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Star Wars: Battlefront - What We Expect

3h ago | Opinion piece | We in Sirus Gaming put some thoughts about what we expect of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefr...

The Need For Realism in Military MMOs

3h ago | Opinion piece | For the most part, when players log into their favorite mmo games, they're looking for an es...

GOG & CD Projekt Embrace Regional Pricing Bollocks

1d 18h ago | Opinion piece | Savygamer: "In my role of bargain hunter for g...

The Good and the Bad of GameStop's Retro Push

15h ago | Opinion piece | Polarizing opinions on this one. Here's the opinion of a veteran video gamer and collector via G4@Syfygames.

What's the Deal with All These Delays?

1d 12h ago | Opinion piece | There seems to be a frustrating pattern in the video game industry in 2015. It’s as if game developers are forgetting to set their alarm clocks, as we are constantly hearing that games are falling...

DFC: Will Sony, Microsoft remain relevant in games by 2019?

2d ago | Article | Research firm sees PC and mobile grabbing larger and larger share of the expected $100 billion pie

How the PlayStation 4 Can Maintain its Lead in the Console War

4d ago | Opinion piece | It’s been almost two years after the shaky launch of eighth generation video game consoles and it...

All Programs which are causing installation issues in GTA 5

4d ago | Article | GTA 5 finally released on PC platform but there are multiple programs which are causing installat...

Bloodborne vs Halo 5 – Which Will Be The Bigger Exclusive?

4d ago | Opinion piece | This is a huge talking point in the console wars. Everyone wants their console to have the better...

Living in a stream world: is “live streaming” a step back for gaming?

2d ago | Opinion piece | Christopher Drifter discusses his experiences with Twitch streaming and wonders whether it challe...

2015: Kill or be killed for Assassin’s Creed

5d ago | Article | Assassin’s Creed Victory, the 537th game in the series, is due out later this year. Set in Victor...

Nintendo Doesn’t Trust Its Audience Online

5d ago | Opinion piece | Nintendo continues to fall behind the online multiplayer bandwagon with archaic policies.

Does Zynga Have Some Bite Left in it?

1d 20h ago | Opinion piece | ZNGA stock has skidded across the bottom for some time now, the days of its $7 billion valua...

You Are Merely A Dollar Symbol

2d ago | Opinion piece | Greywolfe talks about some positive examples for F2P

Console Wars: Do we really need it?

6d ago | Opinion piece | GSR are going to be discussing a topic that’s very passionate to some of the hardcore gamers out...

Mario Mario: Here We Go!

3d ago | Opinion piece | Part 1 of an ongoing project to dissect the VERY FABRIC of our beloved Mario's history, goin...

Nintendo-n’t Have a Clue – Or Have they Fooled us All?

4d ago | Opinion piece | Paul James of BGU writes "Nintendo are the talk of the town in recent weeks with some big announc...

Aging Gamer: Backward Compatibility

3d ago | Opinion piece | The Aging Gamer takes a look at what was, and what may never be again.

Why People Hate Video Games

3d ago | Opinion piece | While it may be hard to believe, there are members of the human race who actually have a neg...

How to get your indie game noticed by the media

4d ago | Opinion piece | TwoDashStash: "I have noticed a number of articles on the internet that try to give advice t...

Inside Look at Game Industry Interdependence Part 1: Entrance Fees

4d ago | Article | Industry inside look at game industry interdepe...

Experienced Points: 5 Things To Do If You Use Cutscenes in Your Video Game

4d ago | Opinion piece | Shamus Young: Last week I singled out a few...
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