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Valenka | 978d ago | User review
Reviewing: Hitman Sniper Challenge
A Slightly Disappointing Taste of Absolution
Hitman: Sniper Challenge could be described as a "sub-game" of the upcoming instalment in the popular Hitman series--a sub-game that is only available (as of now) through preordering Hitman: Absolution. Sniper Challenge is a short and rather disappointing teaser for the upcoming game, and there would be no justification in charging for it should it go on the Xbox Live marketplace or the Playstation Network store after the release of Absolution. If one didn't know what the Sniper Challenge was, one would assume it's a demo for Absolution, and this fact warrants treatment as such--I would be much satisfied if it were released as a free game or classified as a demo.

The Sniper Challenge takes place on a rooftop in Chicago, overlooking a building across the street that's hosting a rave party of some sort. In the briefing, Diana (and before anyone makes the obvious connection, Sniper Challenge is not connected to Absolution in any way) informs Agent 47 that his target is Richard Strong, Jr., the CEO of weapons manufacturer Stallion Armaments, and his entourage of bodyguards. I'm unaware of whether or not the bodyguards are mandatory or optional targets, as I've always killed them off before going for the main target.

Your only weapon is a silenced, bolt-action sniper rifle that can be upgraded through earning points via kills. Upgrades include a magazine size extension and a faster bolt cycling (increasing its fire speed). I find this to be utterly disappointing. I see no valid reason to not include a weapons loadout menu during the beginning of the mission where players may choose from a selection of sniper rifles (after they're unlocked in-game, naturally) and select attachments such as suppressors, laser sights, extended magazines, etc. I understand Sniper Challenge is supposed to be some sort of whet-your-appetite kind of deal, but it's utterly tasteless.

The scenery of the game is a decent redeeming factor however. The graphics, while not the best of its time, are certainly well done and mildly an improvement in the Hitman series. The Sniper Challenge also features a destructible environment which proves useful for making kills look like accidents, a feature first introduced in Hitman: Blood Money. For instance, shooting the cord of a platform holding barrels will cause them to fall and crush whomever is unfortunate enough to be standing underneath.

While the Sniper Challenge is a somewhat decent game in itself, it poses as a poor preview for Absolution and naturally, wouldn't bode well should it cost anything to play, other than the $5 minimum to cover the preorder of Hitman: Absolution. With Sniper Challenge being practically given away, I wouldn't advise ignoring it because it is fun at most times, but I'll save my energy for the upcoming instalment.
Fun, interesting gameplay
Different approaches to completing your mission
One weapon to use, limited upgrades
Poor execution
Non-canon theme
Fun factor
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)
BLAKHOODe  +   975d ago
Your review is a bit off..

For one, you left out the game's challenges completely, which completing gives you a permanent points bonus. Another thing off is something you got wrong.. the "upgrades" are not for Hitman: Sniper Challenge. The gun you use in HM:SC stay the same no matter how many times you play, no matter what challenges you complete, no matter how many points you get.. it's always the same. The "upgrades" you unlock at certain point totals are actually for Hitman: Absolution.

The game is just a very, very small taste of Hitman: Absolution.. a game that has another 6 months of development in front of it and covers way more ground than a simple sniping game. The cool thing about the game is that it's actually something you can interact with to get game unlocks, rather than just getting a preorder code that unlocks whatever weapon for Hitman: Absolution when it comes out.
Valenka  +   975d ago
First of all, my review isn't "a bit off" because I failed to include commentary on the challenges of the game. Why did I not include them? Considering the fact that the review is based on what I've experienced in the game, I only included comments on what I've done and seen. I didn't know anything about having any permanent point bonuses. That doesn't make my review "a bit off." It makes it biased.

Furthermore, the upgrades you get in the Sniper Challenge are in fact for the rifle you're using in the Sniper Challenge. However, SOME of the upgrades ALSO transfer to Absolution. Get your facts straight.

Lastly, I'm obviously aware that the Sniper Challenge is a small taste of Absolution. If you had bothered to even read the review instead of skimming over it for details, you would have realized I had said, "Sniper Challenge is a short and rather disappointing teaser for the upcoming game..."

