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I Am Alive Previews  

I am Alive Demo Impressions (Goozernation)

1402d ago - I am Alive is an interesting concept for a game. This week PS3 gamers get what 360 owners got a m... | PS3

Kuma Kreations Ent Preview: I Am Alive Developer Diary

1439d ago - How ready are you to survive a post apocalyptic situation? Can you really lay down the law and su... | Xbox 360

List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

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Console Domination: March in Preview

1440d ago - Console Domination writes: After a pretty stellar month for gamers in February, March isn't letti... | PC

CVG - I Am Alive: A brave and intriguing downloadable title

1447d ago - CVG - Our hero took a four hour flight across the US, but it's taken him a year to walk home. | PC

I Am Alive [Preview] - Survival in a monochromatic world (IncGamers)

1451d ago - IncGamers: Welcome to the city of dust. | Xbox 360

PSFocus: Hands-on with I Am Alive "Still alive and kicking"

1455d ago - PSFocus writes: Ubisoft gave us the change to play I Am Alive that will be released at the beginn... | Xbox 360

NowGamer - 'I Am Alive' Hands-On - How It's Like Uncharted, Alan Wake & Fallout 3

1457d ago - NowGamer - You’re probably already aware of I Am Alive’s fall from grace, a AAA disc-based surviv... | Xbox 360

I Am Alive Hands-on Preview [MEGamers]

1457d ago - MEG: "It introduces fantastic gameplay concepts that reinstates 'survival' in the survival genre.... | Xbox 360

MSXB - I Am Alive hands on impressions

1458d ago - Msxbox-world played some of Ubisoft's XBLA PSN game I Am Alive and have posted up some impressions. | Xbox 360

Destructoid: How I survived I Am Alive

1460d ago - Destructoid: I'm coming off spending a weekend with early preview code for Ubisoft's I Am Alive,... | PC

Preview I Am Alive Preview (Strategy Informer)

1460d ago - From "RAGE, Fallout and Left4Dead have proven in recent years that there’s... | Xbox 360

I Am Alive Preview (TheSixthAxis)

1461d ago - TSA: I was expecting the worst from a game which has been cloaked in enigma for almost four year... | Xbox 360

TLR: Most Anticipated Games of 2012 (Downloadable)

1469d ago - "TLR’s Most Anticipated Games of 2012. This is TLR's list of downloadable games they simply canno... | PC

I Am Alive Preview - GameZone

1471d ago - GameZone writes, "I Am Alive is definitely a strong way for Ubisoft to start its 2012 gaming seas... | Xbox 360

TGH: I Am Alive, Makes Us Feel Alive

1472d ago - TGH Writes: There are many different genres are out there in gaming, but few hold up like the act... | Xbox 360

I Am Alive Preview | Player Affinity

1473d ago - Ubisoft Shanghai’s long-awaited title, I Am Alive, announced in 2008, will actually be “alive” on... | Xbox 360

Game Informer - Hands On With 'I Am Alive'

1485d ago - Game Informer - When gamers explore post-apocalyptic settings, we're normally armed to the teeth... | PC
110° - I Am Alive Hands-On Preview

1487d ago - gets hands-on with the forthcoming I Am Alive | Xbox 360

IGN - CES: Inside I am Alive's Desperate Struggle

1488d ago - IGN - I Am Alive from Ubisoft Shanghai is a different kind of post-apocalyptic video game. In the... | PC

GameSpot - I Am Alive Hands-On Preview

1490d ago - GameSpot - Ubisoft's "realistic" survival adventure looks to post-disaster movies, not games, for... | PC

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Golden4Games: I Am Alive Preview

1501d ago - In the post-apocalyptic action/adventure I Am Alive, players are faced with thought-provoking cho... | PC

I Am Alive: Digitally Resurrected From The Grave (Hooked Gamers)

1523d ago - HG writes: "If the name I Am Alive sounds familiar, it’s probably because this game has been floa... | Xbox 360

OPM - 'I Am Alive' preview and interview with director Stanislis Mettra, “We started from scratch”

1526d ago - OPM - It’s been a long time coming but Ubisoft’s apocalyptic survival adventure I Am Alive has fi... | PS3

I Am Alive Preview (Strategy Informer)

1527d ago - From "I Am Alive wouldn't be the first game to pull the great "I Technicall... | PC

CVG: I Am Alive: 'Can survival + realism = fun?'

1535d ago - CVG: Ubisoft's long-lost survive 'em up staggers towards release. | Xbox 360
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I Am Alive

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