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Priorities, and why gaming needs better ones.

1628d ago ... For the past few weeks, almost a month, there has been a very easily noticed trend in gaming news. For awhile, it's been BF3 news, then anything John Carmack of id Software had to say, then back to BF3 news; rinse and repeat ad nauseum. That's fine and everything, except that the problem is that the discussion was always about PC this, graphics that, Ultra settings blah blah blah. Go into...

Does RAGE Really Need Deathmatch?

1649d ago ... It has been stated several times that id Software's upcoming RAGE will not feature the traditional Deathmatch (DM) and Capture the Flag (CTF) modes normally expected out of an FPS. There have been gamers, most of which we could assume are id-faithful, have reacted somewhat negatively or shocked. But should they be? Apparently, id felt that the co-op and vehicular multiplayer works much better...

Lets talk RAGE!!!

1736d ago ... ID Software, the giant behind masterpieces such as Doom and Quake, are releasing their newest IP, RAGE, on September 13th on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. But will the game live up to today's standards after the company (ID) has been tucked away since Doom 3? After watching almost every trailer/gameplay video on RAGE, the game is sure to impress, though there are some arising questions that leave m...

Top picks for 2011: most anticipated titles?

1893d ago ... 2010 was a great year for console gaming. A extremely solid lineup of multi-platform titles was complemented by strong exclusive titles for both PS3 and Xbox marking 2010 as the most solid year for quality titles on record. So as the year winds down, time to look forward to 2011's most anticipated titles, and here's my most wanted list: Rage Post-Apocolyptia from the iD Software- the...

Three Ways Doom Series Can Return to Classic Status

2364d ago ... Puts forth Doom 3's flaws and offers hoped for changes to id Software's future title, Doom 4.
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