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A History of Tomb Raider

1d 5h ago | Article | Tomb Raider is a long running and well known franchise in the gaming community. However how about we take a trip down memory lane, to see how the games developed over time and appreciate what the f...

The Ever Increasing Interactivity Between Video Games and Reality

5d ago | Article | Oculus and Sony are developing new Virtual Reality projects that stand to bring a new level of im...

Standalone DLC Like Infamous: First Light Must Become The New Norm

13d ago | Article | Dealspwn writes: Games are expensive. Add in the fact that new-gen games are £10-£20 more expensi...

How Sony's Playstation Now Could Change the Face of Rental Gaming

6d ago | Article | Sony's new streaming game rental service will be going up against current, better established rental gaming services when it launches later this year. This article takes a look at how the instant a...

Jeff Gerstmann Issues a Letter From GiantBomb

10d ago | Article | In the last few days there's been a lot of talk about what Giant Bomb is and isn't. What it stand...

Xbox Japan's Tweet From Last Week Seems Pretty Embarrassing

25d ago | Article | Kotaku writes: The tweet from Xbox Japan's official account reads: "Here is the photo spot fo...

Nintendo Talks About Creating New Genre

11d ago | Article | Marc Colhoun of StrengthGamer writes, "Shigeru Miyamoto recently gave an interview to the LA time...

How Nintendo Does Backwards Compatibility Better Than Microsoft and Sony

24d ago | Article | Are console manufactures increasingly looking towards backwards compatibility to bulk out a thin...

Bait and Switch: The Rise of Graphical Downgrades in Next Gen

22d ago | Article | Two games that have disappointment me in the past—Aliens: Colonial Marines; and Watch Dogs. One g...

Women Now 22% of Game Industry Workforce, Nearly Doubled Since 2009

19d ago | Article | Recent research suggests men still dominate the industry: 76% of respondents identified as male;...

Game of Thrones Actors, in Video Games

24d ago | Article | Some of you might be curious to see if the great actors from Game of Thrones have lent their voic...

The Nintendo Dilemma

17d ago | Article | " Nintendo means many things to many people; to some it’s reliable, polished and just down right fun, but to others it’s stuck in the past, gimmick...

Attack On: Addicted to gaming – Channel 10

6d ago | Article | "Gaming addiction is a serious issue, a very serious issue whereby hundreds of gamers are un...

Dota 2 vs League of Legends: Company Philosophies

11d ago | Article | Many things set Dota 2 and League of Legends apart. Company philosophies are just the tip of...

Please Don't Cry(Tek)

7d ago | Article | Sam from Gadgets And Khajiits investigates what's behind Crytek UK's financial troubles.

The Impact The Internet Had Upon British Game Stores

21d ago | Article | CGUK: 'Until the birth of the internet traditi...

Virtual equality: A look at LGBT characters in gaming

14d ago | Article | It's common in video games for a male hero to s...

Ubisoft admits that DRM will not stop piracy

23d ago | Article | “I don’t want us in a position where we’re punishing a paying player for what a pirate can g...

Is DLC killing gamers trust

17d ago | Article | DLC is an everyday part of gaming, with season passes and character skins available for most...

Intelligent Systems Has Been Growing These Past Few Years

17d ago | Article | Siliconera: "Intelligent Systems, best known a...

Dev Explains What It’s Like Working In Japan’s Video Game Industry

12d ago | Article | One Angry Gamer "It’s not often that we get som...

Do we need to rescue our kids from the digital world

25d ago | Article | "Whether they are chatting to their friends on...

Diary of an Online Virgin - The Battlefield Chronicles

17d ago | Article | Paul Izod continues his investigation into onli...
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One For The Fallen

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The Nintendo Dilemma

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