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User Review : Homefront

  • Multiplayer
  • Great Story
  • Battle Points
  • Character Models
  • Needs More Dedicated Servers

A Look Into the Future

Homefront. A game about North Korea taking over America in the year 2027. When people hear about this game it is weird to talk about it because of what North Korea has been doing lately. This game makes you prepared. When I first popped this game in I couldn't be more excited to experience being a resistance fighter that is ready to take their homeland back from the people that shouldn't be there. When I started playing I felt like a soldier taking out these Koreans and I could feel the harshness that has happened because of the Koreans taking over.

The environments have this terribly sad detail to them that shows what they have done and what has happened to the people. So the environments look great, but they could have done a better job on character models and animations. But they are are definitely acceptable.

The Gameplay works perfectly for this kind of game. Aim and shoot, aim and shoot, use the awesome Goliath machine and then rinse and repeat. It works and there isn't much to it. They did a great job making a first person shooter.

The story really makes you feel like you are in this war. The characters get pissed at each other over things they don't agree. Tensions get high with Civilians and the resistance. It is all something you could see happening during a terrible time like this.

Now let us get to the Multiplayer. Now I know that everyone has been judging this game because of how Kaos and THQ haven't set up enough dedicated servers and everyone automatically assumes this game is bad. Well guess what? It isn't When you are actually playing a multiplayer game it is awesome. I haven't experienced any lag, I love the Battle points system because of how perfect it is implemented and that you can use YOUR own vehicle is even more awesome. The multiplayer in this game is a mix between Call of Duty and Battlefield. You got the perks and then you got the large scale team based mp. They did an outstanding job from what I have played and you just need to give it a chance once they get everything running smoothly. I mean come on. CoD Black Ops is still broken.

Overall Kaos has made a different kind of story telling game and it worked out well for them. It may be short (I beat in 4 hours) but I loved every second of it. Especially Chapter 4. You will understand why.

My hat goes off to them and I will be playing the MP for quite some time.

Great, gritty environments. Needs better character models, but it is acceptable.
Love the sound. Great gun and explosion effect. Voice acting is really well done!
Plays like a first person shooter. What else do you expect? It is really awesome though.
Fun Factor
You will be playing the MP for hours and probably want to go back through the SP for more Achievements. It is fun!
MP is awesome. No lag, great point system and haven't experienced cheating or anything yet. There will be more servers up soon!
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Kingdom Come2829d ago

I have a feeling the introduction of Battlefield 3 has raised expectations for Modern War FPS' (or Modernish in the case of Homefront). It'll be interesting to see how companies such as Activision and THQ react to the reception of Battlefield 3 after release, I'm hoping it makes Activision get off their arses and call for a new engine to be made and spend longer on production (Treyarch, Infinity Ward and now Sledgehammer).

Good review. Fair score, though from what I have heard the campaign is weak but redeemed by the multiplayer...

alcapwn1802829d ago

Thanks! I mean, the story kind of just ended. That did suck, but overall I really liked playing it. It was intense and you could tell that Kaos did a good job of handling everything with it.

Kingdom Come2828d ago

After reading some more reviews it would seem the campaign is a hate/love situation.

DelbertGrady2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

People slam the single player campaign of Homefront which I find kind of strange. I always viewed it as an FPS with heavy focus on the online multiplayer.

I mean to be fair, how many of us buy COD games for the single player? How good was the Single player campaign in BF BC 2? In games like this it's something you rush through to get to the flesh of the game, which is the online. And I'm glad to hear Homefront delivers in that department.

alcapwn1802829d ago

O yea, like Call of Duty as soon as people get home they get on the MP. I personally enjoy playing the SP because I know it will be short and sweet. Though, I didn't like BFBC2's SP. I guess I still don't see Battlefied as a SP game at all but I am sure when 3 comes out that will change it.

retrofly2826d ago

I've never really liked FPS single player, its all too scripted and linier, and the AI isn't challenging enough. Especially when you have multiplayer looming in the background with its real players and so much goodness, I find it hard to put MP and bother with SP.

FPS SP needs more sandbox elements and more tacticle thinking, and none of this infinate respawn of enemy, I really hate that. It seems BF3 is moving away from the normal FPS SP, here's hoping.