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EA Access Will Drive Gamers to Xbox One, Away from GameStop

3h ago | Opinion piece | Hardcore Gamer: his is a huge step for EA to take, and it's definitely an example of Microsoft firing a big shot at both Sony and GameStop.

The death of Trine: a cautionary tale about game development in India

3h ago | Article | Games in Asia says: "Trine (not to be confused with the awesome game series of the same name) was...

Making Noise: Women in Games

4h ago | Opinion piece | Thryn Henderson from ManaPool: "So what’s the big deal about the way we’re treating women as...

There's No Way Only Forty Percent of GameStop Customers Know About Trades

2h ago | Opinion piece | Hardcore Gamer: GameStop accepts used games in the same way an alcoholic accepts a drink. The company is addicted to the profit margin they provide, originally because new games have a terrible re...

What's the Greatest Video Game Story Ever Told?

19h ago | Opinion piece | We asked our community what their favorite video game stories are. The results won't shock you.

Did the UK just decriminalize online piracy? Let's clear things up

9h ago | Opinion piece | Recent reports surfacing around the decriminalization of online piracty in the UK left doubt in a...

E.T’s creator on the game Atari tried to bury

5h ago | Article | In a special editorial from E.T. coder Howard Scott Warshaw, the Atari veteran uncovers the urban...

VR vs. VR Marketing

7h ago | Opinion piece | VRFocus - If the 2014 Game Developers Conference (GDC) was when virtual reality (VR) videogames became a serious proposition, then the 2014 San Die...

Skullgirls, EVO, and How Pick and Choose Popular Games

4h ago | Opinion piece | GeekParty writes: "When Skullgirls was first released, Adam “Keits” Heart asked Mr. Wizard, Joey...

PlayStation 4 – A Victory for Marketing and PR

14h ago | Opinion piece | Despite recent price cuts, the Xbox One continues to trail behind the ever-popular PS4 in just ab...
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