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iPhone 6: Good news for games?

3d ago | Video | Is the iPhone 6 brilliant news for iOS gamers? Or could Apple's new resolutions cause more h...

History of The M1 Garand In Video Games

5d ago | Video | A history of the M1 Garand and a cultural context within games.

NPD August 2014: Full Videogame Sales Estimates and Analysis (Popzara)

2d ago | Video | NPD releases their estimates for the August 2014 videogame sales and estimates. Who came out on top this month? Full in-depth video analysis and podcast action by Nathan Evans and Grayson Hamilt...

Gamer Harassed Online After Speaking Out About Virtual Rape

17d ago | Video | A gamer and digital journal was bombarded with harassing online messages after she spoke out about ‘virtual rape’ in online gaming

Popzara Podcast E01: Roundtable Rant for Activision/Bungie's Destiny

2d ago | Video | Popzara editors Grayson Hamilton, Josh Boykin, and Cory Galliher discuss and rant about the relea...

4chan’s Vivian James Presents Women In Game Design - Anna Kipnis

17d ago | Video | It must make certain people burn inside knowing that the group that has been labeled as rampant m...

4Chan Presents A Women In Games Tribute To Corrinne Yu

19d ago | Video | One Angry Gamer "4Chan has been working with The Fine Young Capitalists to do the opposite of a c...

A New Chapter for Santa Monica Studio

16d ago | Video | Playstation : "After 15 years in the house that built the hit franchise God of War and publish...

GamerGate: An Honest Look At How It Affects Average Gamers (Video)

12d ago | Video | In light of recent events, an game journalist took it upon himself to record a quick webcam video...

Aston Martin Debuts Real Life Gran Turismo 6 DP-100 Car

27d ago | Video | This week at Pebble Beach Aston Martin debuted the real-life version of its Gran Turismo supercar...

Debatable Follow Up: Corruption & Anger in Video Games

6d ago | Video | Colm Ahern: "Debatable is a weekly show where C...

The First Video Game Console

29d ago | Video | The first video game console 'The Brown Box' was created by a team led by Ralph Baer. Here is the story of it's creation and the difficulty of it's...

Sonic 3: The Best in the World

29d ago | Video | When it comes time to document the greatest games ever made, TGC explains why Sonic 3 should...

Ubisoft Has Challenged Shigeru Miyamoto To Do ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

17d ago | Video | Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot and EMEA Executive Director Alain Corre have participated in the ALS I...

Cubed Gamers Visit Insomnia 52

19d ago | Video | Robin and Sian went down to Coventry for the Insomnia Gaming Festival. It was a great weekend, made even better when Sips from Yogscast popped up t...
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