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Superhero Games - History and Analysis

3d ago | Video | Why are superhero games so popular, and more importantly, why are they usually not very good? Jan...

Destiny Beta - PvP Iron Banner (Rusted Lands - Earth)

3d ago | Video | In case you missed the Iron Banner event in the PS4 Destiny Beta, here's a quick match set on one...

Jade Raymond on the future of gaming at Gamelab

14d ago | Video | GRTV have published the full panel ("Ambient Gaming and the 4th Dimension") with Jade Raymond at...

Transformers Universe Open Beta Gameplay

16d ago | Video | Tickles over at Sentinel Reviews plays through some early stages of the Beta for Transformers Universe. Watch the short tutorial and a team deathmatch.

Say Hello To: Atari 5200

26d ago | Video | Game Tangents | Atari’s follow-up to their seminal 2600 wasn’t quite the success Atari was hoping for. In Say Hello To: Atari 5200, Ross takes us through the history of one of early gaming’s most i...

Jung Suh on the Importance of Cultural Relevance | Casual Connect Video

17d ago | Video | Gamesauce says: "'Free to Play is king, no exceptions,' Jung Suh told his audience in regards to...

Ian Gregory: Moving from Advertising to Game Design | Casual Connect Video

28d ago | Video | Gamesauce says: "'Obviously, everyone wants to do freemium today,' Ian Gregory tells his audience...

This is what's wrong with AAA gaming companies

23d ago | Video | Wade Westfall of tells us how modern gaming is slowly becoming nothing more than...
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