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Leoric and the Leaked Warcraft Movie footage - ManaFrost Ep.9

2d ago | Videocast | Welcome to ManaFrost, a Blizzard Entertainment podcast! Josh and Chris of ToasterChimp talk about the leaked Warcraft movie footage, the latest Hearthstone expansion announcement, and the release o...

Razer Buys The Ouya, What does the Future Hold for the Two Companies?

4d ago | Videocast | Razer, the Company known for their popular PC peripherals have just bought the company behind the...

Gearbox CEO Defends Aliens Colonial Marines

12d ago | Videocast | Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford defends recent tweets against Gearbox's Aliens game. Proclaiming that...

Bright Future Ahead For Xbox, Microsoft's Gamescom Line Up

11d ago | Videocast | Poli Games Discusses Xbox Game Line Up at the upcoming Gamescom. Also we react to Phil Spencer's twitter comments about the state of Xbox.

Is The Nathan Drake Collection Really Worth It?

16d ago | Videocast | Poli Games discusses Sony's announcement of The Nathan Drake Collection. Whether, it is worth the...

Saturo Iwata to be Immortalized as an Amiibo?

18d ago | Videocast | A large group of Nintendo fans want Nintendo to immortalize Saturo Iwata by creating an Amiibo in...

GF Live - Episode 2 Let's Talk Mortal Kombat X

13d ago | Videocast | GF Live Episode 2- GF Live Host Antwand "BlackBible" Pearman and Tamika "Red Infamy" Moultrie Tal...

R.I.P Saturo Iwata and His Legacy at Nintendo

20d ago | Videocast | PoliGames sends their condolences towards The Gaming Icon that was Saturo Iwata. He passed on Jul...

The Patch #114

8d ago | Videocast | This episode features Gus Sorola, Meg Turney and Ashley Jenkins.

The Patch #113

15d ago | Videocast | The Patch Discusses Comic Con
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The Patch #107

58d ago | Culture