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Top 5 Indie Games On PS4

18d ago - PS4 has a great library for indie games, here are some of the best the system has had to offer so... | PS4

PAX East 2015: We Go Crazy For Indies – Day One Wrap-Up

47d ago - BagoGames The show floor at this year’s PAX East was less about expensive Triple A studios and... | Culture

Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

15 Insane Indie Game Controllers For Even Crazier Games

50d ago - Video games are pretty simple: there's a TV, a handheld controller and some buttons, right? Not... | PC

Screenshot Saturday: The Best of March 7th

50d ago - Every Saturday, developers show off the current status of the game they’re working on. The phenom... | PC

AAA Companies: Be Afraid, Very Afraid

52d ago - Time to get it off my chest...rampant graphical dick measuring and corporate takeover have absolu... | Arcade

The Best IndieGogo Campaigns February 23 - March 1

57d ago - Some of the best game campaign launches on IndieGogo from February 23 to March 1. | Industry

TiX crowdfunding spotlight

57d ago - KrisWB of ThisisXbox writes; TiX Crowd Funding Spotlight is our latest weekly feature showcasi... | Xbox One

Are Indie Games Our Only Hope for the Future?

58d ago - Everyday, it seems like more and more remakes are announced, from Call of Duty to Assassin’s Cree... | Industry

The Indie Wish List: Companies that should take a Chance

94d ago - Indie Companies that should come to Nintendo platforms Because they would benefit from each other. | Wii U

Indie Exodus: Why AAA Developers Are Going Independent

105d ago - GameRant When BioShock studio Irrational Games dissolved in early 2014, it came as a shock to... | Industry

Meet Kôna - An Indie Survival Adventure Set in Northern Quebec

239d ago - CanadianGamer writes : As the summer is wrapping up rapidly to lead the way to fall and winter se... | Culture

Top 5 Indie Games from SGC 2014

280d ago - Garrett from The Koalition writes: ScrewAttack has always focused on the g1 community, but the... | PC

101 New & Upcoming Indie Games We're Excited About

282d ago - See what the future of indie games holds for 2014 and beyond. 101 titles to get excited about! | PC

Better living through Indie: the most promising ID@Xbox games coming to Xbox One

303d ago - Jon Blyth : Microsoft's ID@Xbox program means that Xbox One isn't only going to host bombastic bl... | Xbox One

Should Lines Be Drawn To Differentiate Different Indie Studios?

303d ago - Games come in all shapes and sizes and from various places of origins, but some of us have differ... | PC

Introducing RWBY Grimm Eclipse

385d ago - RWBY Grimm Eclipse, a Rooster Teeth/RWBY tribute game made by Jordan Scott | PC

Quantum Rush – Are Sci-Fi racing games making a return?

390d ago - Quantum Rush is a Free to Play, multiplayer, Sci-Fi action packed racing game made by the indie d... | PC

25 Groundbreaking Indie Games

391d ago - From Bastion to Minecraft, games™ compiles a collection of the most game changing indie titles of... | Nintendo DS

Miami Vice: The Story of Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

391d ago - A shot of adrenaline to the indie scene, Hotline Miami combined classic gameplay values with a pu... | PC

The Score: Which Indie Game Are You Most Looking Forward to and Why?

450d ago - In this week’s installment of The Score, we find out if you think GameCube games should be releas... | Wii U

Contests For N4G Members

Now - Prizes for members like YOU! | Promoted post

In Indie We Trust

452d ago - Remember when indie games were those quirky, clever little distractions you used to play during m... | PC

Is 'Early Access' Setting A Dangerous Precedent?

453d ago - Clive Lawton of Corrupted Cartridge analyses the emerging trend of Early Access software, and ask... | PC

Game On: The Winners of 2013

484d ago - GIB - "It's easy to knock those that had a poor run in 2013, as mistakes stick out more prominent... | PC

Best Upcoming Indie Game of 2013 Players Choice

484d ago - The Iranian indie game E.T. Armies Has Won The Best Indie Game of The Year! 2013 is almost over a... | PC

Indie games to the rescue as physical games dwindle in numbers

513d ago - The PlayStation 2 has nearly 4000 games, and there’s no way we’ll ever see a system harbor such a... | Xbox 360
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