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Is Microsoft’s Call of Duty co-marketing over?

0m ago - Every year, when a new Call of Duty is announced, it’s inevitably plastered with Xbox branding, o... | Industry

Microsoft Needs To Hire Kojima If It Ever Hopes to Gain Ground In Japan

4h ago - ThisGenGaming says "Anyone who keeps up with video game news knows that Hideo Kojima is no longer... | Industry

See what games are coming out in 2015

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Is Konami in Trouble?

8h ago - Carl Williams writes, "Recently Konami canceled Silent Hill, a title that has been a favorite amo... | Industry

Why gamers should avoid the Arkham Knight’s Season Pass

13h ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "Season Passes are meant to be part of giving more to players who want it;... | Industry

Are MMO Launch Dates Relevant Any More?

14h ago - The development cycle of an online game used to be a fixed phenomenon that followed a specific fo... | Industry

Five Cancelled Titles that Need to Come Back

1d 15h ago - Chris from Denkiphile: "It’s normal for developers to decide whether or not to stop production on... | PS2

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis 2 - The Time Is Now!

1d 16h ago - With the popularity of Jurassic World and the recent release of Ludia's iOS tie-in game, Throwing... | Industry

Games Now Cost $100: Has DLC Gone TOO Far?

1d 17h ago - Two different games this week announced DLC season passes that bring the cost of the game up over... | Culture

Micro-transactions – Just How Bad Are They For The Industry?

2d ago - The word, micro-transaction, has become a dirty word when you’re talking about anything in the ga... | Industry

Exclusive Advertising Rights – The New “Console War”

2d ago - As gamers continue to maneuver through the second year for the 8th generation of consoles, a time... | Industry

Deus Ex Creator worked on a cancelled Half-Life game

2d ago - An official Half-Life game from the creator of Deus Ex? Oh to live in the alternate universe wher... | PC

The Rise and Fall of Steam Paid Mods

2d ago - Jordan tells the tale of Steam Paid Mods from the start to finish, including all the controversie... | PC

The Rise of the Sandbox Sci-Fi MMO

2d ago - It's a statement of fact that fantasy-themed mmo games vastly outnumber sci-fi games. This is tru... | Industry

Konami Needs Hideo Kojima

2d ago - A Pixelated View's Kevin Holmes offers up his opinion on the situation between Hideo Kojima and K... | PC

The Importance Of Gameplay

2d ago - Lately, games are completely focused on their graphics and making use of the powerful engines tha... | Industry

Digital Distribution – Open For Business?

2d ago - "PC gamers have fully embraced digital distribution" Asa from Gameondaily discusses digital di... | PC

5 Things We Learned Making The Biggest Flop In Game History

2d ago - The video game Daikatana came out in 2000, but it's still one of the industry's biggest punchline... | Industry

Will Cyberpunk Be The Next Hot Gaming Trend?

2d ago - With a number of quality cyberpunk infused games launching in the near future, Grab It Magazines... | Culture

How Games Companies are Helping Nepal (and you can too)

3d ago - "Last Saturday, the country of Nepal was devastated by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. It was the wor... | Culture

Alienation in the Land of PC

3d ago - The process of buying a gaming PC should be simple, but let's face it, it isn't. Jargon salesmans... | PC

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E3 2015 Conference Schedule Begins To Take Shape

3d ago - E3 2015 is rapidly approaching, and publishers and platform holders are beginning to announce the... | Industry

Has Video Game Gore Gone Too Far?

3d ago - From the days of Splatterhouse through to Mortal Kombat X - has violence and gore in video games... | PSP

5 Hudson Soft Games Nintendo Should Buy From Konami

3d ago - Even if Konami isn't exiting the console business, they should still sell these ignored Hudson So... | Industry

Excamedia Academy Presents on Greenlight: NANOS, Brick Breaking Multiplayer-Madness

3d ago - Excamedia Academy's trials and tribulations towards Greenlight with their first big game Nanos.... | PC

Deus Ex director Warren Spector is Tensed about the Reveal Trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

3d ago - Deus Ex director Warren Spector is a bit concerned about the reveal trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind... | PC
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