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Game Theory: Are Gamers Killing Video Games?

16d ago - There's someone out there killing the video game industry, and that person is YOU! This is the... | Wii

Game Design Contest for Women Launches Today

19d ago - Do you have a great concept for a videogame and identify as a woman? Submit your pitch to this vi... | Culture

Live Art Demonstration Featuring Yusuke Naora and Yuna

22d ago - At the Gallery Nucleus opening reception for the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster gallery, Yusuke... | PS3

Insomniac Games Makes a Music Video for Its 20th Anniversary, Is Still Amazing

23d ago - Yami from Twinfinite writes: "Congratulations to one of my favorite developers of all time!" | Culture

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Why Do Video Game Movies Suck and Are Video Games Making Us Racist?

23d ago - Game Talk Live discusses Splinter Cell the film and why video game movies tend to suck with speci... | Industry

Infamous Second Son, DOTA 2 Documentary Discussions

25d ago - Tony Polanco of Dual Shockers weighs in on why he gave Infamous Second son a 9.5 out of 10. Plus... | Industry

Watch - SXSW panel Video Gaming IS Pop Culture

29d ago - On Sunday, March 9, three noted video game personalities joined up at South by Southwest to discu... | Culture

Jade Raymond Talks Ubisoft Toronto, Future Focus on Community in Game Design During SXSW 2014

29d ago - Managing Director of Ubisoft Toronto Jade Raymond offered up her thoughts that future game design... | Industry

Oculus on Sony's Rumored VR Headset

29d ago - Oculus' VP of product discusses Sony's fabled VR headset for the PS4 and how the Rift stands to c... | PS4

Watch SaGa Series Illustrator Tomomi Kobyashi Work Her Magic On Porcelain Plates

30d ago - Square Enix’s Romancing Saga event featured “Arita-yaki” porcelain plates (a form of art that has... | Industry

Weekend Refresh: The Virtual Reality that Japan is Different from the USA

31d ago - GamerzUnite's weekly video recapping the stories that have run on the site. With a global market... | Xbox 360

Dark Souls 2: An Exclusive Interview with Joseph Kartje, Bandai Namco’s Community Manager

34d ago - Justin "SlasherJPC" Celani interviews Joseph Kartje, Bandai Namco's Community Manager: "SlasherJP... | PC

The Point - 'Titanfall is just Call of Duty with Mechs'

35d ago - Gamespot "Danny eats a sandwich and wonders why so much of internet's discussion around new game... | PC

Game Theory: ‘Titanfall’ Won’t Be Xbox One’s Magic Bullet

36d ago - Adam Najberg reviews the highly anticipated “Titanfall” for Xbox One, explaining why this first-p... | PC

Weekend Refresh: Batmans, Goats, and Online Video Game Gambling

36d ago - GamerzUnite looks at the headlines from the week of March 7th, 2014 as well as a release forcast... | Xbox 360

"Hangout" With Ubisoft Massive Shows What It Takes To Be a Programmer

41d ago - Do you want to be a video game programmer? Recently the team from Ubisoft Massive — the developer... | Industry

30 Years in the Making: The Evolution of Video Game Design - Adam Sessler Interviews Mark Cerny

42d ago - Adam sat down recently with Mark Cerny, the celebrated game designer who has been creating video... | Industry

The Point - Is It Time To Buy An Xbox One?

49d ago - Gamespot "A new Titanfall bundle and a price drop in the UK. Danny wonders whether now is the tim... | Xbox One

The Return of Hard Games: Alex Talks

50d ago - Alex of sits down to discuss how games like Minecraft and DayZ have resurr... | PC

Does 900p vs. 1080p Really Matter? - Podcast Unlocked

53d ago - Thief is the latest game to ship in a lower resolution on Xbox One than PS4. How much does it mat... | PS4

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Now - Ken dives into this (brief) Metal Gear mission. | Promoted post

Inception Retold As An 8-Bit Game

54d ago - Inception was a great movie, and it would probably make a great old school video game. Get a glim... | Industry

TED: The Power of Truly Social Gaming

54d ago - TEDxOU talk covering the idea that not only are games the ultimate art form, but they are a basic... | Culture

Early Access Woes: Alex Talks

56d ago - This week's Alex Talks involves Alex voicing his worries about Early Access games and whether or... | Industry

How Important Is 1080p To This Generation Of Games?

58d ago - Polygon "Today on Friends List, Editor-at-Large Chris Plante and Editor-in-Chief Chris Grant ask:... | PS4

David Jaffe lashes out at "Gone Home" haters

58d ago - David got angry after receiving some pretty vicious tweets about the game "Gone Home" (His person... | PC
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