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Nintendo of America jokes about a Reggie amiibo

2d ago | Image | A Reggie Fils-Aime amiibo won’t be coming out anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo can’t make a joke about it! The company’s American subsidiary did just that with a new post on Facebook ye...

A Gallery of Gaming's 2014 Holiday Greeting Cards

3d ago | Image | Dali Dimovski writes: "SideQuesting collects many of gaming's 2014 holiday greeting cards into...

G-Star 2014 Live Blog – Day Three

25d ago | Image | ToSG: "In G-STAR 2014 Day three, I will be meeting up with TOS Thai and Brasil TOS. I am also meeting up with imcGAMES staff. If you have a questio...

G-Star 2014: Collection of Hot Showgirls

28d ago | Image | MMOsite: Known as one of the biggest game exhibition in Korea and Asia, G-Star 2014 is under way in BEXCO, Busan. Besides the latest news of games, what else we can't miss? Of course Showgirls, suc...

The Jimquisition: The Slaughtering Grounds – A Steam Meltdown Saga

23d ago | Image | Jim Sterling: This is a new version of an episode that never made it to YouTube, and is ostens...

Rime creator TequilaWorks @ Funandserious gamefestival

22d ago | Image | Pictures have appeared of developer Tequilaworks at the Fun and Serious Gamefestival. TequilaWork...
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