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Shocking Famous Female Gaming Characters Transformation

3h ago - With the due process of redesigning and remodeling even gaming characters have been transmuted. A... | Industry

If video games were more realistic

12h ago - You know, what if the barber in Grand Theft Auto kicked you out when you had a shaved head? | Culture

Far Cry 4 designer by day, indie dev by night - Sean Noonan launches Jack B. Nimble on iOS

15h ago - By day, Sean Noonan works as a level designer at Ubisoft Montreal, and has created environments f... | iPhone

GameStop's Still Around, Still Growing, And Still a Retail Force

1d 7h ago - Heidi Kemp : If I mentioned major industry events from this September, the first thing that woul... | Culture

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Sense of Wonder Night: Innovative Games at TGS

1d 19h ago - "Sense of Wonder Night is an annual part of the Tokyo Game Show that celebrates innovation in gam... | PC

EGX and the PlayStation Vita

2d ago - The Vita Lounge were in attendance at the last EGX to be held at Earl's Court in London, but was... | Industry

10 celebrities who are addicted to videogames

3d ago - Established stars like Snoop Dogg, Ice-T and Robin Williams (RIP) are keen gamers and Steven Spie... | Culture

Can Microsoft's Xbox One conquer China?

3d ago - Microsoft's Xbox One will officially go on sale in China for the first time today. It is the f... | Xbox One

Music’s Forgotten Role in Video Games

5d ago - Music in videogames is a wonderful entity. As one of the most diverse and precious elements of th... | Culture

How Sloppy, Biased Video Games Reporting Almost Destroyed a CEO

5d ago - See how the lies of Ben Kuchera almost destroyed an innocent mans career. | Culture

10 Powerful Women Of The Gaming Industry

7d ago - Below are 10 of the most powerful women in the $76 billion global video game business today. | Industry

The Energetic Compositions of Yuzo Koshiro

7d ago - An article exploring the work of Yuzo Koshiro, the composer behind the music of Streets of Rage,... | Culture

Dynamic user interfaces, Adapting to changing situations in games to increase player performance

7d ago - One way a user interface could be described is that it is much like a tool that enables players t... | Industry

#GamerGate: ‘Some People Cost Us More Than They Gain Us’ Says Gearbox President

8d ago - One Angry Gamer "The internet never forgets. It’s a maxim you learn time and time over again when... | Industry

Japanese students rank the Top 11 Video Game Companies

8d ago - Japanese website for students, MyNavi Student, has recently polled its readers on which Japan... | Industry

Looking Back at Nintendo's 125 Year Legacy

8d ago - To celebrate Nintendo's 125th Anniversary today, Gamer Headlines takes a look back at the company... | GameCube

A Brief History of Sega, Part 2

8d ago - Power Up Gaming writes: "Having just experienced the largest period of growth in the company’s hi... | Industry

Activision's Total Disregard for Quality is Why Gamers Hate Them

9d ago - Like fellow corporate leviathon EA, Activision receives a lot of criticism for the way it operate... | Industry

Defining A Generation - Red Ring of Death

9d ago - Looking back at the 360/PS3 generation, there are a great many things that stand out as definitiv... | Xbox 360

TGS 2014: They come for the games; they stay for the babes.

10d ago - Sebastian Young reports on the Tokyo Game Show for Zero1Gaming after spending two days at the Mak... | Industry

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#GamerGate: ‘It’s Not Over Until Someone Goes To Prison’ Says Game Journalist

10d ago - One Angry Gamer "If the headline is anything to go by, it kind of looks like it's going that way.... | Industry

Video Game Facts: The First Video Game Ever Made Was Designed To Cure Boredom

11d ago - "With the launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last year November. We have seen the evolution of... | Culture

TGS 2014: The Many Looks of Tokyo Game Show

11d ago - The Japanese gaming scene is unlike any other in the world, and nowhere is this more apparent tha... | Culture

How EA Wasted the Harry Potter Video Game License for Over a Decade

12d ago - EA takes a lot of stick. The company is frequently attacked by outlets across the industry for wh... | Industry

AAA Companies give Indie Devs a hug: Embracing Indie Gaming & Crowdfunding

12d ago - How AAA companies are starting to look at indie devs like little siblings instead of small compet... | Industry
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