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The tech that’s putting women in EA’s FIFA games for the first time

6h ago | Video | This morning, Electronic Arts announced that this year’s version of its FIFA soccer franchise wou...

The Times Mario Wasn’t a Nintendo Exclusive

1d 10h ago | Video | When you think of Mario, you think of Nintendo. The two are linked so firmly in your mind it’s al...

Intro for Pre-E3 Show appears on Vimeo. Teases some stuff.

10d ago | Video | Info from the teaser - Live from Los Angeles - will be hosted by Kumail Nanjiani - special appearances: Hideo Kojima, Gabe Newell - Satoshi Tajiri - Michael Morhaime - Olivia Munn - Masaya...

Kickstarter & Romanticizing Game Development

3d ago | Video | There's been a weird & predictable narrative lately when it comes to kickstarter. Is this service...

Could "The Void" be the future of virtual-reality?

20d ago | Video | As cool as it is to don a VR headset and look into a new world, our bodies are stuck in cluttered...

GTA 5 Mod Lets You to Play as Anything in the Game

29d ago | Video | Finally, the wait is over GTA 5 mods are all over the internet.The new mod lets you play as any living being in the game including dogs,sharks and whales too.

The Top 5 Useless Video Game Life Lessons

11d ago | Video | Video games teach you a lot of stuff that you really can't use outside of video games. The Higgs...

Super Metroid: Conditioning Unease – RagnarRox

21d ago | Video | Games unconsciously condition players all the time. Whether you’ve noticed or not, there are cert...

The Story Behind Hotline Miami

21d ago | Video | The folks at Dennaton and Devolver Digital have shared their story of creating the hit indie title Hotline Miami with filmmakers Complex. The do...

Pacing and Structure in Video Games

22d ago | Video | Where and when certain developments in a game occur is pretty imperative to creating as smooth an...

Splatoon and the State of Shooters

17d ago | Video | Sometimes a game can be too fun to the point of making you sad about the state of the rest of the genre.

Go Behind The Scenes On One Of The Best Star Wars Games Ever Made

14d ago | Video | Kotaku:"Star Wars: Republic Commando is one of...

Warner Bother

23d ago | Video | Jim Sterling: Capcom, Konami, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Activison... there's no shortage...
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Warner Bother

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