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Poor man's FPS

Homefront the poor man’s FPS. Although I applaud THQ for trying to bring new things to the FPS market, I felt that FPS's gone before it had done pretty much the same only better.

Single Player:-
The SP story was probably better written than most current releases, but I couldn’t get past the sloppiness of the game. The graphics were awful for a next gen game, a big step backwards; I felt ill staring at the poor textures and modelling.

The whole game felt clunky and awkward, clipping was a constant gripe and the animations may have come from a PS1 game.

Throwing a grenade or slashing a knife made me die inside a lttile more, "Is this the best they could come up with?" I would think, as I chest passed another grenade into a door frame.

The controls didn’t feel quite right, sensitivity would drop way down in ADS mode, which meant it was quite tricky getting the balance between that and hip fireing, the guns felt and sounded poor, I never quite got to grips with the recoil and lag, everything was literally hit and miss.

When I could actually get into multiplayer games, nothing felt right, it’s a kind of mix between COD and BF, although I thought the BP system was good, you still had the age old problems of campers and helicopters you can't shoot down.

Lag was terrible, I don’t think I ever joined a game with more than a 2 bar connection, the whole experience just wasn't fun.

I stuck with MP for a while, getting the unlocks but it never felt fun, why anyone would play Homefront MP over COD or BF:BC I don't know.

Homefront is a step back for FPS games, with BF3 just around the corner looking at the potential it has, it’s quite clear THQ are living in the past, trying to make a quick buck on Modern Shooter genre.

Fun Factor
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BI0RAPTOR2800d ago

While I can not disagree with the textures and graphics not being the best they could have been,I will disagree with the points you make about this being a poor mans FPS.
We all feel that this game could have been better but hindsight is a lovely thing is it not.
MP side for me is a lot better then it was.
THQ have not abandoned their game or players like others I could mention have.They are constantly giving support and trying to make the whole experience that much better.
I feel a little sorry for you that you did not get the fun factor on line although for me and many others it is very addictive and a breath of fresh air then playing the same old FPS.

You had a negative experience from the game so it is no surprise your review shows it.
My opinion is positive as I do enjoy the game.
So in this case I will agree to disagree friend.

RastaCC2799d ago

I like this review. I pretty much agree with it all. The story was good, but it just wasn't executed well. The sound design on this game was really bad. Most of the guns sounded the same and nothing like the real thing. My favorite part was the scene with the 'misfire.'

I enjoyed the multiplayer u til the first patch. That completely broke the game for me and many others. After a week of not being able to get into a match, I traded it in.

Why did I play it over BC2? I think I was just burnt out after playing it so much for a year.

Also, search youtube for the homefront 'doors' video. It shows how through the entire game your character is incapable of opening a door until he gets his big chance with the last door.

mushroomwig2798d ago

I saw this game in the pre-owned pile at 'Game' a day after release!

It seems too generic for me to enjoy.

BI0RAPTOR2798d ago

At the end of the day every game out there as its faults,it all comes down to personal choice and taste.
What can be fantastic for one gamer could be a nightmare for the other.
Although this does not give merit to knock that game down due to the out come of taste.
You have to stand in the middle if you are going to give a true review,I just got the impression the OP was on the field rather then the fence.
There for he/she let there opinion get in the way.
Anyhow what do I know? I am just a simple gamer.

Active Reload2798d ago

I haven't played Homefront or anything, but how can it be a "poor man's fps" when it cost the same as other games?

Nate-Dog2797d ago

I think the reviewer just means that the game isn't as good as a lot of what else is out there in the FPS market.