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Rare Replay's Harsh Lesson for Other Remakes

5h ago | Opinion piece | Grab It: "With so many remakes and remasters flooding the market, Rare Replay offers a refreshingly respectful and bountiful timeline of one of gaming's most talented developers. Rare Replay sho...

I’m Not Buying a New Copy of Metal Gear Solid V

2d ago | Opinion piece | Current Digital editor Brian White explains why he's waiting for a used copy of the soon-to-be sm...

PS Consoles Generate More Revenue Than Microsoft And Nintendo Consoles Combined, Double Since 2012

1d 15h ago | Article | Sony’s PlayStation 4 has had an excellent start with more than 25.3 million units sold in as of June 30th 2015. This is estimated to be more than Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U combined...

Here Is Why Windows 10 Will Improve Xbox One

2d ago | Opinion piece | ThisGenGaming says "With the recent news coming directly from Phil Spencer’s twitter that preview...

Jon Blyth on: Microsoft Jackpot

20h ago | Opinion piece | Jon Blyth: "It's not often that a game will make me angry. I mean, righteous in my guts a...

IGO Opinion: Do Videogames Make People Kill?

1d 2h ago | Opinion piece | (IGO) Inside Gaming Online's Editor-in-Chief Sean A. Foster gives his own personal opinion o...

YouTube Gaming vs. Twitch: A Comprehensive Rundown

3d ago | Article | CraveOnline: "YouTube is continuing on its mission to steadily decrease the size of Twitch's plat...

5 Games That Are (Likely) Being Sent To Die

3d ago | Opinion piece | MR BLACKMAGIK of the DRM Gamecast lists 5 upcoming games that are likely being sent to die.

Top Five Most Anticipated Games

2d ago | Opinion piece | After the reveals and announcements of this year's E3 and Gamescom, one of the writers at Throwing Digital Sheep has compiled a shortlist of their...

Nintendon't Know What It's Doing

6d ago | Opinion piece | In 2011, Nintendo posted their first ever net loss of $530 million and had continued a streak until this year. Nintendo used to be at the very top...

Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2016

5d ago | Opinion piece | "Make Bit Cultures your destination every Tuesday, as you can expect a Top 10 from the staff ever...

Top 10 Video Game CreepyPastas

1d 18h ago | Opinion piece | The Top 10 Archive tackles ten of the creepiest Video Game CreepyPastas in this super spooky...

What’s Next For Hideo Kojima After Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain?

3d ago | Opinion piece | Bidness Etc: Hideo Kojima is leaving fans with...

Nintendo NX’s Lack of Optical Drive: A Layman’s Recap

6d ago | Opinion piece | TTZ: Nintendo NX will not feature an optical drive according to a recent patent filing. What does...

2015 Fall Video Game Preview

3d ago | Opinion piece | This is not a gift buying guide. Forget about your loved ones. You need all the video games...

5 Things The Resident Evil 2 Remake Has To Have

5d ago | Opinion piece | The Resident Evil 2 remake will be out soon and some bago-writers cannot contain themselves....

The Top 5 Classic Resident Evil Games

2d ago | Opinion piece | With Capcom moving forward with a Resident Evil 2 Remake, it is time to take a look back at...

Good Game remembers Satoru Iwata

3d ago | Opinion piece | Good Game: "With the sudden passing of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata last month, I and many othe...

Open letter to the games industry - please share your data

3d ago | Opinion piece | MCV writes: Dear UK Games Industry, We ha...

Games You Never Heard Of: Backbreaker

3d ago | Opinion piece | With Football season upon us, TechRaptors Robert Grosso tackles one of the best alternatives...

Four Ways Youtube Gaming Could Beat Twitch

3d ago | Opinion piece | Youtube Gaming is looking to take the video game streaming world by storm. Does it have what...

Fee 2 Pay

5d ago | Opinion piece | Jim Sterling: With the imminent launch of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a fresh o...
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