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How Critics Affect The Consumer

3d ago | Image | Does a bad review score mean the game will bomb, or is the writer's verdict more or less irrelevant in the end?

Dawg, He Put Da City On His Back

8d ago | Image | Luke Plunkett writes: The best emails I get from video game artists are the ones that start with “I’m the artist who made the bikini model for t...

Capcom seemingly doesn't understand memes

13d ago | Image | Back in October last year people on the Internet started taking the cast of Final Fantasy XV, all...

E3 2015 preliminary floor plans

4d ago | Image | The ESA has shared the preliminary floor plans for E3 2015.

Konami could suck worse

16d ago | Image | Sure, the future of the Silent Hill franchise is uncertain, its recent high-profile project canned. As Redditor Imbarkus and friends demonstrate wi...

Getting Real Close To Dragon Age's Dragons

12d ago | Image | Luke Plunkett writes: "Patrik Karlsson is a veteran character artist who has worked on games l...
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Death From Above

43d ago | Industry
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