You can disagree with the review all you want, but don't comment on it telling me I'm wrong. It's called an opinion. Look it up.
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BLAKHOODe  +   973d ago
I call it as I see it and yes, you were WRONG. I'm not going to sugar coat it for your ego's sake. The unlocks are for Hitman: Absolution - NOT NOT NOT for Hitman: Sniper Challenge. Your gun NEVER changes in Hitman: Sniper Challenge, no matter how many challenges you conquer or points you score. And having already completed all of the challenges and unlocked almost all of the unlocks already (all, but 4), I know this to be 100% accurate. So yes, you are WRONG.

How you can you even defend your review, saying it was not "a bit off" after admitting you were not aware of several principals of the game? Let's face it, it's not a very big game to begin with and the challenges are right there on the main menu screen and again at the end of your game. Being the review writer, you should have been aware of such a huge part of this small game. It seems you yourself did the "skimming". I was actually being nice saying it was "a bit off". Truth is, it was way off.

Look, I'm not hating on you. I'm not trying to pick a fight with you. I'm simply calling it as it is. If you don't like the game, that's absolutely FINE, but if you're going to write a review on something, at least know what it is you're reviewing.
Bathyj  +   974d ago
I disagree completely. I loved the demo. And it is just a demo whether they call it that or not.

In fact, I played this for over a week solid, probably a hundred times for about 25 hours while Max Payne sat neglected in my PS3.

I thought it gave a great taste of the freedom in the gameplay the final game could have. Even though it was just sniping.
FAGOL  +   974d ago
I agree with BLAKHOODe, your review is a bit off. -There's no mention of the challenges or point multipliers.
-No mention of the fact this is a Challenge (Not a demo or preview) where players compete for a high score to win prizes.

This is more like a preview than a review with your score at the bottom.

And why would they put more than one sniper rifle? Developers want to keep some secrets for the final game.

You're entitled to your own opinion. But when you don't cover all the features of the game itself then what's the point?

I think you were expecting something completely different.

Edit: "I only included comments on what I've done and seen. I didn't know anything about having any permanent point bonuses." -_- It's not like it was hidden. It's like reviewing a game but only the campaign and not the multiplayer component.
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Valenka  +   974d ago
Look pal, I'll tell you what I told the Blackhoode fellow. Just because I failed to include certain details about the game doesn't make the review "a bit off." It makes it BIASED.

Chew on this for a moment: maybe I wasn't aware that the entire game was a challenge to win prizes. So naturally, I wouldn't mention something I am unaware of.

Next, if Sniper Challenge isn't a demo or a preview of Absolution, then what is the harm in putting in more weapons? You claim they want to keep secrets for the final game. Well earlier you said it isn't a demo or preview of Absolution. Contradiction much?

Damn right I'm entitled to my own opinion but don't tell me the review is pointless because I didn't cover all features. Rub a couple of brain cells together and consider the possibility that maybe I didn't experience all the "features" when I thought I had.

Instead of being a snarky arse about it, you could have sent me a PM saying something like "Psst, Valenka, just a heads up but you missed some details in your review." But no, you and the other fellow think it's a cracking good joke to have a go at someone for an error.

You don't like my review? Go write your own then.
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FAGOL  +   974d ago
Wow critisism really pisses you off eh?

And you're telling me to rub a couple of brain cells together? Who on this earth apart from idiots, writes reviews without exploring most if not all of the features of a game?

Furthermore who writes a review about something without knowing the basic of facts about it? I've said it before and i'll say it again this is pointless.

And what contradiction? How would a High score challenge work if there were multiple weapons? It's called balancing.

You should of posted it as a blog post as it's clearly your experience of the game.

And no it wasn't some sort of a "attack". We were just pointing out what we found wrong about your "review".

And no i'm not going to write a review just because I didn't like yours. I haven't got some personal vendetta against you. But I will defend myself when I am right, and admit when I am wrong.
Bathyj  +   974d ago
Dude, you shouldnt submit your opinions for public scrutiny if the replies are going to upset you so much.

No need to start insulting people because they dont agree with you.
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Mr_Kuwabara  +   973d ago
Valenka, the whole point f a comment section is for people to give there own insight, opinions in the subject at matter. Don't scrutinize others for having an opinion on your review, it makes you look bad. Absorb what these people are saying, for what they say do hold weight on the subject.
lyliade  +   973d ago
Valenka is right !!

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