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3 Platform Future: Xbox + PC + Steam = WIN

330d ago ... http://static.digit.in/fckeditor/uploads/xbox360-laptop(1).jpg Welcome to part two of the 3 platform future series. This is a 3 part blog, on what I personally hope will happen to the current game industry removing the need for to purchase 6 different platforms to have access to all games, and instead have a simple 3 platform medium. If you missed the first part, it covered Nintendo and mo...

Will "dem casuals" ever buy a console again?

509d ago ... A prevailing attitude in this day and age is that the casual ship has sailed. The Wii was a blip. Smartphones will rule the day. Why would they buy a console when they have a smartphone? Etcetera. But I don't think that's exactly true. I think dem casuals are still a huge, untapped market that is eager to jump back into console gaming. The problem is that the console manufacturers have eithe...

[CLOSED]League of Angels Launches: Gold Card Giveaway!

542d ago ... Hybrid turn-based fantasy MMO League of Angels will officially launch today, and developer R2 Games has provided us with Gold Cards for giveaway! To get your code, PM me, Cat: http://n4g.com/user/home/cat (redemption instructions below) For a bonus code for a friend comment below! League of Angels is a hybrid turn-based fantasy MMORPG/strategy game. Combining familiar multiplaye...

Sony Will Beat Microsoft next-gen

882d ago ... I've been doing a lot of thinking about this and I have come to the conclusion that Sony will beat Microsoft. I will explain. Microsoft and Sony are the ones in direct competition. They are after the same fan base. They both take similar approaches. Both have similar gaming experiences. The difference is Microsoft has no clear path. Sony continue to put out plenty of core first party exclusi...

Nintendo is heading for a crash

948d ago ... It all started with the final years of the Wii. I like the Wii. Heck, I LOVE the Wii, even including those "casual" motion-control games like Wii Sports. It's a fun system with a unique set of games. However, I began to have my doubts about 2 years ago when Super Mario Galaxy 2 launched. See, I like the SMG games. I do. They're great. However, it didn't make much sense to me: why would Nintendo...

War of the Immortals First Impressions

1270d ago ... Besides bringing us the joy of Torchlight, Perfect World has been making a strong presence for themselves with their F2P MMOs, including their latest, War of the Immortals. What looks to be a spiritual successor to Battle of the Immortals, which is still very active, War expands on the former game with new classes and content. Having never played the former game, only knowing it through some...

Da Funny Side of the Console (27th May 2010)

1866d ago ... Well hai dar! And Welcome to Da Funny Side of the console, today, with it being the first part, I has a Special idea... A Hall Of Shame special, dedicated to crap games from around the gaming world. So what we be waiting for? Let us start... W E L C O M E T O T H E H A L L O F S H A M E Warning!: The following games are a pile of shite... N U M B A R O N E : DAMNATION: Dis ga...
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