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New Game by Steins;Gate Creator Anonymous;Code Gets New Trailer

14h ago | Trailer | Back in March, 5pb. announced the new game from Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head creator Chiyomaru Shikura titled Anonymous;Code, then the project has gone under the radar with no new information for mon...

Pixels & Ink #190

1d 13h ago | Podcast | Bendan joins Melanie and Phil this week to discuss Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Hail Caesar. Phil also regales them with his adventures in...

Void 21 - Runner and Gunner for twitchy people

1d 2h ago | Trailer | Ever felt like runner games are just a little bit too one-dimensional? You go through the level q...

Z-Trigger: Value Of Death

1d 4h ago | Podcast | Few games can make a true emotional connection with the player. Fewer can make you care about a character enough to truly hurt when they die and ar...

The Codec Call Episode XVIII – VR, #Finisher & Christie Doran Racing

1d 10h ago | Podcast | This month’s Codec Call podcast is shorter than the last (thankfully!), but still packed with con...

Should Nintendo grow up?

4d ago | Podcast | This week on The Analog Circle Podcast Episode 12 we will be covering the latest gaming news,talking about Nintendo,Sony,and Microsoft along with other various gaming topics and asking the question...

EP36: PAX South 2016 Recap

2d ago | Podcast | Co-host Taylor recaps his PAX South 2016 experience from last weekend, including his Intel R...

STR CAST 55: 2016 Games

3d ago | Podcast | EA Releases Console Sales, Diablo III Patch 2.4, Conan Exiles trailer, Words and Monsters ne...

Nerdo News – Episode 4 – Gamestop, Pokémon's Anniversary, and Amber Rose

4d ago | Videocast | Nerdopotamus' Norah returns this week discussing AAA games, Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary, and the i...

Z-Trigger: Slicing Up The Matter

4d ago | Podcast | Every year our various gaming expos come with them comes all the latest new games...and the uneasy feeling that what we're being shown really doesn...

ClashCast #7 – Apple and Microsoft Holiday 2015 Earnings

5d ago | Podcast | Is Apple doomed? How fast is Surface growing? Do you even know what a Lumia is anymore? How's Xbo...

N4G Radio 02/01/2016

5d ago | Podcast | Gimme Chocolate! Lots of games to talk about this week along with K-pop death metal, another NX argument, and chili dogs. Hosts: Ken McKown J...

n00bketeers 139: The Ballad of Herman Smirmenbirmen

3d ago | Podcast | - "Well it happened. Many thought it could never happen, yet here they are, the n...

Arson Welles Division

6d ago | Podcast | Are graphics starting to flatline with this generation? Is Darkest Dungeon worth picking up?...

EA Ditches E3 (Pressurecast One-Hundred-Fifteen)

4d ago | Podcast | E3 Loses a Major Publisher, Sony Shakes Up the PlayStation Division, and We Finally Have Xbo...
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Z-Trigger: Value Of Death

1d 4h ago | Nintendo DS
70° Podcast

Pixels & Ink #190

1d 13h ago | PC
140° Podcast
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