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The Patch #102

4d ago | Videocast | The Patch Discusses Steam Paid Mods

The Patch #99

25d ago | Videocast | Alternate Reality Game Botched + Mankind Gets Divided

The Inconvenient Truth About Modern Gaming, DLC and Microtransactions

18d ago | Videocast | Boogie talks about the motivations and reasons that companies sell additional content. Why triple A games cost so much, why the $60 price has stayed the same, and real truth about why this is happe...

The Patch #100

19d ago | Videocast | The Patch Discusses Mortal Kombat X and Halo Online

Gamersledge Videocast Vol 3 Ep. 152 – Mortal Fantasy Bloodborne Record Kombat Keeper Final X

26d ago | Videocast | A WILD and DEADLY Podcast Appears! Balth, Teud Munki, Burgs, AngelsCradle and Xera bring you this week’s pranks, opinions and news….with special Guest Gith to bring our Bloodborne * What have...
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The Patch #93

68d ago | Culture

The Patch #92

74d ago | Wii U

Dude Soup #2

80d ago | Industry

The Patch #90

89d ago | Culture
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