeon dead drops to find out more back story and scower new Marais for blast shards to increase Coles energy allowing you unleash more carnage on your enemies.
The missions in infamous 2 also provide you with XP which is used to purchase new powers you have both main and side missions you will also find random events like muggings that can be stopped or blast shard bombs to defuse to further increase your good karmic stance on top of the karmic changes that will occur within missions based upon your actions alternatively on the evil side you can steal blast shards from civilians or attack local law enforcement to embrace your evil side. The karmic choices in Infamous 2 have their own benefits depending on whether you’re good or evil will grant access to some karma exclusive powers. The choices you make will determine how the civilians react to Cole throughout New Maris and will determine the relationships that develop between Cole and new characters Kuo and Nix which each represents good and evil and in certain missions will make suggestion in how to handle a situation Kuo typically provides the responsible choice while Nix will provide the most destructive, which provides two different styles of gameplay. Karmic decisions aren’t hard to identify so you will always know when your choosing to be good or evil which are displayed by red or blue markers representing objectives and through deciding to side with either Nix or Kuo. Side mission will vary from stopping kidnappings, fighting militia, chasing conduits; bring power grids back online and retrieving medical supplies in varying fashion the variation is enough to prevent the missions from becoming too repetitive and stale. Infamous was well known for its open world sandbox game play which I'm happy to say returns in top form you will find varying areas throughout new Marais from urban built areas red light district to flooded areas in flood town which don't favor our electricity shooting hero the variation is nice as depending on the area could change how you approach a mission as if surrounded by water you constantly at risk of death and will be left exposed due to the lack of power sources. This sandbox world is much like the first splits new Maris into 3 sections you have the red light district a flooded slums and an industrial district all for you to explore at you leisure although power will have to be restored to each district which occurs during story progression. The substations in the sewers are gone so to restore districts power Cole charges a terminal and powers the others by establishing a link between each station which requires you to navigate a telsa missile between stations to fire them up then charge the stations up.

When it comes to gameplay infamous 2 plays much like the first one which is a good thing the third person action the shooting mechanics are still intact for aiming the standard bolt shot which is accompanied by returning grenades, rockets and blasts. All of these powers will are upgradeable to gain sticky grenades and rockets like the original new though are the fire and ice powers which can complement the combat experience depending upon your choices. The melee combat has been improved making use of Cole’s new amp which deal put satisfying combos although I would save it for the monsters as you don't want to be gunned down by a millita troop while trying rack up a combo take down. Parkour navigation returns with Cole capable of scaling just about any building by simply tapping X although Cole this time around appears more agile as he reach out for ledges and scales structures navigating is made even greater by the returning static grind which can now be done up various buildings and all this aided by static thrust which makes getting between destinations easy and fun. Later in the game you get access to ice jump which see Cole use ice to throw him into the air making it easier to clear small buildings and large areas in one leap and when you are granted access to the lighting tether Cole simply pulls himself to targeted positions. The introduction of ionic powers makes for a great addition to combat allowing you take out large groups of enemies quickly proving extremely useful when you’re trying to focus on a big enemy while your Swarmed by gunfire or raging swamp monsters not to mention they look great and just emphasis how powerful Cole really is. The only negative thing that can make gameplay awkward is the camera as it can sometimes become a nuisance and pan round or lock up other than that infamous 2 just builds upon the success of the first.
A nice feature that tracks your progress is when the game reminds you exactly how far the beast is away from new Marais and how may blast cores you require to power the RFI so you are constantly reminded the beast is coming mainly during story progression as you absorb blast cores or complete a significant event. The pause menu also allows for you to track the progress of the beast on a map of the East coast represented by an orange that is tearing through town and cities on its way to new Marais.

Infamous 2 sees the return of the comic illustrated cutscenes to present some story moments although the majority are is done through in game cutscenes to show of the new facial capture animations which look phenomenal. The game makes use of some huge set piece for boss battles and story progression and works extremely well to make it a complete immersive experience and the good humor helps you relate to the characters and build on the relationship of Cole and Zeke.

This is one sequel that defiantly shouldn’t be missed although I would recommend playing the first game before to understand the story and the relationships of the characters. Infamous 2 to itself is packed full of content much like the first with the numerous dead drops and hundreds of Blast shards to find and the task of cleaning up each island, add in the fact that this is a game will require you to play through twice to experience both endings and all the powers available which makes each play through experience unique as choosing to side with Kuo or Nix will determine if you unlock ice or fire powers adding unique gameplay styles.

Infamous 2 looks remarkable better that the original although the first infamous wasn't a bad looking game Suckerpunch has used new animation technology.
Infamous 2 has a great soundtrack that adds to the experiences building up tension by becoming more intense during combat and supports the New Marais environment greatly.
Infamous 2 play much like the first which isn't a bad thing as the original was great suckerpunch have simply built on the already great mechanics to make Cole more agile and great to control.
Fun Factor
Infamous 2 never leaves you lost for things to do with various mission ,hundreds of blast shards and dead drops to be found.
UGC adds endless amounts of content to an already packed game.
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ElDorado2704d ago

I would give the graphics 8.5 - 9, since it's on consoles and it's the best looking sandbox game on consoles. Great written review though. I agree with the camera, but it's nothing frustrating. I once had a bug where the camera just stuck, that wasn't something I liked. Keep up the good work!

Neckbear2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Not quite. The draw distance, jaggies EVERYWHERE and uneven quality in animations kinda hamper the look of the game. In my opinion, Red Dead Redemption looked better.

CynicalVision2702d ago

To be fair, I've played through the game 3 times and the jaggies aren't much of a problem. I suppose it'll look worse if you use a smaller TV or a monitor.

Guitarded2702d ago

The jaggies really are annoying and they take alot away from what is otherwise a nice looking game.

@CynicalVision: The size of the TV didn't seem to make much difference for me. The jaggies hurt my eyes on both a small and large screen.

Solid_Dave2704d ago

Great review! But I agree with ElDorado, graphics deserve a better rating. At least an 8.5.

kane_13712704d ago

best selling ?
I thought mgs sold more
let alone gt 5

InFAMOUS12703d ago

I think he just means best seller.. Sort of like you see on books..Ya know.. 'New York Times Bestseller'

I *THINK* UC2, MGS4, GT5P,GT5, GOW and Resistance have all sold more numbers but they are also a ps3 best seller...

jonathon-922702d ago

I quoted it the sequel to the best selling PS3 game because the comic that comes with the hero addition says that the comic is based on the best selling PlayStation 3 game.

kane_13712702d ago

well the comic is wrong, cuz even in time of development of the comic there was other games that had sold more
But sir I envy you for owning that little blue controller!!!

bunfighterii2704d ago

I agree with your review. I'm really enjoying this game, I just made it to floodtwn.

jonathon-922703d ago

Thanks for the comments my first review so was a little nervous.
I know the camera isn't really frustrating but it was the only con i could think of and it might just be me but it actually froze for me completely in on spot till i died.
The graphics i probably did underrate my bad.

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