Dev of the Day : Marc ten Bosch
  Interview with Miegakure’s Marc ten Bosch, Part One

Marc ten Bosch is creating Miegakure, a puzzle platformer in the fourth dimension. He took the time to talk with Cat about how that works, what it’...

Industry Opinion Pieces  

Indie games: help or hindrance to the video games industry?

9m ago - It is easy to see how much popularity games developed by independent studios have gathered in the... | Culture

Are there Too Many MMOs Out Now?

5h ago - The world of online games seems to be getting a mite crowded nowadays. It seems that every few da... | Industry

Cheer Up: it's only a game

6h ago - VG247's Dave Cook is retiring as a games journalist and decides to use this written farewell to s... | Culture

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Develop Day 3: Being an Indie, Working Remotely & Project Morpheus

7h ago - gamrReview's Daniel Carreras: "As much as virtual reality seemed to be a trend at Develop this ye... | PC

PC gaming is crushing consoles in both market value and power

9h ago - PC gaming hardware more than doubles the market value of consoles, which is no surprise as the PC... | PC

Dangers of in-app purchases highlighted thanks to recent FTC lawsuit

10h ago - The American Federal Trade Commission's recent lawsuit against online retailer Amazon serves to h... | Industry

Video games and pricing

16h ago - While price elasticity is prevalent with many smaller independently developed and published video... | Wii

MMO Rage: Player Whining Over F2P MMOs

17h ago - Just a few years ago, the thought of most online games on the market would be f2p mmos would be c... | Industry

Would You Rather Watch Or Play Videogames

1d 11h ago - Many popular gaming YouTube channels have popped up over the past few years on topics like review... | Industry

Develop Day 2: Sony's History, Self Publishing & ID@Xbox

1d 12h ago - gamrReview's Daniel Carreras: "With day 1 finishing strong, day 2 was set to be even bigger, with... | PC

Is Something Strange Brewing At Microsoft?

2d ago - CCC Says: "While news of the Xbox One’s demise has been greatly exaggerated…is its future truly s... | Xbox One

Neversoft Never Got a Chance to Shine

2d ago - Neversoft got a bum rap. They were connected with two of the most popular series of their time, T... | Industry

GOG And Abandoning DRM

2d ago - CCC Says: "Here's a confession for you: I don't use Steam. In fact, I refuse to. Besides only hav... | PC

Talking Point: Are Publishers Taking Pre-Order Bonuses Too Far?

2d ago - Push Square: "Pre-order bonuses used to be exactly that: pre-order bonuses. Retailers would compe... | Industry

Evolve Conference '14 Overview: Indies, Cloud Gaming & Virtual Reality

2d ago - gamrReview's Daniel Carreras: "The first day of Evolve (a prequel to the main conference), consis... | PS4

Critical Intel Disregard Weapons, Acquire Tools

2d ago - Joel, from The Last of Us is probably the worst apocalypse survivor ever. By the end of the game,... | Industry

Top 5 MMOs that Should Become Movies

2d ago - There have been a number of movies based upon video games released over the last decade. However,... | Industry

GameStop’s Next Leap in Pre-order Exclusives

2d ago - Opinion on GameStop's plan to create and obtain exclusive gameplay as pre-order exclusives | Industry

Is Microsoft preparing to do more with the Xbox brand?

3d ago - Could Xbox-branded smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, smartglasses, and home automation devices... | Xbox One

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The Past, Present and (Ugly) Future of Pre-Orders

3d ago - Since 1998, the practice of pre-ordering games has clearly snowballed from reserving a special co... | Industry

#HelpsNotHarms Campaign Combats Recent Article Decrying Video Games As Addictive As Heroin

3d ago - UK newspaper, and I stress that term greatly, The Sun has fired shots against the video game indu... | Industry

Pre-Order Incentives – Where Do We Draw The Line?

3d ago - Pixel Gate writes: ''The concept of pre-order content for video games has become a hot topic i... | Industry

Destiny will not be the new genre leader – 6 cornerstones of a successful MMO

3d ago - Destiny might turn out to be a brilliant game, yet it does not meet the requirements to dethrone... | Industry

Why Youtube Will Decide the Console Wars

3d ago - YouTube is dominating as an online platform, but what do the numbers show about its influence in... | Industry
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