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Film Review: 'GTFO: The Movie' covers the treatment of women in gaming

33m ago - A look at both the film and some of the online remarks about it | Culture

Rumor: Nintendo NX Starting Production Next Year

4h ago - It's possible, if the rumor is true, that the pilot production batch is going out to developers i... | Tech

Kickstarter Perspective: Sam Abbott, Compulsion Games

Now - The story of the Kickstarter of We Happy Few. | Promoted post

Re-Issue, Repackage: 25 Of The Very Best NES Soundtracks Ever Made Pt. 7

4h ago - Sumthing writes: Despite the numerous setbacks and the scant prickly thistle with which they wer... | Industry

Fantasy eSports AlphaDraft Scores Two Big Tournaments

5h ago - AlphaDraft, one of the few fantasy eSports platform that’s growing with the ever popular scene, c... | PC

Post-Game Podcast - Episode #14: Batman Arkham Knight, NBA Draft, HBO Review & Apple Music

5h ago - The Post-Game Podcast writes, "Another jam-packed show as the guys discuss the latest in gaming,... | PC

A Message From Tatsuya Minami (PlatinumGames CEO Minami)

5h ago - PlatinumGames CEO shares his E3 message with fans.talks about the announcements made at E3 and pr... | Industry

Heroes of Handheld 98: Assassins Creeds PS Vita return & More Controversial Nintendo Interviews

9h ago - In episode 98 of Heroes of Handheld there are discussions on Assassins Creed, Miiverse and Fire E... | Arcade

Unity on the future of VR controls: "Everything we did on a desktop no longer works"

11h ago - The biggest brains in VR have regularly rubbed together in the creation of their headsets, transc... | PC

New PvE Mode Announced for Orcs Must Die! Unchained – Testing Begins Today

12h ago - A new mode called “Endless” has been announced for Orcs Must Die! Unchained. Testing of it also b... | PC

Lets Get Physical : The Case For Physical Discs In A Digital World

13h ago - With The Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Featuring Extensive Support For Digital Content Delivery, Are... | PS4

Microsoft Xbox One Vs. Sony PS4: Rivalry Reminder Of 90s Console War

13h ago - How PS4 and Xbox One rivalry is déjà vu of Sega Genesis and Super NES tussle 25 years ago | PS4

Crytek on VR: 'People should not be forced to buy one type' of Input Device

13h ago - VRFocus reports on the suggestion that Crytek doesn't feel consumers should be 'forced' to buy a... | PC

Stop Comparing Review Scores from Different Genres, it Just Makes You Look Silly

13h ago - Last week, a little game came out that you might have heard about it, called Her Story. It’s abou... | Industry

Unity boss predicts how app store rivalries will play out

13h ago - Once upon a time, developers built games for just one platform. If you bought a PlayStation 2, yo... | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight Sends A Warning To Future Open-World Action Titles

13h ago - Batman: Arkham Knight is the definitive open-world comic book-based action title. Can it be toppe... | PC

Ok Ubisoft, It's Time To Bring Back Splinter Cell

13h ago - MR BLACKMAGIK of the DRM Gamecast writes, "Ubisoft has been on a roll lately with their vast arra... | Industry

DICE Explains Why a First Person Perspective for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Was a “No-Brainer”

16h ago - EA has released an article explaining why Mirror’s Edge’s first person perspective was “important... | PC

PS Nation Podcast-Ep429-Pirate Megaforce

21h ago - New Releases Post-E3 Discussion and Anecdotes The PS+ version of Driveclub is OUT! King’s Ques... | PS4

Why Does The Video Games Industry Hate It’s Consumers?

21h ago - Sean Halliday of Pixel looks at the growing trend of video game companies treating the... | Industry

5 Games to Look Forward to in July

1d 2h ago - School may be out for summer, but that does not mean the world of gaming is taking a break. Here... | Industry

Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post

Crowdfunding has Become an Integral Part of the Gaming Industry

1d 2h ago - An examination of why crowdfunding techniques have become a major part of today's gaming industry. | Industry

When Will Videogames be Part of the Cultural Canon?

1d 8h ago - Em Lockaby discusses using videogames in the classroom throughout different levels of education. | Culture

Game Journalists Can't Get Jobs Outside the Gaming Industry?

1d 9h ago - As those who cover the videogame industry aren’t even seen as legitimate reporters in other field... | Culture

Australian Government Has Banned More Than 200 Games in the Last 4 Months

1d 10h ago - Twinfinite wrote: ABC Australia has revealed that the Australian government has banned four times... | Industry

Tokyo Game Show 2015 to Be the Biggest Ever; Will Use The Whole Venue For the First Time

1d 10h ago - Today the Japanese Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association, that organizes Tokyo Game Show e... | PC
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