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PC gaming terms and their true meanings

4h ago - PCgamer:"The language of gaming is constantly mutating. For instance, "lag" used to refer to dela... | PC

Retro Rewind: 1981

10h ago - 4P Games' Retro Rewind series continues its play-through of gaming history. In this latest entry,... | Arcade

The Wii U is Officially Nintendo's Slowest Selling Console Ever

1d ago - Since its 2012 launch, the Wii U has only sold 9.2 million units, according to its latest financi... | GameCube

AMD Taunts Nvidia Over Latest Graphics Card Controversy #IWant4GB

1d 1h ago - Of the few remaining Video Game Brand Battles, the AMD vs. Nvidia fight might be my favorite. The... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Want to know what Sega employees really think of Sega?

1d 20h ago - Rice Digital take a look at the opinions of Sega employees about what's gone wrong at the company... | Industry

PAX South: The Gamer’s Gathering

4d ago - Lauren Baughman writes, "If there’s one thing I learned this weekend, it’s that I don’t play near... | Culture

Metacritic's 5th Annual Game Publisher Rankings

4d ago - Metacritic: "Which game publishers released the best games over the past year? In what has becom... | PC

A List Of 217 Five Nights At Freddy’s Fan Games

4d ago - Some game entries on Game Jolt are jokes, some aren’t finished, some will never be finished, and... | PC

Mobile barriers to entry have risen - Tommy Palm

5d ago - Brendan Sinclair: Former King games guru helping a new generation of devs with Stugan accelerator... | Mobile

Should You Purchase Games Through G2A?

5d ago - Purchasing a hugely discounted game from a key reseller like G2A might be riskier than you think. | Industry

The Shoot 'm Up That Can Change a Genre

6d ago - Let's be fair for a moment. Shoot 'em ups (shmups) made in the last twenty years have been labele... | PC

The proud (and long) history of innovation in Aussie games

6d ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "A country that people don't often think about with regards to game... | Industry

A Good Puzzle Game Is Hard To Build

9d ago - Whether mulling over a cryptic crossword or somersaulting through Portal’s portals, there’s a mom... | Culture

Uncomfortable Characters are Worth Exploring

9d ago - Watch Dogs’ was not a good game. This has been said by pretty much everyone on the Internet, but... | Industry

Shining Dissonance: Japanese Customers Unhappy with Invasive Microtransactions

11d ago - A new JRPG that once sparkled on the horizon has left early adopters with a truly bitter taste in... | PS3

Let’s-A-Go!! Nintendo Says Goodbye to Brazil: A Free Market Analysis

11d ago - Derik Moore of Gaming Rebellion writes: "Brazil’s video game market is odd, to say the very least... | Culture

PAX South Tour Guide Pt. 2 - Where the locals eat and drink

11d ago - Original Gamer: "If there’s two things San Antonians know, it’s good food and drinks. Although th... | Culture

Cover Goods: Reviewing the Video Game Box Art of 2014

12d ago - Justin Russo of SideQuesting writes: "In past years there were almost always pretty clear winn... | Industry

How to write for video games, with Firewatch’s Sean Vanaman

14d ago - Sean Vanaman, the writer of Wisconsin Americana mystery game Firewatch and the founder of Campo S... | PC

CES 2015: Technologies to Change the Way We Game Tech Feature on Popzara

14d ago - From robotics and driverless cars to automated sprinkler systems and window-washing robots, the a... | Tech

LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out the latest adventure of Sackboy and his friends. | Promoted post

The History of Smite: Focus and [Rez]olution

15d ago - MMOGames visits Hi-Rez Studios, the people behind the MOBA game, Smite, and unearths some interes... | PC

This Guy Hacked an NES Power Glove Into a Sweet Animation Tool

15d ago - Most of us fantasize about being the badass kid with the Power Glove from The Wizard. Dillon Mark... | Industry

Wargaming's grand plans for the future of World of Tanks – and all eSports

15d ago - VideoGamer: "We sit down with Wargaming's head of eSports Nicolas Passemard to talk about big cha... | Industry

Dissecting Nintendo’s January Direct

16d ago - Hardcore Gamer: "For Nintendo fans, yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was an almost surreal experience.... | Industry

Twitch.TV is Bringing Back Music to Broadcasters - Is This a Problem?

16d ago - Twitch may be going away from their "Gaming Only" stance with the release of Twitch Music | Industry
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