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EGM Review: I Am Alive

900d ago - Ray Carsillo: "Whenever we think of the apocalypse nowadays, it always seems to be vampires rulin... | Xbox 360

Review: I Am Alive (xboxspill.no)

900d ago - A disaster, which has been names the "Event" has done indescribable damage and half of the worlds... | Xbox 360

GBATemp - I Am Alive Review

902d ago - Nothing can stop a man from finding his family, not even a world wide cataclysm known simply as “... | Xbox 360

Gamersheep- I Am Alive Review

902d ago - I Am Alive is a game with so many ideas that sound awesome and innovative on paper, but are done... | Xbox 360

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Review I Am Alive | 4News.it

903d ago - Fight for survival! Playstation 3 version tested. The demonstration of the existence of natur... | Xbox 360

I Am Alive Review - New2games

905d ago - Your city is in ruins. Destroyed cars litter the decimated streets and lie dormant beside the cru... | PS3

I Am Alive Review - Gamespot

907d ago - Gamespot: Your city is in ruins. Destroyed cars litter the decimated streets and lie dormant b... | PC

I Am Alive (PSN) Review - Push Square

908d ago - Push Square's Sammy Barker says: "If you're longing for something different, and think you can... | PS3

Golden4games: I Am Alive PS3 Review

909d ago - In I Am Alive, players will be challenged by both their environment and their enemies. Stamina an... | PS3

(PSU.com) I Am Alive Review

909d ago - PSU.com scrutinizes Ubisoft's long-delayed survival title. | PS3

Review: I Am Alive (PlayStationspill)

909d ago - That I am Alive, has had many problems during development is well known. The game has a flood of... | Xbox 360

I am Alive PS3 Review (MasonicGamer.com)

910d ago - MasonicGamer.com: I am Alive is Ubisoft’s take on the survival horror genre. Released last month... | PS3

OPM: I Am Alive PSN review

910d ago - And it really is. A game that seemed dead and buried more times than Wile E Coyote has finally em... | Xbox 360

16bits Review: I Am Alive

910d ago - Released as part of this years Xbox Live House Party I Am Alive brings a very fresh new idea to t... | Xbox 360

I Am Alive Review (Invision Game Community)

911d ago - I am alive is a role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic style world following "the event". Yo... | Xbox 360

AWESOME/10 - I Am Alive Review

914d ago - Another trip to the bit that happens after the world ends. I Am Alive was in development at two s... | Xbox 360

I Am Alive (Empty Lifebar)

914d ago - After being in development hell for quite some time, I Am Alive has finally seen the light of day... | Xbox 360

IRBGamer: I Am Alive Review

915d ago - I Am Alive is a Survival Horror Arcade title brought to us by Ubisoft in which you find yourself... | Xbox 360

I Am Alive Review - [addicted-gamers]

915d ago - A review from the addicted-gamers website for Ubisoft's XBLA game I Am Alive. | Xbox 360

I Am Alive - Review (GiR)

916d ago - With it being 2012 and according to those crazy Mayans, the world will be a wasteland, why not st... | Xbox 360

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CGM Review: I Am Alive

917d ago - The first teaser for Ubisoft's I Am Alive debuted at E3 in 2008. The studio then went dark on the... | Xbox 360

Console Domination: I Am Alive Review

917d ago - Console Domination writes: One year after a cataclysmic disaster, referred to only as ‘the event’... | PC

I Am Frustrated | I Am Alive Review from Bagogames.com

918d ago - A virtual answer to Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road' or just a waste of development hell? Mark Villam... | Xbox 360

WGB: I Am Alive - Review

919d ago - Andrew Hallam of WolfsGamingBlog writes: "Fear, mistrust and a sense of impending doom, that any... | Xbox 360

I Am Alive Review | Esperino

920d ago - I Am Alive is a harrowing game. Everything from the stylised presentation and foreboding locales... | Xbox 360

I Am Alive

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Release Dates
PC Release Dates
JP Q4 2011
AU Q4 2011
EU Q4 2011
US Q4 2011
PS3 Release Dates
JP Q2 2011
US 21 February 2012
EU 07 March 2012
AU March 2012
Wii Release Dates
Xbox 360 Release Dates
JP Q4 2011
US 07 March 2012
EU 07 March 2012
AU 07 March 2012