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Top 8 Chinese-made virtual reality headsets

6h ago - The Chinese market has witnessed an investment boom and mass production since Facebook agreed to... | Industry

Piecing together Nintendo's NX platform

8h ago - A three-part series which looks at everything we know about Nintendo's NX as a platform so far, a... | Wii U

Check What PS4 Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At you can check release dates for all PS4 games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

My Amiibo Addiction

16h ago - Author discusses the beginning of his unhealthy obsession with Amiibo hunting. | Culture

ChinaJoy in pictures: A sexy, crazy, and uniquely Chinese gaming trade show

21h ago - ChinaJoy, the big game trade show in Shanghai, is a vast visual feast celebrating all things gami... | Culture

Konami LaserScope - Gaming Fail

1d 2h ago - The games industry is a young industry, in the grand scheme of things, and like any of us it has... | Tech

Indies are saving the Australian games industry

1d 5h ago - Following the collapse of the Australian Games Industry in 2008 a group of developers took the op... | PC

SGDQ 2015 Reaches Its Conclusion

1d 10h ago - Check out the conclusion to Summer Games Done Quick. | Industry

Japan's indies rise again

1d 15h ago - Eurogamer: "Return of the indies," reads the banner outside Kyoto's Miyako Messe, the host loc... | Culture

How Gaming Will Help Land Your Dream Job

2d ago - Here are 5 reasons why gaming will help you succeed in the workplace and why employers should pla... | Industry

EA: 'There will be people we'll never win over'

4d ago - “It was a really strong line-up but... they’re just so hard to like.” That was one industry a... | Industry

Meet Culture Select, The New Japanese Localisation Team Behind Wish

5d ago - "Culture Select is an up and coming company that we have high hopes for, as it seems that they’re... | PC

A Brief History of Video Games – a delightful reacquaintance with the past

7d ago - Games Asylum takes at look Richard Stanton's new book - A Brief History of Video Games. | Industry

The Significance of Razer's Ouya Acquisition

7d ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "The Ouya Kickstarter is one which long-time crowdfunding fans may never b... | Android

Muv-Luv Creator Kouki Yoshimune with a Message to the Fans

8d ago - The announcement-heavy Sekai Project panel at Otakon featured more than just upcoming game releas... | PC

The Importance of Pacing in Games

9d ago - While AAA developers treat their audience like they have the attention span of a sugar-fuelled to... | Industry

What'sNext For Nintendo With The Loss of Iwata?

11d ago - Over 4000 guests honored the late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata over the course of his two day... | Wii

Google Cardboard - The £3 Oculus Rift

14d ago - We’ve all heard about the Oculus Rift; the headset that promises to truly deliver a full Virtual... | Mobile

Where science meets gaming

14d ago - With high-power computational processing contained within the next-generation consoles, we’re inc... | Industry

All Work All Play: The Pursuit of eSports Glory

14d ago - MMOGames attended a screening of the eSports movie 'All Work All Play', which follows the top Lea... | Culture

Video Game Prices: Why Games Are $60, Where Your Money Goes, & Who Benefits Most

14d ago - Gamerant Video game prices have been firmly stuck at around $60 for some time now, and that do... | Industry


Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post

Awesome Sauce – Dave Pridie’s Epic “The New Tetris” Hidden Game Code Rant

14d ago - Some Easter Eggs are of the obvious variety – The Notched Pick-Axe in Skyrim, the warp tube in Su... | Culture

How Gaming Helped Society

15d ago - After the launch of GTA V, video games are now the highest grossing form of entertainment media,... | Tech

Farewell Iwata, We'll Miss You

16d ago - Polygon - Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata was laid to rest this week in Kyoto, Japan. It was a... | Industry

Retro Weekend: Remembering Iwata

16d ago - On this special edition of Retro Weekend, Invisible Gamer looks back on Iwata's career and highli... | Culture

Minecraft Coming to Nintendo is a Large Possibility - "If I had it my way, we'd be on everything"

17d ago - Mojang has expressed the ambition to launch on several more consoles, including the Nintendo 3DS... | PC
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