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Is the Possible American Voice Actor's Strike Justified?

4h ago | Opinion piece | Mark from GamersFTW writes his opinion on why a potential strike by video game voice actors may be justified

Why is the Japanese Gaming Industry Falling Behind?

1d 15h ago | Opinion piece | Toni from GamersFTW writes "In a world where indie games are rising and innovation is demanded fr...

Avoid 4K if you love your console games

1d 21h ago | Opinion piece | Gaming Trend editor Sean Lama discusses the merits of avoiding the 4K hype train when it comes to the current generation of console gaming.

Are Video Games Too Expensive To Make?

17h ago | Opinion piece | Shenmue 3 has made history as one of the biggest Kickstarter success stories ever -- but cut to t...

Are Full Expansions the Way to Go for MMO Updates?

12h ago | Opinion piece | There are a number of components of mmo games t...

Grabbing Life By The Antlers With The Deer God

1d 10h ago | Opinion piece | TSA: Clicking my way through a series of pre-release trailers, I thought I had The Deer God...

Far Cry Primal Is Announced But Does It Truly Make The Cut?

2d ago | Opinion piece | Will Far Cry Primal Live Up To The Hype And Expectations That A Far Cry Title Entails?

Does EA's track record jeopardise Star Wars Battlefront?

1d 22h ago | Opinion piece | Joe from GamersFTW writes about the news that Star Wars Battlefront will not support microtransac...

PlayStation 4's Largest Consumer Market Sees Collectors Penalized the Most

2d ago | Opinion piece | Collector’s Editions are the holy grail of the gaming world and finding one can be a tough task e...

Top 10 Voice Acting Performances in Video Games

3d ago | Opinion piece | Last week at Bit Cultures, we called attention to the struggles being faced by voice actors in th...

Why I Finish Games Before I Review Them

3d ago | Opinion piece | A.J. says: "The question of whether authors should complete games before writing reviews frequent...

What Nintendo's NeXt console should have been

4d ago | Opinion piece | Has Nintendo not paid attention to the last several generations of their consoles? Because it has...

Understanding The Video Game Voice Actor Strike Authorisation

1d 15h ago | Opinion piece | Clipping Error discuss the fact that voice acto...

Changing the conversation of diversity

1d 8h ago | Opinion piece | Recently, there's been a lot of talk about how little diversity is in the video game industr...

Shmup Developer Cave is Completely Out of its Mind

6d ago | Opinion piece | Hardcore Gamer: Don't get us wrong, we love Cave's games; they are among our favorites in the gen...

Character Bio of the Week: #Issue 2 - Nathan Drake

4d ago | Opinion piece | This week's character up for review is Uncharte...

Are MMO Forums Even Necessary?

2d ago | Opinion piece | Recently, Star Wars: The Old Republic lost their in-house support forum as it was absorbed i...

Are Gaming Trade Shows Still Relevant?

6d ago | Opinion piece | With summer over and PAX and E3 done, Zak Michaud asks if there's really much point in the a...

Performance Really Matters

4d ago | Opinion piece | Voice actors are an important cog in the machine that is modern-day game development, so the...

Retro Consoles Untapped Marketing Avenue for Modern Games

5d ago | Opinion piece | Carl Williams writes, "It is getting harder and...

Talking Point: Nintendo Share Prices Return to Upward Trend

4d ago | Opinion piece | Nintendo Life For a couple of weeks after th...

Video Games as Art… Again

6d ago | Opinion piece | Perhaps it's still worth discussing, but it's also worth not being too serious about. It's y...
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