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Xbox One’s backwards compatibility puts Sony on the back foot for the first time this generation

19m ago | Opinion piece | "Xbox One scored big points by introducing backwards compatibility at E3 last month: it’s now down to a strong Gamescom showing to capitalize off the momentum and allow Microsoft to claw its way ba...

Hideo Loves Me, Hideo Loves Me Not

8h ago | Opinion piece | I’ve been through my fair share of messy break-ups, and this nasty business with Konami and Hideo Kojima are like flashbacks to every single one.

Could Mouse and Keyboard Support Change Console Gaming Forever?

20h ago | Opinion piece | Nick from GamersFTW writes: "PC gamers across the globe have been slamming console gamers for...

Would Timed Exclusivity Deals for Big Multiplatform Games Be A Good Idea For Microsoft and Sony?

8h ago | Opinion piece | We’ve all seen it, “exclusive content coming first to X console”. We see it now with Call of Duty exclusivity being bought by Playstation, giving all PS4 owners all DLC a month before Xbox players...

What If — Sony and Nintendo Had Never Split?

1d 1h ago | Opinion piece | As we know, the Nintendo 64 still kept the cartridge port, leaving it in a category all by itself...

The Ongoing Star Citizen Derek Smart Drama

10h ago | Opinion piece | It's always fascinating, and vastly entertaining, to witness an online gaming feud break out. Nor...

U.S. Eating Disorder Website Dangerously Shames Thin Game Characters

4d ago | Opinion piece | "You may have woken up to this particular item being shared around on social media this morning....

Why Microsoft Is Losing Console War Against Sony

3d ago | Opinion piece | Since 2002, Microsoft Corp and Sony Corp have locked horns against each other in the console war....

Street Fighter 5 Should Be Free-To-Play

2d ago | Opinion piece | Joshua Mobley of GamerHeadlines talks about why he thinks Street Fighter 5 would be great as...

Why we're excited about Mooncrest, the game from ex Bioware devs

3d ago | Opinion piece | MWEB GameZone writes: More and more talented cr...

The Console Wars: Do we really need it?

2d ago | Opinion piece | The folks at Gaming Respawn ask the question; Do we really need the consoles wars and how it can...

Is the PlayStation 4 Set for a Decade of Dominance Like the PS2?

6d ago | Opinion piece | The PlayStation 4's success has been extraordinary and it begs the question: will it break the PS...

Hitman's segmented release is anti-gamer

3d ago | Opinion piece | Dealspwn: We're getting a new Hitman game on December 8th. Usually, this would be cause for celeb...

Why We Should All Be Excited For Microsoft at Gamescom 2015

4d ago | Opinion piece | Now that E3 2015 is behind us, Microsoft are go...

Did Daybreak CEO step down as a result of Lizard Squad?

3d ago | Opinion piece | MWEB GamZone writes: John Smedley, who co-found...

Will We See a Decline in Single Player Games in the Future?

4d ago | Opinion piece | Nick from GamersFTW writes: "What can we sa...

Will Sony and Microsoft do their own Nintendo Amiibo alternative?

4d ago | Opinion piece | The people at Gaming Respawn will be talking ab...

Drugs Need To Go If ESports Are To Be Taken Seriously

5d ago | Opinion piece | Clipping Error discuss why drugs need to stop b...

Are you Hardcore?

4d ago | Opinion piece | Contrary to common belief, a Hardcore Gamer is not defined by their appearance. Being overwe...

Three Reasons Why Miyamoto Should be Nintendo's Next President

6d ago | Opinion piece | While unlikely, Miyamoto would make a great pre...

Why we need a 'Bushido Blade' sequel

6d ago | Opinion piece | Jordan Higgins discusses why 'Bushido Blade', a two game series from 1997, deserves a sequel.

Diablo & beyond: State of the action-role-playing game

6d ago | Opinion piece | With games like Diablo, Borderlands, and Path o...
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Are you Hardcore?

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