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Dishonored 2's PAX Booth Is Pretty Cool

2d ago | Image | At PAX Prime in Seattle, Bethesda’s set up a nice little collection of booths; there’s one for each of the big games they’re showing here. The Dishonored booth stands out as an unusually posh exhib...

Check Out This Amazing Halo: The Master Chief Collection Concept Art

29d ago | Image | "Multiplayer content designs for Halo 2 Anniversary."

Starcraft 2 World Championship Series Photo Gallery

12d ago | Image | Last weekend, the Starcraft 2 WCS Premier League took place in Burbank. Here are some shots from...

Gamescom 2015: stealth photos of Fallout 4, MGS 5, Dark Souls 3 & more from the showfloor

28d ago | Image | VG 24/7: "We’ve just snuck onto the gamescom showfloor to photograph the set-up of some of the biggest blockbuster games coming this year. Stealth pics inside!"

Mo' Money Mo' Problems

12d ago | Image | Igor Burlakov is a concept artist and illustrator who works across video games, books, music and board games.

Gallery: Japan’s gaming centers provide joy for the kid inside

16d ago | Image | Jennifer Hahn: "While in Hiroshima, Japan for a week, I couldn’t let the time pass without vis...

Sir Fluffington, This Displeases Me

12d ago | Image | Markus Lenz is an artist based in Germany who has worked for companies like SIXMOREVODKA and Deep...

A tour of Montreal's Game On exhibition

21d ago | Image | Play through gaming history in Montreal

Halo: The Tiny Chief Collection

29d ago | Image | Kotaku: "Back in 2012, we featured the art of Michael Pedro, who had worked on Halo 4. In the three years since, he’s been busy. Having then...
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Mo' Money Mo' Problems

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Konami could suck worse

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Death From Above

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