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TheSixthAxis Podcast: The Year According To Evolution's Paul Rustchynsky

21m ago | Podcast | TheSixthAxis' Kris Lipscombe sits down with Evo...

Post-Game Podcast Episode #29: Yub Nub and Chill

6d ago | Podcast | Post-Game Podcast writes, "This week, Marc & Corey discuss their love/hate relationship with Star...

Game Under Podcast Episode 77

8d ago | Podcast | Some weird Mad Max **** is breaking out in Australia. Tom Towers, the co-host of Game Under...

Heroes of Handheld 118: The REAL reason Vita is failing & Black Friday Fails

4h ago | Podcast | Episode 118 of Heroes of Handheld, the podcast dedicated to handheld gaming. This week we discuss how to fail at Black Fridaying. We explore the world of Xbox One and PS4 deals. Colin also has a br...

HD8bit Podcast Episode 3

5d ago | Podcast | Mike@hd8bit- "In podcast episode 3 we discuss the games we've been enjoying, our GotY nominee's, and next week's releases. We also discuss the Arkh...

The Gaming Blacklist Roundtable Discussion on Gamertag Radio

7d ago | Podcast | Gamertag Radio writes: Discussion about the recent article by Kotaku and their alleged blacklisti...

PS Nation Podcast-Ep450-Oh Look, A Doggie

6d ago | Podcast | Stewart Gilray, CEO of Just Add Water, joins us in the 3rd chair New Releases Odin Sphere is co...

Is Master Chief still relevant?

15d ago | Podcast | The Analog Circle Podcast Will Be discussing The NPD numbers for October,gaming news,a review of Rise Of The Tomb Raider,and impressions on the new Xbox Ones UI,and asking the question is Master Ch...

Pressurecast One-Hundred-Four: Microsoft Overcomes PS4’s Price Cut

14d ago | Podcast | Halo Saves Xbox’s October Sales, Twilight Princess HD Heads to Wii U, and We Discuss Our Feels On...

N4G Radio 11/23/2015

8d ago | Podcast | Be thankful. It’s the holiday week so the guys break down the latest titles while also reminiscing about crappy gifts they got stuck playing. H...

GOT2LISTEN Special: Reactions to Nintendo's 11.12.15 Direct

11d ago | Podcast | Last week gamers were gifted with a pleasant surprise in the form of a new Nintendo Direct, the f...

Why Sony's Paris Game Week showing left fans wanting

29d ago | Podcast | The Quit or Continue podcast gang talk Paris Games week, discussing all the announcements, includ...

GOT2LISTEN Episode 28: History in Video Games

16d ago | Podcast | For this week's episode of GOT2LISTEN, the GOT2GAME guys decided to mess around with the format o...

Ztrigger: Game Sequels

18d ago | Podcast | William and Brandon return to talk about gaming sequels. Is the industry too focused on the...

ShockCast – “The Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L.”

15d ago | Podcast | Fallout 4 is finally here after years of anticipation, and it’s easy to say that we liked it...

GOT2LISTEN Episode 27: How Sales Affect the Gaming Industry

23d ago | Podcast | On this week's episode of the GOT2LISTEN podcas...

The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 7 - BLOPS BLOPS BLOPS

21d ago | Podcast | The Clickbaiters go all-in with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 until they're distracted by one of...

EP25: Sweet

18d ago | Podcast | Activision Blizzard acquires Candy Crush studio King, BlizzCon 2015 brings a ton of announce...

Pixles and Ink 178 – Game News Doorbell

23d ago | Podcast | With everyone out of the office with this, Cody, Jordan and Brendan hold down the Pixels & I...

Pocket Players Podcast #130: Try Force

20d ago | Podcast | A weekly podcast that covers handheld and mobile gaming across multiple portable platforms a...

N4G Radio 11/2/2015

29d ago | Podcast | Spoilers for Heaven. This week is all about virtual reality, wet pavement, and playing pino...

Analog Stick Radio: Episode 9 – Animated Shorts For Your Animated Legs

18d ago | Podcast | This week on Analog Stick Radio it’s a BlizzCon...

Analog Stick Radio, Episode 8: Fallout 4: It’s a good loaf

25d ago | Podcast | On this week’s episode, the guys talk about vid...
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EP25: Sweet

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