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IU study: Gamers have anxious feelings and enjoy fear more than Films and TV

57d ago - A recent study at Indiana University's Media School has revealed some interesting details regardi... | Culture

India's international indie scene

171d ago - India's game development scene started out as nothing but has started to flourish because of mobi... | Industry

Top 5 Games To Play - August 2015

Now - Let's see if August can keep the summer video game heat going... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In August 2015... | Promoted post

'Castlevania: Lords of Shadow' producer David Cox leaves Konami after 17 years

364d ago - Announced Friday, Konami producer David Cox has left the publisher after 17 years. | Dev

Tablet Gaming Revenue Expected to Exceed $13 Billion by 2019

367d ago - Tablet gaming worldwide revenue is expected to more than triple by 2019, exceeding $13 billion.... | Mobile

ESA study: More than 50% of families in the U.S. say games encourage family time

490d ago - Misconceptions about gaming are often found in people who do not play games or know what the gami... | Culture

Indie Studio Teaches Young Girls How to Make Games

491d ago - An indie studio in San Jose, CA, LearnDistrict, is teaching girls how to create video games. This... | Industry

Kojima Hopes Metal Gear Saves AAA Titles

540d ago - Cinelinx: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes releases later this month, but it could possibly mean... | PS4

Half-Life: The Freeman Chronicles fan film reaches Kickstarter goal

553d ago - SteamFirst: For a series which has had no new entry since 2007, Half-Life is still beloved by fan... | Culture

Half-Life 3 – Development Is In Progress

643d ago - Valve, a game developer, has confirmed that they are actively working on developing Half-Life 3 t... | PC

Brutal disruption of Japan’s game markets

691d ago - Japan’s top 9 iconic game companies, Nintendo, Sony, Sega-Sammy, Bandai-Namco, Konami, Takara-Tom... | Industry

What are the risk-factors for video game addiction?

702d ago - A recent study conducted at the University of Missouri indicates that escapism, social interactio... | Culture

Naughty Dog wanted to "change the industry" with The Last of Us

705d ago - Naughty Dog wanted to "change the industry" through its presentation of a "non-sexualized" female... | PS3

Video Games: The Movie introduces Blu-Ray tiers

829d ago - Video Games: The Movie is currently under production at the company Mediajuice Studios, and they... | Industry

Video Games: The industry's most essential rebuttal

832d ago - The video games industry has been slandered by politician after politician with baseless, ignoran... | Culture

Gaming industry won't be to blame for Boston bombing

861d ago - All too often the video games industry gets framed as a scapegoat whenever something tragic happe... | Industry

Average 2012 US dev salary $84,000

875d ago - GameSpot - "How much does the average game developer make? According to the Game Developer magazi... | Industry

PressPlay interview | ENE3

912d ago - ENE3 visited the famous store PressPlay and talked about videogame collector's editions and retro... | Industry

Interview: TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson on games tax relief – part 2

1225d ago - T2G News sat down with TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson who explained in-depth what games tax relief i... | Industry

Interview: TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson on games tax relief - part 1

1227d ago - T2G News sat down with TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson who explained in-depth what games tax relief i... | Industry

Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

1261d ago - A podcast interview with two successfully Kickstarted indie developers, Phil Tibitoski (of Young... | PC

LEGO Jurassic World (XB1) Review

Now - Ken travels to Jurassic Park once again. | Promoted post

Interview with Remedy’s Oskari Häkkinen: Part 2 – XBLA, digital, life at Remedy and more.

1282d ago - We recently sat down for a chat with Remedy Head of Franchise Development, Oskari Häkkinen. In... | PC

Capcom Says Ace Attorney Fans Will Be Happy This 2012. Will They?

1331d ago - Our reliable and trusty lawyer Phoenix Wright has been in the news last year for a lot of reasons... | Nintendo DS

Geneva Conventions should be incorporated into future Games like Battlefield & Co.

1356d ago - With the increasingly realistic depiction of violence in video games, a working group of the Red... | Industry

Infinity Ward: It's "better for the industry" if MW3 and BF3 succeed

1389d ago - Speaking to Eurogamer TV on the green carpet, Infinity Ward exec producer Mark Rubin hit out at t... | PC

GameStop Actively Taking Trade-Ins On Apples iPad 2 - But There's A Catch

1397d ago - Known as the evil big brother of gaming, Gamestop has made some aggressive moves to secure their... | iPhone
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