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The Japanese like cute girls...get over it!

989d ago ... Time & time again in reviews of JRPGs that has 'moe' or cute girls in them tend to take the brunt of being unfairly judged due to their assumed over sexualization. For example today i read a review for Atelier Ayesha at Destructoid (source: http://www.destructoid.com/review-atelier-ayesha-the-alchemist-of-dusk-248458.phtml) that clearly proves that western game media simply do not understa...

What is the JRPG genre? A basic guide for the uninformed.

1782d ago ... Ok this is more of a soap box rant driven by Hyperdimension Neptunia not given an Australian release date but it also sparked an inspiration, write an informative guide on the JRPG genre so those who only reference it to Square-Enix and Final Fantasy or don't know about it can finally learn what the genre really is and all the different styles of gameplay in each. First I'll start with the b...
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