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Halo 4 Crimsom map pack: "Shatter" Developer walk through

693d ago - Halo 4 design director Mike Ellis shows off "Shatter" from the Crimson map pack. | Xbox 360

Can Molyneux Reinvent The God Game?

694d ago - Peter Molyneux is worried; that much is obvious from the moment we begin talking with the man res... | PC

New Apps Launch on Xbox LIVE

694d ago - Major Nelson: "Today on Xbox, new entertainment experiences are coming your way. Xbox 360 is c... | Xbox 360

343's crazy Halo 4 custom gametype: Binary Slayer

695d ago - Messed up gravity, unlimited thruster packs, and Binary riffles make this the craziest Halo 4 you... | Xbox 360

Win Outlast and Whistleblower Codes!

Now - It's no trick, Outlast 2 is in the works - and to celebrate Red Barrels has given us Outlast and Whistleblower treats! | Promoted post

Halo 4 crimson map pack: Harvest developer walkthrough

696d ago - Halo 4 lead multiplayer map designer Kynan Pearson shows off "Harvest" from the Crimson map pack | Xbox 360

Why IGN probably shouldn’t be working with Game

703d ago - The revelation of a new business relationship has caused me to jot down a few thoughts on the div... | Culture

IGN and GamersGate Pull the Plug on “Permanent” 15% Prime Discount

704d ago - Remember back in the good ole days when signing up for IGN Prime would net you a permanent 15% di... | PC

GAME and IGN Team Up

706d ago - In early 2013, GAME and IGN are teaming up to form a partnership with a focus on the gaming commu... | Industry

Score-Based Reviews Are Like Crack To Us

706d ago - "I don’t mean fun, have-a-good-time crack. I mean hardcore Requiem For A Dream crack." - Jake Woo... | PC

The Hype Matrix

725d ago - Why do games on systems other than the one I have get higher scores? The reviewer must have obvio... | Culture

Is IGN Dr. Evil?

735d ago - Yesterday marked the release of the newest Medal of Honor title from EA Games. This is in fact t... | Industry

News Corp. Puts IGN Entertainment Up For Auction

741d ago - Gadgehit.com writes: "News Corp. has begun taking bids for the IGN Entertainment online network o... | Culture

Daily Reaction: IGN up for Sale, PSLS Offers 2 Cents

744d ago - In light of today’s news that the popular gaming media giant IGN is being sold off, the Daily Rea... | PS3

News Corp. prepares to auction off IGN

744d ago - "Multinational media group News Corp. has started making preparations to auction off consumer-fac... | Industry

Out of Continues Ep 45: Game Reviewers

745d ago - Stafa, Andrew, and Jonathan get together on this episode to talk about Black Mesa Source and XCOM... | PC

Halo 4 - IGN AU Black Beta Event Wrap.

749d ago - The highlights from IGN AU's recent reader hands-on event for Halo 4 | Xbox 360

IGN Video Game Election: The PlayStation Candidates

780d ago - Welcome to the PlayStation Primary, where you'll decide the PlayStation candidate for IGN's 2012... | PS2

Hate Gaming Journalism? Here's How You Can Fix It

788d ago - VGRevolution's Gaming Editor Marc explores the causes behind problems in the gaming press, and wh... | Industry

First video game journalism class revealed

798d ago - For those who ever thought there would never be a formal gaming journalism class, take a look at... | Industry

The Problem With IGN's Top 25 PS3 Games List

800d ago - Erik Kain: IGN has put together a Top 25 PlayStation 3 games list which includes some very goo... | PS3

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

News Corp.’s IGN Head Roy Bahat Leaves

801d ago - AllThingsD - Roy Bahat, who heads up News Corp.’s IGN Web unit, is leaving the company. Bahat... | Industry

How to Fix the Video Game Review System

820d ago - Over the years, a few things have been omitted from the process of game reviews in favor of a mor... | PC

Should Gaming Sites Wait Longer to Review Online Games?

825d ago - MMORPGs and other online only titles are meant to be viable for months, if not years, after relea... | PC

Colin Moriarty: A Politically Correct Peer Review

828d ago - It's political correctness gone sad as Camine responds to her fellow pea Colin Moriarty, and wond... | Culture

Why Do People ‘Hate’ IGN?

866d ago - The dedicated agents of the U.S. Department of Electronic Entertainment report: "Recently IGN ra... | Culture