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Xbox is following Nintendo, not PlayStation, into the future

8h ago | Opinion piece | "Why would Xbox want to follow Nintendo and its struggling Wii U? Shouldn't Microsoft be chasing Sony's PlayStation 4?" If you've been following Xbox since it was taken over by Phil Spencer back...

Sony further extends PS4’s console sales lead over the 2015 holidays

5d ago | Opinion piece | "The last time we checked in on the sales battle between the big name video game consoles, Micros...

GameTrailers Was A Victim Of Itself

1d 4h ago | Opinion piece | On Monday, February 8, Brandon Jones announced that GameTrailers was going to end its thirteen-ye...

Quantum Break's Cross-Buy Feature May Become Standard

2h ago | Opinion piece | Microsoft plans to expand the cross-buy program to both first and third party games.

3 Months On, Has Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Been A Hit Or Bust?

4d ago | Opinion piece | ThisGenGaming says "At E3 2015, Microsoft dropped the bomb of all bombs when they announced that...

Top five controversial video game marketing campaigns

1d 13h ago | Opinion piece | Matt Ferguson of G4@Syfygames writes "Every once in a while the people in charge of marketing for...

Rock Band 4: So bad it got people fired from Harmonix and Mad Catz

2d ago | Opinion piece | No one wins in this situation, and both companies are worse off because of the combined failures....

Uncharted 4 Controversy Illuminates The Voice Actor's Catch-22

2d ago | Opinion piece | Doc Watson from GamersFTW writes: "A lot can be said about the recent controversy surrounding the...

Multiplayer-Only Games Are No Different Than Singleplayer-Only Games

4d ago | Opinion piece | MR BLACKMAGIK writes, "Don’t you hate it when an awesome game gets announced, but then details co...

Goodbye Game Trailers – Looking Back At Their Best Shows

4d ago | Opinion piece | writes: ''Game Trailer closure represents the changing face of video game cult...

Has Gaming Lost the Element of Surprise?

1d 22h ago | Opinion piece | Neil at Lizard Lounge writes, "The opening thought I’m going with for this article might be...

Could Dead Rising 4 Be Revealed This Year?

4d ago | Opinion piece | ThisGenGaming says "Dead Rising 3 was released in 2013 as an Xbox One exclusive as well as a laun...

5 Games We Are Hoping To Get Our Hands On In Fall 2016

2d ago | Opinion piece | ThisGenGaming says "2016 is shaping up to be a...

What Could Bethesda Have In Store For E3 2016?

4d ago | Opinion piece | ThisGenGaming says "Bethesda’s decision to have their very own presser for the first time surpris...

4 amazing gadgets specially targeted to gamers in 2016

3d ago | Opinion piece | Not only games, but also controllers and other...

A Personal Reflection on GameTrailers (And Their Closure) - Ryan's Theory

3d ago | Opinion piece | In this video, Ryan takes on a personal reflect...

Why PlayStation's Move West Does Not Spell Doom for Japanese IPs

6d ago | Opinion piece | It appears that PlayStation is heading West. Th...

Is it about time to revive the WW2 shooter?

5d ago | Opinion piece | Apparently so, Battalion 1944. Years ago, World War II shooters were everywhere. Then the bu...

Peter Molyneux is wrong about the benefits of crunch ... right?

4d ago | Opinion piece | Polygon: "Crunch can be, vaguely, defined as...

Mirror’s Edge – How Fun Can a Run be?

2d ago | Opinion piece | James Haxell from Gaming Respawn takes a look at Mirror's Edge and asks how fun Catalyst wil...

Cancellations and Delays The Hedge Trimmers of Gaming

4d ago | Opinion piece | “Game ABC has been cancelled” or “Game XYZ has...

Single player or Multiplayer only games, what’s the difference?

2d ago | Opinion piece | One thing people have seen quite often in recen...

Is Buying Help with MMO Gaming Right or Wrong

4d ago | Opinion piece | A whole another level of the market has opened up as people are willing to pay a higher pri...

Do MMO Developers Cater to Veterans or Newbies

6d ago | Opinion piece | It's a problem that exists in any mmo with a few years under its belt - who should a develop...
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